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Spirit Airlines Denied Boarding To Atlanta Passenger, then She Got CRAZY Violent!

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Town and Tourist, Updated June 5, 2023

We all know how stressful travel has been lately, with gates being completely full and the airport crazier than ever.

Atlanta police just reported ANOTHER act of violence in the airport… this time on a Spirit Airlines flight!

Actually, the passenger didn’t even make it to the flight. A Spirit Airlines gate agent or “gatekeeper” was assaulted by a passenger who seemed toxicated.

She slapped a gate worker and tried pushing her so she can to the jet bridge. When that didn’t work and she was stopped, she proceeded to punching the gate agent in the face.

Luckily, the agent didn’t experience extreme bodily harm and seems to be OK after the incident. The passenger was of course arrested and charged with assault.

Even though this story is just surfacing now, it actually took place on May 11th at about 9:40PM.

I personally think the gate worker simply did her job. You shouldn’t have to fear for your life or think you’re going to get attacked by simply going to work.

This is not the first time a Spirit Airlines fight takes place. Just a month ago, another fight story went viral. What’s surprising to me is that there isn’t more control of these situations… putting a limit to how much people drink before they board their flight.

Also, police should be able to respond sooner to such incidents, especially with the many government workers at the airport. However, I know it would be hard to staff so many gates at large airports.

Anyway, let’s hope we don’t have too many more of these and pray for a calm summer!

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