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20 Top Treehouse Rentals in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Lush Scenery!)

Peace Longe

Peace Longe, Updated October 7, 2022

The city of Gatlinburg boasts intriguing panoramic views and lovely landscapes. It stands out as the only ski resort in Tennessee, making it an attractive getaway destination for several visitors. 

There are quite a lot of ski resorts and endless attractions in Gatlinburg. Many tourists often create time to visit this city and spend some time exploring its lush environment, fantastic scenery, adventurous trails, and much more. An exotic treehouse vacation in Gatlinburg gives you the opportunity to enjoy a quality and luxurious experience during your visit. 

Gatlinburg no doubt has some fascinating tourist attractions. Continue reading to discover the best treehouse rentals available when visiting the area.

1. Bearly Naked Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Bearly Naked Treehouse is the ideal vacation treehouse for couples looking for a romantic getaway experience. The newly designed one-bedroom cabin offers an exotic private setting conducive to partners. 

This treehouse screams luxury upon first glance at its stunning interior. Its location is also perfect for viewing the city’s incredible mountains and landscape through the windows and patio. 

This private treehouse rental comes with a cozy hot bathtub accessible through the Primary bedroom. The bedroom also has other impressive amenities, which include a gas fireplace, Cable TV, and  a step-in shower!

Everything about this mini cabin screams romance and glamour! —as it’s created especially for not more than two persons. It’s no surprise to see many romantic partners visit this treehouse regularly.

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 5.0

2. Dusty’s Treehouse

Credit: Vrbo

Dusty’s treehouse is another newly renovated private cabin that delivers tranquility and solitude. It is an amazing treehouse built within the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

This location offers a lush feel for visitors who get to experience a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in this environment. It provides plenty of floor space and a lovely patio for scenic views. Dusty’s is quite large and well suited for up to four guests. 

From exotic amenities from comfy sofas to Free Wi-Fi connection, this treehouse has everything you need to feel at home and have a great time.

You could come along with your family and not feel choked up. Each room has luxurious amenities to ensure you never get bored.  Despite the spacious environment, Dusty’s is a pretty serene and private place.

You can check out some excellent spots like the Mirror Maze and Star cars Museum, a few kilometers from the treehouse. And oh, pets are also allowed in this luxurious cabin. 

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vbro Rating: 4.7

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3. The Hemlock Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Premium Luxury and comfort— that’s simply what this amazing treehouse offers its guests. The Hemlock treehouse is one of Gatlinburg’s most private cabins, providing a beautiful scenic view of the lush surroundings. 

The cabin is built to perfection with its high-quality amenities giving off a luxurious vibe and comfort. Here you’ll get a spacious floor space and crib conducive for up to four guests. 

It contains two large beds in two separate bedrooms, a covered deck, and a bathtub. In addition, you get access to other unique amenities such as a refrigerator, an air conditioner, a heating Wi-Fi connection, and a television. 

The hosts regularly ensure that this crib is spotless throughout your stay. There’s also a kitchenette exclusively for preparing and enjoying meals. 

The Hemlock tree house is about 2km from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can go hiking along this trail and soak in the park’s stunning views and natural elements.

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: Unrated

4. The Gingerbread House

Credit: Vrbo

The gingerbread house is a well-furnished treehouse rental with all the necessary amenities you need to feel comfortable. It’s a large rental with two bedrooms enough to accommodate four guests easily. The  rental is located just in the heart of Gatlinburg. 

This cabin is well furnished with quality leather sofas that give a pleasant, homey vibe. There’s a bathtub plus Wi-Fi and a pool table! It’s safe to say that Gingerbread House brings your home into the woods. 

Here you can enjoy a friendly game of pool with friends and family. It’s also a pet-friendly treehouse, so feel free to come along with that little beast!

This creates a great chance to explore the mountain trails and stunning landscapes. A winter trip to this location will be a great time to go skiing, snowboarding, and tubing around the area. You might even be lucky enough to spot some wild bears in the mountains. 

Where to BookVrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.4

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5. The Tree House

Credit: Airbnb

The Tree House is a stunningly built cabin with a solid architectural layout. It’s a one-bedroom cabin that is suitable for two people. This fantastic treehouse is perfect for a romantic getaway, wedding anniversary, or honeymoon.

Soak yourself in the comfort of the treehouse with the various amenities available. The tree house offers a stable WiFi connection, a cable TV, and a jacuzzi bathtub. This pet-friendly cabin has a king-sized sofa, a large screen TV, and rocking chairs perfect for mountain viewing

There’s a fully renovated kitchen where you can cook various dishes and enjoy a meal without going out. You’ll find a grill readily available to prepare some barbeque or any grilled food you fancy. 

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: Unrated

6. Luxury Cabin

Credit: Airbnb

Luxury is situated in a tranquil and secluded location within the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a perfect getaway destination that offers relaxation and comfort. 

One thing is sure. The Luxury cabin doesn’t compromise luxury for comfort. The cozy treehouse has all the necessary amenities you need to have a good time during your period of stay. 

On top of that, there’s a clubhouse and two swimming pools, making this an ideal place to visit during Spring and summer. Put your cooking skills to the test by preparing a meal in a nice Kitchen setup.

Take to the Great Smoky Mountains and explore the breathtaking landscape view surrounding the park. You can participate in outdoor recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking, and biking before returning to your cozy cabin.

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 4.96

7. The Magnolia Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

The Magnolia Treehouse welcomes you with a relaxing and calm wave of natural elements. This unique location lets you be in touch with nature and experience the city’s lush surroundings. 

The treehouse has two bedrooms with one queen-sized bed each, which can easily accommodate four guests. Enjoy a refreshing bath in the jetted tub available in the Master bedroom

Other amenities in the treehouse include a WiFi connection, an air conditioning system, a cable TV, and a kitchen. Cook and enjoy breakfast or dinner in the fully functional kitchen without having to leave the cabin. 

There’s a free onsite parking lot exclusively for guest vehicles. It is important to note that the Magnolia Treehouse has a no-pet policy. 

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 5.0

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8. Smoky Bears Hideaway Treehouse


Smokey Bears Hideaway is a well-designed cabin that depicts luxury, glamour, privacy, and comfort. Enclaved within beautiful trees and natural surroundings, this treehouse is simply an amazing private getaway location. 

This large cabin is quite spacious with four bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate up to eight guests without feeling boxed up. The expansive floor space is perfect for indoor and outdoor relaxation. 

All these qualities indicate an ideal family getaway location with enough space to bond and have fun. Enjoy a relaxing experience using housing amenities like Wi-Fi, an extra double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and a nice hot tub. 

There’s a general game room to ensure you don’t feel any boredom. Pets are allowed into this treehouse, so feel free to come with them if you have any. 

Where to Book: Booking
Booking Rating: 7.5

9. Bear Paw Lodge Treehouse

Credit: Vrbo

Bead Paw Lodge treehouse is an ideal getaway location for a large number of people. It packs all the necessary features and luxurious amenities that make the apartment ideal for larger families. 

Experience an exotic feeling as you explore the area’s fascinating wildlife, a stacked game room, a jetted hot tub, and many more in this private location. This roomy cabin has enough space to accommodate 24 guests with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms

It’s perfect for significant events, family reunions, Thanksgiving, mini celebrations, and birthday parties. All these attractive qualities come together to make one of the best getaway locations for large gatherings. 

There aren’t many family-sized treehouses around Gatlinburg, which makes this cabin pretty unique in its own right. Also, no pets are allowed in here. 

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.5

10. Lover’s Loft Treehouse

Credit: Vrbo

Lover’s Loft treehouse is an excellent vacation location for some peace and quiet. Spend some time with nature’s goodness in this pristine location. 

This vacation home has one bedroom, a bathroom, a TV with a cable subscription, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a hot tub. You can access the cabin’s free Wi-Fi, coffee maker and air conditioning. 

Bask in the scenic view of the mountains, blossoming trees, and flowers. Lover’s loft provides an exclusive free parking space close to the cabin for guests to park their cars. 

There are some great nearby attractions and restaurants. You can check out the Guinness world record museum, about 6km from the cabin.  

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

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11. The Dogwood Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Not many vacation houses offer the unique and incredible layout evident in the Dogwood treehouse. Style, comfort, and beauty are words that simply describe the interior of this getaway location. 

The Dogwood treehouse is designed with the finest high-end materials to complement the surrounding lush forests and landscape. This treehouse is best suited for not more than four persons.

It has two bedrooms, a bathtub, and an advanced smart lock system. Enjoy deluxe amenities like posh bathrooms, a kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a free parking spot.

Here you’ll find all you need to de-stress, relax and have a lovely time. The treehouse rental policy demands that no pets be allowed in the cabin

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 5.0

12. Caleb’s Treehouse

Credit: Vrbo

Caleb’s treehouse is a nicely furnished cabin located in the most secluded part of Gatlinburg. This is a two-bedroom cabin with two bathtubs, a spacious closet, and a full-size dryer. There’s plenty of free parking space for guests of the treehouse. 

On top of that, you get a TV with cable internet, a wood-burning fireplace, well- equipped kitchen, a nice bathtub, and a screened porch. It’s built on the top of Mt. LeConte, which provides a great view of Ober Gatlinburg and the mountains.

An ideal secluded cabin suitable for four guests, Caleb’s treehouse has a king-sized bed in the master’s bedroom and two queen-sized beds in one bedroom. This is an excellent location for local bear spotting and scenic mountain viewing.

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.8

13. Out On A Limb Treehouse


Out On A limb treehouse is a great place to visit if you want to spend a lovely time out at the Great Smoky Mountains. Enjoy fantastic views of the mountains through the cabin’s large windows

Soak yourself in the refreshing tranquility and natural goodness of the surrounding trees and flowers. Your visit to this treehouse will revive the nostalgic feeling of being a child playing in the woods.

There are two bedrooms, a large bathtub, and two beds, enough to accommodate four guests. Enjoy early morning walks along the lush Norton creek forest.  

Where to Book: Booking
Booking Rating: 10

14. Breezy Treehouse

Credit: Vrbo

Breezy treehouse is a beautifully designed wooden cabin in the private setting of Gatlinburg. Its proximity to the National park gives you an excellent view of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

The cabin has all two master bedrooms and two bathrooms with jetted jacuzzi tubs, well suited for eight guests. This rental prioritizes the comfort of its guests by providing amenities such as a cable TV, washing machine, Wi-Fi, fireplace, air conditioning, and a heater. 

The kitchen comes with a grill, coffee maker, ice maker, dishwasher, and much more. So, you get plenty of essential amenities to enjoy a morning coffee and try out your cooking skills.  While the children are very much welcome in this cabin, the treehouse rental has a no-pet policy

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vbro Rating: 4.9

15. The TreEscape

Credit: Airbnb

The TreEscape is a luxurious space built in the heart of Gatlinburg to escape the typically bustling city life. This treehouse lives up to its name and delivers high-quality amenities for a lovely retreat in tranquility. 

Drift away in the rich vegetation that surrounds the cabin and connect with nature. This treehouse is filled with various amenities and features to ensure you have a great time. 

Enjoy a spa bath in the purified jacuzzi tub that sends a relaxing feeling down your spine. This space has one bedroom with a queen-sized bed ideally suited for two guests.

There’s a free parking site on the cabin premises with other amenities, including a Cable tv, unlimited WiFi, and a fully functional kitchen. 

Where to Book: Airbnb Rating: 4.92

16. Treehouse at The Glades

Credit: Vrbo

Luxury meets charm! Treehouse at The Glades is best described as a chic location for a lovely family-friendly vacation. It’s an ideal place to enjoy private yet luxurious family time. 

The cabin sits in a nicely refined wooden area, creating an excellent spot for mountain and landscape viewing. It is arguably one of the best rentals in Gatlinburg and can accommodate as many as ten people— so feel free to come along with friends and family

This place comes with futuristic designs and amenities, which include a jetted Jacuzzi tub, premium wooden interiors, a gas fireplace, Satellite TV, and air conditioning. It’s hard to get homesick here as the treehouse provides everything you need to feel at home and have a good time.

Enjoy a quiet evening sipping a bottle of wine as the wind gently whistles through pine trees. This private setting, along with its impressive and luxurious features, comes together to create a perfect balance of serenity, tranquillity, and luxury. 

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.9

17. Chasing Fireflies Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

Chasing Fireflies is a charming chalet with gorgeous-looking interiors and surrounding landscape. The large trees cover the top cabin, literally bringing nature closer to you. 

The chalet has all the features and bed space to accommodate four guests. There’s a nice living room with a lovely couch and a king bedroom. You’ll find amenities like air conditioning, a bathroom, dishwasher, flat-screen TV, Coffee maker, and Wi-Fi to make you feel at home. 

The Star Cars Museum and Gatlinburg Space Needle are only about 8km from the chalet. Take a hike along the mountain road to check out these places and enjoy the park’s scenery. 

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 4.44

18. Contemporary Chalet

Credit: Vrbo

The contemporary chalet is the epitome of luxury in simplicity. Its interior has a unique décor, styled using premium wood flooring and impressive color layouts that complement the entire abode. 

It’s a large treehouse that offers proximity to Gatlinburg’s finest major attractions, such as the Great Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, enough to accommodate 16 guests. 

Thanks to the recreational room, which features a pool table and a retro arcade games section, it never gets boring in here. Step on the patio to take in the beautiful views of stunning landscape and green vegetation.   

You might even be lucky to spot a local bear in the Smoky mountains. It is, however, important to note that smoking and pets aren’t allowed. 

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.9

19. Lookout Lodge

Credit: Vrbo

The lookout lodge is a three-story cabin with high-quality amenities and well-designed features to suit guests’ needs. Inside the first level, you are greeted with a spacious living room with a couch, a stone fireplace, and a flat TV screen. 

There’s a well-stocked kitchen and dining space equivalent to a large home. Spacious and roomy, this cabin is large enough to accommodate up to 24 guests. A perfect location to enjoy a fun-filled family get-together, birthday party, or any mini gathering ceremony. 

The top level makes you feel like you’re at the top of the world. Spend some time viewing the fascinating mountains, gazing at the stars, or staring at the beautiful sunset.

Get warm around the fireplace, or take a warm bath in the cabin’s jetted hot tub. Dive into the large swimming pool located downstairs of the treehouse.  

Other amenities available in this abode include a Tv cable, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and heater. Grab some popcorn, relax and enjoy a cinematic movie experience on the 62″ TV. No pets are allowed based on the rental policy. 

Where to Book: Vrbo
Vrbo Rating: 4.6

20. The Maple Treehouse

Credit: Airbnb

The Maple treehouse is otherwise known as the “Honeymoon treehouse,” which perfectly describes this lovely cabin. Designed to perfection, this treehouse’s overall structure is aesthetically appealing and well refined.

The cabin is located in one of the most secluded parts of Gatlinburg and sits high among the trees. It’s simply a great place for those in dire need of a pristine location that offers tranquillity and luxury. 

Spend your day relaxing on the screened porch, a great spot to enjoy scenic views. You can grab a book to read, do some yoga or simply immerse yourself in the peaceful environment. 

Fix yourself an early morning cup of tea or coffee. If you do not fancy the cooking in the kitchenette, there are some nice restaurants in the area where you can grab a tasty meal.

Where to Book: Airbnb
Airbnb Rating: 5.0

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