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New York to Miami for $124: Public Transport Guide

Road Trip New York to Miami
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 New York to Miami on Public Transport – New York City is one of the greatest & most iconic cities in the world, filled with skyscrapers such Empire State Building, one world trade center and the Rockefeller centre!

In addition, to it being a melting pot for culture, from Chinatown to Little Italy.

Whereas Miami is the capital of the Sunshine State, a vibrant paradise in the U.S.A, with beaches from Miami Beach to Biscayne Bay.

Nature & Alligators close by, at the everglades. In addition, to it being a treasure trove of culture!

How far is Miami from New York?

If you were to drive directly from New York City to Miami it would take you approximately 19 hours and you would cover a distance of 1,286 miles!

However, this if with out breaks & stops which I believe is the funniest part of the road trip!

I took my road trip below last spring and spent 1-2 days in each city so the whole trip took around 2 weeks

and was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

Of course, feel free to adapt the below Itinerary to what suits you!


Who says train travel isn’t scenic! coast-starlight-train-ride. For more info see: How to Travel Coast to Coast USA by Train for $232? Source: amtrak Cl

How much does it cost to go from New York to Miami on Public Transport?

From Union City, New Jersey there is a direct bus which runs twice daily. It goes via Atlanta and costs between $124- $150.

It takes between 22-27 hours. So if you set of at 9:00AM from New York you will arrive at 13:00pm the next day in Miami.

The Bus Operator is La Cubana, Call +1 305-541-1700 for more details.

New York to Miami via Public Transport (Itinerary)

Our Public Transport Road Trip runs along the East Coast from New York City to Miami.

It will take you through some of North Americas most diverse states & cities.

Our Road trip from New York City to Miami covered the following stop offs:

  1. New York City, NY
  2. Philadelphia, PN
  3. Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Washignton DC
  5. Richmond, Virginia – Drive through Scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Savannah, Georgia – Drive through oak tree lane!
  8. St Augustine, Florida 
  9. Orlando, Florida
  10. Miami, Florida 
  11. Bonus – Florida Keys & the 7 mile bridge!

It also takes you along some of the greatest driving roads in the USA, such as Blue Ridge Parkway!

New York to Miami Road Trip Map:

Dive into our Interactive map below!

From my last road trip I have created this helpful Map of the New York to Miami Road trip and popular attractions/cities en route.

This will really help you when planning your road trip across the USA!

USER GUIDE: Simply share to your facebook (click the link top right), email it or just turn your phone sideways and use it on your phone!

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New York to Miami Public Transport Plan:

Via Public Transport you can see the Map below, notice that Charlotte, North Carolina is a detour but one we think is worth taking!

New York to Miami Public Transport

New York to Miami Public Transport


New York to Miami Public Transport Comparison Table
Leg of Trip               (New York to Miami) Distance (Miles) Train


Bus (Time/Cost) Bus Operator
1. New York to


95 miles 1hr 8 mins,



2 hr,


 Mega Bus: tel:


Megabus/Peter Pan


2.Philadelphia to 


 103  miles 1hr 6 mins



1hr 55 mins ($12-$30) Peter Pan/


(3005, 3019,


3. Baltimore to Washington DC 39 miles 38 mins


, Maryland


Amtrak (

North East


1hr 5 mins


Peter Pan/


(1632, 1051,


4. Washington to Richmond, VA 105 miles 2hr 43mins ($45-$90),

Amtrak (

North East


2hr 10 mins ($5-$25) Mega Bus/

Flix Bus USA/


5. Richmond to Charlotte, NC 298 miles 7hr 20 mins ($50-$70)



5h 32m


Wanda Coach/

tel: 646-630-7186

6. Charlotte to Savannah, GA 280.5 miles 10 hr, 41 mins ($79-$116)

Amtrak Pidemont/


then Silver Star

6 hr 10 mins ($30-$50) Greyhound

(1093, 1097)

7. Savannah to St Augustine 185 miles 2hr 21 mins ($172-£215) Amtrak Silver Star/

Silver Meteor)

to Jacksonville. After 1 hr taxi ($120)

/Car Rental

2hr  15 mins ($20-$29) to Jacksonville, After Taxi ($120) to St Augustine (50 mins) /Car Rental Greyhound


1097, 1017)

8. St Augustine to Orlando 145 miles 40 min taxi to Jacksonville Station ($140)

After 3h 5 min Amtrak


Silver Star/


40 min taxi to Jacksonville, after 2hr 30 min Bus ($31-$35) to Orlando. La Cubana,


9. Orlando to Miami, FL 240 miles 3hr 43 mins ($35-$55)

Amtrak Silver Star/


4hr 35 mins ($30-$45)  Greyhound

(3749, 1111, 3763)

Use the above table to compare public transport prices, distances, cost and travel time for each leg. 

For the best prices on Public Transport use our recommended comparison tools: Best Public Transport Booking Tools? Trains, Buses, Ferries!

New York to Miami Itinerary

Top 3 Highlights:

1. New York City 

New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the world and as you might have guessed it has alot to offer! Here are a few tips on a day in NYC.

Drive/walk over Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic places in New York City. Either drive straight over or take the subway to Downtown Brooklyn then take a walk over.



Insider Tip:

The is the perfect place to capture some iconic New York City photos, great for instagram, facebook or just good old fashioned memories!

Best Viewpoints:

  • Empire State Building
  • Rooftop Cocktails at Pod 39 – a Great Empire State Alternative!
  • Top of the Rock Viewpoint, Rockerfella Centre.

New Yorker Highlights:

  • Central Park – Give you a real feel for New York City!
  • Grand Central Terminal – A Vibrant place to visit.
  • Time Square (Busy but FREE!)
  • Ground Zero: 911 Museum – An Emotional Place
  • Bryant Park – Watch the Ice Skaters during the winter.
  • Queens (Flushing Area) – Great local foods/Cultural Hub.
  • Bronx (Arthur Avenue) – Great Italian Food (Better than little Italy!)


Insider Tip:

Check out John Lennons Strawberry Fields at Central Park. This is where his ashes were scattered after his fatal assassination in New York City!

2. St Augustine, Florida

St Augustine in Florida is a quaint, magical city which is perfect for a weekend getaway! It’s small enough to walk around yet large enough to enjoy great deal of things to do, from family entertainment to nature, history & culture!

Colonial Quarter St Augustine

Colonial Quarter St Augustine. The multiple flags represent the vast number of European Colonials which occupied St Augustine.

St Augustine was  voted “Floridas most walkable city“ by Town & Tourist Readers. So this is a great place to park up for a weekend.

St. George Street

St. George Street is the main walkway through St Augustine.

Walking along here you will get a real feel for the city and it’s checkered past of European Colonialists and Pirates!

Insider Tip:

If you have a family, why not get your kids an eye patch from one of the quaint shops along this street…this will really help excite the imagination of your entire family.

This is also a popular area for souvenirs on the way back.

Castillo de San Marcos Fort

Castillo De San Marcos Fort is the perfect landmark to relive the famous Colonial Battles. of St Augustine.

As the Spanish Colonies brought Gold, Silver and other riches to St Augustine. The Pirates came to attack & Pillage!

Castillo De San Marcos Fort Battle Reanactment

Castillo De San Marcos Fort Battle Reanactment. Source the great.

The oldest House in St Augustine (González–Alvarez): 

Be sure to check out the oldest surviving house in St Augustine, the González–Alvarez House, dating back to 1723. The oldest store is also a popular attraction.

Oldest House in St Augustine, González–Alvarez

Oldest House in St Augustine, González–Alvarez

St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum:

Head to the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum to get a infamous perspective on the battles, from pirates of course…arghhh!

Anastasia Island:

Head to Anastasia Island, for some gorgeous beaches and coastal attractions. Highlights Include:

Farmers Market:

Head down to the Farmers Market on Saturday Morning. It’s just 20 mins walk from the lighthouse, at St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Every Saturday you can check out the fresh foods, live music and hand made items.

St Augustines Lighthouse:

Our family headed to St Augustines Lighthouse first, you can climb to the top and get a breath taking view of Matanzas Bay. 
The lighthouse Museum, give you real insight into the history of the lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers daily life! 
st-augustine Lighthouse florida Weekend Getaway Families 1

st-augustine Lighthouse florida Weekend Getaway Families 1

In additional there is boat building displays, maritime shipwrecks  and even world war 2 relics. If your into Lighthouses check out: Ultimate Maine Lighthouse Road Trip

Where to Eat?

After taking a beach stroll & scaling the lighthouse grab a bite to eat at one of the following place:

Best Tours in St Augustine:

Ghost Tour of St Augustine:

This is a great tour for couples & families alike!

A story telling guide accompanies you around the city at night and tells you ghoulish, ghostly tails about various landmarks from the old Jail to the Old drug Store.

This ghost tour is the one our family had a great experience with!

Pirate Ship Black Raven – Best Tour for Families! 

My Family had such a fantastic time on the Pirate Ship Black Raven Boat Tour!

It’s a truly immersive Pirate experience on a real life Pirate Ship!

The Kids get to dress up as Pirates an hop on board the cruise.

Pirate Tour St Augustine

Pirate Tour St Augustine

Places can sell out pretty fast, so book well in advance. For more details & to book head to Viator. 

(The provider Viator also offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance so there is no reason not to reserve.)

Where to Stay in St Augustine?

For our Recommended Hotel Deals in St Augustine, follow the link HERE

For more on St Augustine, check out:

3. Miami Florida

WELCOME TO MIAMI! Experience the energy, the culture and of course the Miami Lifestyle.

A popular way to see all the sights is via a tour , this is a nice way to learn about the city, get your bearings & see all the great attractions.

Ocean Drive:

A Drive down Ocean Drive, will really open your eyes to Miami’s art deco style and reveal it’s colors.

There is also, lots of great places to eat here, family activities and even a vibrant Nightlife along the main strip.

Ocean Drive Miami

Ocean Drive Miami. Source:

Miami Zoo: 

Miami Zoo, as a large selection of some of the most exotic wildlife in the world! It also hosts a variety of fun packed & interesting activities & animal exhibits.

You can explore the zoo on foot alone, take a guided tour and even a comfortable driving tour over the 750 acres of land!

South Beach – Is one of the most Iconic parts, popular with models, movie stars and celebrities. A great place to check out.

Miami Zoo Guide

Miami Zoo Guide. Source: Miami Zoo.

Miami Seaquarium: 

After checking out Miami Beach, head down to Miami Seaquarium, this is a fantastic place which can easily take a full day up!

How long should I stay in Miami?

Miami is such a vibrant, diverse city you could easily spend over one week here and still not experience everything!

But I recommended three days as a minimum to really get the most out of the city!

For our Recommended Hotel Deals in Miami, follow the link HERE

Insider Tip: The Hotels in best parts of Miami sell out fast, so book well in advance, to avoid disappointment!

My friend ended up stuck right out in the sticks!

For our full Miami Itinerary check out: Florida Itinerary 10 Days: Epic!

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Road Trip New York to Miami

Road Trip Tips:

Photography Gear

Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!

How to get the best car rental Deals?

Check out: Ultimate Car Rental Travel Hacks!

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