3 Reasons Everyone Should Visit the U.S. Capital

3 Reasons Everyone Should Visit the U.S. Capital
Written by Nancy Fernandez

Washington D.C. is the most visited location in the country for dozens of reasons, but everyone claims they’re visiting for a different one.  Whether they feel an attachment to the area’s history, or they want to learn about the country and themselves, this is one of the most interesting cities on Earth.

Although this wasn’t the first capital of the United States, a thick amount of political information can leave people wearing a little thin: these are the top reasons you should visit the American capital.

The Depth of History Here Is Unlike Any In The United States

The United States is a relatively young country.  There’s no way to avoid the fact that America has only existed for around 245 years, compared to how some have been around for thousands.  The history of the United States is still incredible, though.  There’s enough information packed into Washington DC that you could never run out of new things to learn or see.

Whether that means walking through parks and reading the informational placards that tell you what battles were fought where you’re standing or the informational theaters and museums that work to walk you through more intricate details: you won’t get bored.  Washington D.C. is incredibly human because of how incredible the past of the country is.

The Museums Are More Than Human Political History

If you’re worn out on politics, you’re not alone.  Most people could use a break away from the near-constant barrage of information that we’re fed.  Although the past and our political present are vital to know, sometimes people want to know things without applying them to our modern lives!

The numerous museums in the area cater to everything from the arts to sciences to dinosaur skeletons; there’s enough to learn in every building to make you want to look at Washington, D.C. houses for sale so that you can stick around and learn more.

They aren’t all straight-laced and boring; some can be exciting, like the International Spy Museums, which will leave you feeling inspired funnily.  Search around, and you’ll learn more than you would expect!

Stand Around Iconography You’ve Seen Your Whole Life

Everyone in America knows about all of the different landmarks and statues in Washington, D.C.  Although it’s never changing, it can still feel powerful to stand at the foot of a location you’ve seen on film and in books for your entire life.  Some liken it to a religious experience since you get to travel and come into contact with iconography you’ve known for most of your life.

Just take it slow, and get to know your surroundings in a better way.  If you find yourself getting burned out, enjoy walking through the beautiful parks: but don’t be surprised if you find even more recognizable things when you’re not trying to!

Washington D.C. is a beautiful and varied city that can be a home to anyone who falls in love with it or with the idea of furthering their careers.  Don’t be afraid to meet the city and try something new.

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