Top 10 Volcanoes in Hawaii

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Hawaii is an island which landscape was forged by Volcanoes millions of years ago and continues to be altered by active volcanoes today!
For tourists, it’s a popular attraction to be able to come face to face with an active volcano, where lava flows in a sinister, yet captivating way!
For residents however, the Active volcanos of Hawaii provide a doomsday atmosphere, especially when the infamous Mount Kilauea erupted on the 3rd May 2018.

Volcano-National-Park-Hawaii-Lava-Pool (Top 10 Volcanoes In Hawaii/Hawaii Volcano Guide)

A river of Lava descended from the Volcano, as wide as three football fields which demolished everything in it’s way. The river of lava even wen’t over a highway and destroyed 700 homes!

Type of Volcanos in Hawaii?

Hawaiis main type of volcanoes are “Shield” volcanoes, these are characterised by low viscosity lava flows (flows easily). This gives the Volcanoes are broad profile and some of the largest volcanoes in the world are of this type and all the Volcanoes in Hawaii.

Active Volcanoes in Hawaii:

1. Mount Kilauea 

Mount Kīlauea is the most notorious active Volcano in Hawaii! Located along the south east shore of the island, the volcano originated between 210,000 and 280,000 years old and rose above the sea level around 100,000 years ago.

It is the mostly recently active & considered one the most destructive Volcanoes in Hawaii.


mount-kilauea-hawaii-lava-flow. Source: Royal

Is Mount Kilauea still Erupting?

As an active Volcano Mount Kilauea, continues to erupt but at lower levels. It’s currently on an eruption streak which started back in 1983!


Mount-kilauea-Hawaii-lava-flow (Top 10 Volcanoes In Hawaii/Hawaii Volcano Guide)

Has Mount Kilauea killed anyone?

Record shows Mount Kilauea has many violent eruptions. One such in 1790 killed 400 people making it the deadliest volcanic eruption in the United States.


Mount-Kilauea-volcano-eruption-Hawaii Source: (Top 10 Volcanoes In Hawaii/Hawaii Volcano Guide)

Can you visit Mount Kilauea?

Kilauea volcano is a popular attraction, to visit you can take helicopter tours or drive part way and take a hiking trail.  According to the Tourism Authority the air quality is clean and safe on the island.


Drive around Kilauea caldera and make a stop at Jaggar Museum.


Mount-kilauea-Hawaii (Top 10 Volcanoes In Hawaii/Hawaii Volcano Guide)

Hiking trails?

Head to the visitors centre for info on hiking trails.

Biking tours?

Check the visitors centre for walking and hiking trails. There are a series of great tours around the Mountain.

Check out the most popular highly recommended tours at Mount Kīlauea! 

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