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Town & Tourist is a niche travel guide that has been carefully crafted and curated by travel bloggers to help our visitors find the most interesting and very best places to travel to in the USA.

We also are branching out into International travel, including Asia, South America, Europe etc.

Over the past year, we have had 75,000+ unique visitors and we project that we will grow to 1,000,000 people over the next year.

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Travel blogging can give you the freedom to travel the world!

For some people it’s a hobby, for others a Love, a passion, for some its a way of sharing there thoughts and for other’s it can be a Full time Career! Yes thats correct you can actually live of travel blogging and travel the world forever!  No more offices, no more 9-5, no more Boss on your back. You can be in control of your own life 100%, traveling the world with just your laptop!

Blogging for a living

Work hard, Tan Hard…Lifes a beach if your a Town and Tourist blogger

How much does it cost to travel the world blogging?

ZERO, thats right all it you need is a Laptop and a Passion for traveling thats it! We can teach you everything else.

Can I make money or get travel deals for blogging?

Yes and Yes. However, it’s not easy to earn good money from blogging you will need to be able to produce high quality content which really attracts readers. I call this “useful content” , think about what questions people want to know about a country or local travel knowledge you have, then start from there.

What to wear in india

Brenna Holeman, author of the A great travel blog.

Want to start your own blog?

Useful blog posts, usually involve specific and local knowledge. The best articles Inspire wanderlust and Inform the reader for their next trip. They can also be a platform to share your crazy travel stories, show off your beautiful images and give great food spot recommendations.

We can help you to find your voice, and see what kinds of articles actually resonate with readers. If you submit a blog to us via the email provided we can give you expert feedback and help you along the way to becoming a great hobbyist or a true digital nomad.

Travel the world for a living

Want to travel the world for a living?

Become a Certified Blogger with a Passive income!

If you would like more information about our in depth course which we run to give you the best tools to become a true digital nomad. We will take you from picking the correct niche, to keyword research, google SEO and becoming your own brand!

After you have complete the course, you will be fully trained, elite professional, you will get an internationally recognised certificate for writing and be able to work anywhere in the world.

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…WE WILL SUPPORT YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE JOURNEY, Drop us an email today to find out more.

Sarah, One of our town and tourist Solo backpackers heading to a temple in India.

Sarah from North Carolina, One of our town and tourist Solo backpackers heading to a temple in India.

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