Woofstock: Largest Dog Festival in North America!

Peace and Love at Woof stock Dog Festival!
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Woofstock, the largest Dog festival in North America! The perfect place to celebrate the love of your dog and passion for the canine breed. Dubbed as one of the best festivals in Canada and winner of numerous awards, Woofstock is a barking mad, fun packed event which draws thousands from all over North America. 

Over 200,000 people from all over the U.S and Canada ascend upon Woodbine Park in Toronto for this annual two day event with their furry friends! 

Peace and Love at Woof stock Dog Festival!

Peace and Love at Woof stock Dog Festival! Source: blog.worldofangus.com

According to Melissa Granite, from Woofstock: 

Woof stock is to celebrate dogs as companions in our lives and, as well, bring together a community of people who are passionate about dog ownership and looking for the best dog products

Activities & Events at Woofstock:

There are so many crazy events at Woofstock, from dog fashion shows to dog concert and even a Mr. and Mrs. Canine Canada Pageant!! Other events include: 

  • Running of the Pugs!
  • Best Costume Contest 
  • Dog Racing Arena
  • On-Stage Competitions
  • Super Dogs 
  • Celebrity Dog Show
  • Dyson Grooming Station 
  • Wiener Dog Races
  • Canines got talent 
  • Rescue Dog village
  • Lure Courses
  • Dog Training classes 
  • Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show

For the little ones there is a Kids activity village and Woofstock Lounge, which make Woofstock a great family event! 

Dog Fashion Show:

Does your pooch have the dogged determination to become Canadas next top model! Find out at the Dog Fashion show which lines up the finest groomed Dogs kitted out in the last apparel! The show is sponsored by “Canada Pooch“, who are “focused on highest quality, fashionable & functional dog apparel & accessories”.


Woofstock Fashion Show By Canada Pooch. Modeling with Style, looking Pawfect! 

According to Canada Pooch, the idea is to help your dogs personality to shine through in a comfortable way! They have three principles which there outfits are defined by: 

  1) Stylish. Letting their personality shine

  2) Your Dog is comfortable, warm & dry in their outfit

  3) Your Dog is wearing the highest quality fabrics

Of course the on site “pupparazi” will be available to capture all the angles! 


Woofstock Fashion Show by Canada pooch. Model can be seen wearing the Cactus t shirt. 

VIP (Very Important Pooch!)

The VIP club gives you access to a VIP lounge and many exciting pre festival events.  

Doga (Dog Yoga!) 

This is actually a real thing! Doga is the practice of yoga but with dogs! From meditation, to gentle massage, and stretching, Doga is beneficial to all types of canines! Everyone into the Downward Dog

Dog yoga Woofstock

Dog Yoga or DOGA is actually a thing! Woofstock. Source: hk.asiatatler.com

Woofstock provides professional instructors to teach you all the techniques to share with your dog, to achieve greater harmony with your furry friend. 

Dog Yoga or Doga is actually a thing! 

Fun Fact: The Guinness World Record for the world’s largest doga class, whereby 270 dog yoga enthusiasts did a session of “doga” poses for one hour at Stanley Plaza, in Hong Kong. 



Jwalker – Dog Training/Bonding

Jessica Eden O’Neill, is a skilled & passionate teacher with a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science, she has been a professional Canine Behaviour Consultant for 10 years! So you know your in safe hands. 

She believes in “establishing harmony & balance using the path of least resistance with a focus on strengthening the human/animal bond.” 


Dog Training at Woofstock

Some say she brings unique methods and applies them to real life situations to help improve dogs behavior and owner, dog connection. 

Celebrity Dogs:

The movie dogs, the trend setters and of course the most instagram famous pooches, from around the world, are coming to woofstook. 

This years event included Dogs such as:

Pom Pom Chewy, from Toronto. The tiny Trendsetter who spends his time acting in movies, commercials and posing in photoshoots. His favourite thing to do include volunteering & spending time with children. 


Pom Pom Chewy, Dog Celebrity & Instagram Influencer, living the rock and roll lifestyle at Woofstock! Source: Pom Pom Chewy Instagram. 

Ryder the Samoyed is the “h*ckin floofiest shoober on Instagram”.

He’s thicc, humorous, and loves to let his presence be known with his famous ‘aroooos’. 

Ryders likes include: a good scratch, cold water, squishy balls, and of course chicken nuggets! Oh and hes a big fan of the Toronto Raptors. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ryder The Samoyed (@samdersoncooper_samoyed) on

Miss Pickles Pug: 

Miss Pickles is an 8 year old rescue pug! True fashionista & sucker to the lime light! She starred in the super bowl commercial and a CBC documentary. Here awards include winner of now magazines best Instagram account in 2018.


Miss Pickles is a model, actor and one instagram famous sassy bitch!

Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show:

Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show is a unique event, showcases the most talented dogs performing the craziest circus style tricks.


Ultimutts Style Circus Dogs at Woofstock: Source: blog.waterfrontoronto.ca

From tightrope walking to skateboarding, playing basketball and even a Mutt Mozart which plays the piano! (Don’t ask me how!) Previously seen on shows like Good morning America and TV’s Believe it or Not! 


The amazing Mutt Mozart playing the Piano at Woofstock. 

Best Costume for Dogs

This competition awards creativity & imagination over anything else. Of course you will see the Dachshunds dressed like hot dogs and of course Pugs dressed like toads. I personally love the cute Minion costume something about it just makes me laugh so much! 


You will see some hillarious Dog Costumes at Woofstock, like the beer carrying dog! Source: petswagaustralia/Instagram


Some of the Costumes you will see at these Dog Festivals look so realistic! Great Images by the amazing: celebritydachshund.com

Mr & Mrs Canine Pageant Show

Does friends comment on how cute your dog looks? While register for the Canine pageant show and they may have a chance of taking the crown. 

Beauty Contests and Pageant Show are the highlight of many Dog festivals, especially Woofstock. Source: www.trendhunter.com

Canines got Talent

From Soccer players to singers, every dog has a talent and this event will showcase the best talents in North America.  


A talented Dog taking the Guitar Hero Challenge! Source: Funnydogworld.com

Vendors & Doggies Treats! 

With approximately 200 vendors at Woofstock, you will be sure to find some special treats to take home. From high end clothes to leashes, beds, toys and treats. Vendors range from: Canine Cupcakes, Big Raw Country, Open Farm to Body Shop and Mega Dog raw etc.  Canada Pooch is a really fun and popular one for fashionista Dogs.

Last year they ran a competition where your dog could try on some of the cute Canada pooch outfits, have a photo shoot and be given a chance to win $150 plus be featured on their website! 

I was really impressed by the range of good and some which were actually at a lower price than online! So this is a great place to stock up on dog food & treats at bargain prices. 


Woofstock-Vendors. Source: moderndogmagazine.com

Rescue Dogs at Woofstock

The rescue Dog village is a major highlight at Woofstock and it’s clear to see that this event does have a real heart & community spirit. 

According to Woofstock:

The most important thing about Woofstock to note is that we’re huge supporters of rescue dogs across Canada so proceeds from this event every year go to 50-plus groups to help these dogs find their forever homes and to fund things like food and veterinary care.


At Town and Tourist, we are a big supporter of Rescues Dogs at Woofstock. Source: Boredpanda.com

Essential Doggie Tips for Woofstock

1. Arrive Early. 

Due to events popularity parking can be difficult. So get there early to avoid long walks, especially if you have your pooch with you. 

2. Upon Entry, head straight to the information booth

Here you can pick up a map with shows the vendors, ATMs and of course water stations. This is especially important if it’s a hot day like I was when I was there, keeping your pooch hydrated is a must. This is also a great opportunity to enter a few contests.

3. Check Dog Event Schedules 

The Map also shows the schedules for the different events going on throughout the day like the Dog Fashion Show , Canines Got talent etc. Highlight the ones you wan’t so you can get there in good time! 


The Woofstock Costume Contest is one to not miss out on! This Cute Minion Dachshund was a real delight! Source: www.woofstock.ca “Pupparazi” 

4. Purchase Tickets in Advance:

I highly recommend purchasing tickets online, its cheaper and you can usually skip one of the lines and head straight to the scanning area. 

5. Check out the North Americas Largest Dog Meetup:

Introduce your dog to some furry friends at the largest doggie meetup, in north america. This is an off leash space, where you can let your dogs roam around. 

6. Bring Water 

There are many water stations dotted around woofstock which are very useful. But if your dog is picky, you can bring your own collapsable dog bowl to fill up. Also make sure you bring a big bottle for yourself! 

7. Take a Backpack

This was a real essential item. You can carry your water, some snacks for you & the dog and of course any purchases your make. This is alot better then those crappy plastic bags which most vendors give you & its better for the environment win, win! 

8. Is your Dog is ok in the Car?

 If you drive in the car with your dog regularly, thats fine but if not, it’s worth doing a test run first, with some treats.


Hit the Road! Woofstock

9. Bring Dog Poop Bags

Thousands of Dogs, in one big park…shit happens so bring a dog poop bag to avoid being a nuisance. 

10.  Make sure your Dog is calm, aggressive.

You definitely don’t want your dog to start fights while there. Luckily, if it’s a hot day like this year most of the Dogs are really relaxed, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Bring a nice leash.

If your dog is not used to other dogs, you may be best to leave him/her at home and just bring your doggie friend some treats back. Much easier day! 

11. Bring Cash

Most vendors only accept cash, they do have ATM’s all over Woofstock, but there can sometimes be lines, so to save time bring cash. 

12. Plan your Woofstock experience! 

With so many great activities, events and 200,000 in attendance, the woofstock festival can be overwhelming.  It really makes sense to plan your day and think roughly which events your wan’t to see and vendors to check out. I suggest brining a pen and marking the map upon entry with your favourite events. 

Watch this video on YouTube.

Getting to Woofstock

Woofstock is located in Woodbine park, Toronto. 

There are multiple parking lots in around Woodbine Park.  

 Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus, subway etc are dog friendly. So this can be the easiest option for most to avoid spending time looking for parking spaces. 

  • Subway to Woodbine Station
  • Bus #92 to Woodbine Park (every 10 mins)

Woodbine Station and Woodbine Park are just a few streets apart. For more info on Woofstock see, www.woofstock.ca


Enroute to Woofstock! Lets hit the Road! Dog on the Harley Source: www.bikebandit.com

When is Woofstock? 

Woofstock dates are late May, annually. For exact dates www.woofstock.ca

U.K Woofstock: 

There is also a U.K version of Woofstock, so if your are in Europe you might wan’t to check this one out! For more info see, the following link.

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