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Do you want something that can be towed? A travel trailer is generally towed by a truck or a large SUV via a hitch. The most common type of travel trailer (called a bumper pull) includes lighter models and various designs ranging from tiny self-sufficient teardrop trailers to big trailers with slide-out options. Many people choose these housing options because they provide numerous sleeping arrangements, a small kitchen, and a compact bathroom. There are some of the lightest, easiest to transport, and smallest RVs in this segment.



Travel trailers built by Airstream are known as one of the best in the business. RVs like these with silver-bullet, aluminum chassis are among the most iconic off-road vehicles. Panorama windows, off-grid capability, and upgraded style are some of Airstream’s trademarks. The bubble-style Airstream is available in classic and off-road versions, as well as the latest fiberglass model, the Nest.


Braxton Creek

In founding Braxton Creek, their founders focused on building their business on integrity, personal relationships, and quality craftsmanship. Braxton Creek’s warranties cover bumper to bumper for two years. The company has a professional and personal approach to customer service, ASY business processes and are high-quality RV manufacturers.



When it comes to brands you can trust, Coachman is one of them. The company recently won two awards for travel trailers. RV Pro’s Best of Show award for 2020 went to Freedom Express Ultra Lite, while RV New Recognized Apex Nano. No matter what type of vehicle you want, Coachmen has something for you.

Chinook RV

Riverside Travel Trailers was recently acquired by Chinook RV, and their models were integrated. Those with motorcycles or golf carts to tow may find this rig suitable for no-frills campers. The Trail Wagon and RPM double as toy haulers and offer fewer amenities than the average travel trailer. 


Crossroads RV

You’ve probably seen a Crossroads if you drive a towable today, as travel trailers make up the majority. Among all of their travel trailer products, they are committed to maintaining their high standards of quality, service, value, and comfort. The Volante, one of the many floor plans available, comes with stainless steel appliances, wood accents, and more.


Cruiser RV

A cruiser RV like the MPG minimizes pull weight without losing the amenities it offers. The company has been making trailers this way since 1988. Each year, consumers get to choose from the best new models since they are towable up to half a ton.



Regardless of your camping style, you can find a Dutchmen travel trailer to fit your needs. For example, take Coleman and Kodiak. In addition to large windows and solid touch kitchen countertops, the iconic Coleman Lantern has upgraded furniture and a high capacity holding tank. Lightweight Kodiak trailers are compatible with most SUVs, minivans, crossovers, and trucks.


Forest River

Travel trailers from Forest River come in a variety of styles. It has a lot of model options, making Forest River an RV manufacturer you can buy a lot with your money. There is a Forest River RV to meet your needs, whether you need something small for excursions on the go or something luxurious.

When building an RV, Grand Design listens to its customers’ needs. The Transcend is their latest travel trailer and incorporates their customers’ feedback by providing features such as a functional design, an open floor plan, and flexible towing options.


Gulf Stream

Seven Quality Circle Awards have been given by the RV Dealers Association to Gulf Stream in the past three years, proving their commitment to leading the RV industry in quality, value, and innovation. A total of 22 brands and 140 models are offered by the manufacturer, which is owned and operated by a family.



Founded in 2003, Heartland provides products and services designed for Rivers. The company became one of the most popular travel trailer manufacturers in five years, producing trailers like the Mallard and Pioneer. Innovative features such as their patented turning radius and universal docking centers will do wonders for your business.


Highland Ridge RV

With Highland Ridge RVs, beginners or weekend travelers can easily tow them with SUVs or medium-duty trucks. You may have trouble choosing between the full-profile and lightweight trailers, but camping is always fun.


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