Where to Stay in Toronto for a Weekend Getaway

Toronto for a Weekend Getaway
Written by Nancy Fernandez

Toronto is widely considered the cultural capital of Canada, and for good reason. The city is absolutely gorgeous and packed with amazing sights and activities. Since Toronto is such a top-tier tourist destination, a lot of real estate in Toronto has been turned into vacation lodging. The city has many great hotels, meaning visitors have many options to choose from. However, some hotels in Toronto are the cream of the crop and should be at the top of your list of potential options. Here are some of the best places to stay in Toronto during a weekend getaway. 

Radisson Blu Toronto

If you want to stay in the downtown Toronto area, Radisson Blu is likely one of your best options. The hotel is extremely close to important Toronto locations such as the CN Tower, Rodgers Centre, and Air Canda Centre. Additionally, the hotel offers a beautiful view of the scenic Lake Ontario. Radisson Blu is a boutique hotel, meaning it is small, luxurious, and extremely personalized. While staying here, you’ll have a slew of amenities to enjoy. Additionally, anything you’d ever want from Toronto is only a short distance away, making this a top hotel option. 

Fairmont Royal York

Another great downtown Toronto lodging option is the Fairmont Royal York. Much like Radisson Blu, this hotel is located very close to important destinations like the CN Tower, allowing you to explore the city on foot. On top of its amazing location, this hotel offers a slew of amenities such as childcare, concierge, laundry, and valet services. Fairmount Royal York has long been considered a premier hotel in the city, as it opened all the way back in 1929. The hotel seamlessly combines history and luxury, making it one of the top Toronto hotels. If you are looking for a luxurious stay in the Six, then you definitely need to check out Fairmount Royal York.

Old Mill Toronto

One of the most unique places to stay in Toronto is Old Mill Toronto. The venue contains a boutique hotel, a spa, and a restaurant, all combined in one location. Originally founded in 1914 as a community hub, the location now serves a myriad of functions. As a hotel, Old Mill Toronto offers a truly unique experience that you won’t find at any other hotel. The hotel is small, personalized, and sports a rustic look. Even with its classic look and feel, Old Mill Toronto can still offer several amenities and fine dining. If you’re looking for a truly unique location that can blend old and new together, check out Old Mill Toronto. 

Westlake Boutique Hotel

Westlake Boutique Hotel is a unique location as it combines hotels with the Airbnb concept. The hotel prides itself on being tailored to the modern traveler. Features like smart technology keyless entry and modern design give this boutique hotel an up-to-date feel. The hotel contains eleven uniquely designed suites, mirroring what you might see at an Airbnb. Unlike large chain hotels, what you find at Westlake is extremely unique. When you stay at the Westlake you can combine the best of both worlds, getting the personalization of an  Airbnb, with the convenience of a hotel. 

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