Have you packed all your Travel essentials!??

Travel Accessories

The most common question everyone asks before traveling, what to pack?? Of course you need a Backpack, great camera and maybe even some hiking boots! 

But there is also, those little travel hack essentials which can make or break your trip! Like struggling to sleep on a plane or train without a proper eye mask or forgetting your travel adapter for your phone! So in this guide we list the must have travel accessories. 

Sky Roam: Ultimate WIFI Hotspot

A high powered WIFI hotspot which offers unlimited global WIFI at your fingertips. The device is lightweight, reliable and easy to use. This is perfect for business travellers or just those which want to stay connected...without the costly data fees.

3D Contoured Sleep Mask

There is nothing worse than getting a bad sleep while traveling? With this state of the art sleep mask you will have a comfortable sleep, giving you all the energy you need for your traveling trip!

Inflatable Neck Pillow (Contoured)

This contoured neck Pillow moulds to your neck & shoulders for ultimate neck support. Oh and it's inflatable so when deflated its very small and fits inside a tiny pouch.

Space Saving Reusable Water Bottle.

Hydration is a must while traveling but who wants to carry around those bulky plastic bottles, which start to smell after a while...yuck! I always bring a space saving water bottle like the one here.

Combination Padlock (TSA Approved)

At least 2 combination padlocks are essential for any traveller. You can lock your backpack, suitcase, hostel locker etc. I even attach my bag to my train seat when sleeping on the plane. The fact this was is TSA approved means airport security can unlock without damaged your bag in case they have to check for security.

Universal Power Adaptor

There is nothing worse then getting back to your hotel room after a long days traveling, going to plug in your phone to charge and finding out you don't have an adaptor! This can be a NIGHTMARE...very annoying and even dangerous if you can't contact your friends. Insider Tip: I always lose these so now I buy 3 and put one in each separate bag.

USB Power Bank

Phone batteries are so bad these days, with most lasting just a few hours...if your lucky. Thus a USB power bank is essential to keep in.

Kindle E Reader

We all know reading is great for the brain & a great time killer while traveling. But who wants to carry a load of dusty books...get yourself an Kindle E Reader.

Packing Compression Bags

Its so annoying have to unpack your entire suitcase or backpack just to get a few clothes out. But we these compression Bags you can pack your clothes in separate sections and it even saves packing space. A true TRAVEL HACK!.

Jewelry Organiser - Womans hack!

I hate losing my rings, necklaces and other trinkets while traveling. It's also really annoying when everything gets tangled! So with this organiser you can simply pack and take your favourite accessories out when needed.

Hidden Money Belt - VITAL!

Unfortunately Pickpockets & Scammers are popular in the major tourist attractions all over the world! It's nice to carry cash to save on ATM fees, but you MUST keep it hidden. Have your cash, cards or passport stolen is a devastating experience and can leave you stranded!

This Money belt has 2 compartments which conceals your money so no one can see it. You simply strap it around your waist and then put your shirt over it. This is different than a bulky fanny pack which screams “STEAL ME”.

Insider Story: A Friend of mine was Solo Backpacking in south America and actually got held up at Knifepoint on a train. She emptying just $50 from her pocket and had the rest concealed in her money belt! It saved her ASS. 

RFID, “Card Skimming Scam”: Many scammers are now using card readers to touch on your wallet or purse while on a train or bus in order to extract your credit card details. Luckily this belt contains RFID protection. 

Price: This is higher quality hidden money belt with RFID protection, but it only costs $16…definitely a worthwhile investment.