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Tunisia: 6 Unique Things to do? & Budget Calculator $

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Town and Tourist, Updated December 20, 2019

Tunisia is a picturesque land which borders both the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert!

With many cheap flights to Tunisia its no wonder many are flocking to visit. From the popular tourist spots of Sfax and Kairouan to the ancient roman city of Dougga

and the laid back mountain town of Le Kef, Tunisia has alot to offer!

In this article, I will answer some Frequently asked questions submitted by readers of  Town & Tourist, these include the following:

  1. 6 Unique Things to do in Tunisia?
  2. Is Tunisia cheap to Travel?
  3. Tunisia Travel Budget Calculator 
  4. Tunisia Costs (Detailed) 
  5. Is Tunisia Safe for Tourists?
  6. Do you need a Visa to Enter Tunisia?
  7. When is the Best time to Visit Tunisia?
  8. Where to stay in Tunisia? 
  9. 3 Essential Travel Tips? (Packing Guide)

A. 6 Unique things to do in Tunisia?

1. Visit Tunis for a weekend! 

Tunis is the large capital of Tunisia, sometimes referred to as “Grand Tunis” due to its size.  It is located along Lake Tunis

inland from the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Tunis. Here you will discover the centuries old Medina,

which offers a series of ancient landmarks from Roman artifacts in the local museum to an 8th century Mosque.

The modern part of Tunis (Ville Nouvelle), has a tree lined promenade with many hotels & restaurants.


2. Take a horse ride across the Sahara Desert

tunisia-horse back rides
tunisia-horse back rides

3. Visit a holy site. 

Be sure to visit the Islamic holy site of Kairouan.

This will give you insight into a different side of Tunisia


4. Haggle in the Markets of Sfax

Have a go at haggling at one of the busy markets or Souqs as they are known

Souq Tunisia
Souq Tunisia

5. Experience the Festival of Sahara 

Visit Douz at the end of December to experience the Festival of Sahara.

Festival of Sahara  Tunisia
Festival of Sahara  Tunisia. Photo by Sony Stark (the great

6. Relax & Cleanse in an Hammam

A Hamman is a Turkish style baths which is associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic world.

Inside you can cleanse, relax and even take a spa treatment!

hammam Tunisia
hammam Tunisia

B. Is Tunisia cheap to travel?

Tunisia is mid range when it comes to travel costs.  A budget traveller should budget $60 (USD) per day,

while a mid range traveller should budget $80-90 (USD) per day.  

This includes the cost of accommodation, food and transport! 

The Prices in Tunisia are more expensive than its northern african friends, Egypt & Morocco.

However the prices here are cheaper than the USA & western Europe, UKFranceGermanyItaly.

Insider Tip:

Always use licensed cabs, especially is coming from the airport, and ask around first for approximate prices.

If you don’t fancy haggling, head to one of the government run Socopa shops. There you can pick up some quality souvenirs without having to haggle.

C. Tunisia: Travel Budget Calculator

To help you budget your next adventure to Tunisia

Dive into our interactive Travel Budget Calculator below

User Guide: Simply select your “Travel Style”,  ” Number of Persons” and Number of Days Traveling.

Top Tip: “Group” travel budget gives the total budget for 4 people! To find out how much that is each simply divide by 4.

Family Budgets:

Families would be best using the Group selector, or those with small children should select “Couple” if the children are young enough to share a room.

We have compiled the data in the table above from our vast travel experience & other reliable sources.

What is the Currency in Tunisia?

The Tunisian Dinar is the currency of Tunisia

1 USD =2.80 TND

1 GBP = 3.70 TND

1 EURO =3.15 TND

D. Tunisia Travel Costs (Detailed):

i. Budget Backpacker Travel Costs:

Budget Tunisia Travel Costs
Budget Data Cost (USD)
Average Daily cost: $60
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel) $30
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel) $60
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway) $10
Food & Water $10
Entertainment $6
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities) N/A

ii. Mid Range Travel Costs:

Mid Range Budget:Tunisia Travel Costs
Budget Data Cost (USD)
Average Daily cost: $85
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel) $70
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel) $135
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway) $20
Food & Water $20
Entertainment $15
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities) N/A

iii. Luxury Vacation Travel Costs:

Tunisia Luxury Travel Costs
Budget Data Cost (USD)
Average Daily cost: $110
Accommodation (Single Occupancy) $125
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel) $245
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway) $40
Food & Water $50
Entertainment $20
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities) N/A

E. Is Tunisia safe for tourists?

According to the UK Government & US Government  , You should be cautious when traveling in Tunisia

Avoid large gatherings, festivals and demonstrations due to a possible terrorist attack.

Here is a helpful map provided by the UK Government, with the areas you should & shouldn’t travel.

Tunisia Travel Advice - Map of dangerous zones & safe zones
Tunisia Travel Advice – Map of dangerous zones & safe zones

Be sure to not carry too much cash and exercise caution in crowded areas such as,

train and bus stations, airports to avoid danger.

I recommend purchasing a hidden money belt, I take mine everywhere. See: Travel Accessories

F. Do you need a visa to enter Tunisia?

Many countries require an EVisa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to enter Australia.

US Citizens:

According to the US Department of state: 

A valid passport is required. For U.S. passport holders, a visa is not necessary for stays up to 90 days

UK & EU Citizens :

According to the UK Government:

British and all EU citizens (except Cyprus) can enter Tunisia without a visa from 90 days to 3 months depending on your nationality.

Insider Tip:

All governments advise on a valid Travel Insurance policy before traveling.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years.

G. When is the Best time to visit Tunisia?

The best time to visit Tunisia is during the spring months between March and June and the fall between September and October.

H. Where to Stay in Tunisia?

For a complete list of our recommend hotels in Tunisia, follow the link HERE


I. 3 Essential Travel tips?

1. Invest in a quality Travel Camera! 

Capturing the Memories of your adventure is essential!

You will be able to show your friends, family and even grand kids all the wonderful photos captured.

For more info see, our recommend Travel Photography Gear

Photography Gear

Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!

2. Important! Are you insured?

Be aware that you will need separate travel insurance if you are traveling to Tunisia!

If you get ill or have an accident it will be a very costly experience!

All travellers to Tunisia should have a robust travel insurance to avoid paying out thousands of dollars.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years,

they are the best and most reliable insurance, they also provides an unlimited medical budget!

Travel Insurance

Getting hit with a large hospital bill after getting sick or injured, could really add to your worries! Get some Travel Insurance


For more info see: Why you NEED Travel Insurance?

3. Be sure you have your Travel Essentials  

(Things You can’t travel without!)

A high quality Tent & backpack can also be great investments to help you cut costs and have more of an adventure while traveling!

To learn about our secret Hotel Hacks check out: How to find the Best Hotel Deals??

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