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Epic Food Hall Road Trip USA: 21 Best Food Halls!

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21 Best Food Halls in the U.S.A

Food Halls have grown in popularity massively in America over the past few years. There were only 105 Food Halls in 2016 and close to double that now in 2019 with the numbers still rising. But, what is the appeal of food halls?

The truth is, people are getting tired of the formality of standard restaurants and the poor food of some smaller local venues with not much selection.

This is where the triumphant food hall comes in, offering a vast selection of great foods, styles and flavours usually from a selection of local eateries.

Combine that with a more casual, relaxed atmosphere and you have a great food hall which reigns supreme over all over types of food establishments!

According to Andrew Knowlton, deputy editor of Bon Apetit:

 “ we are in the middle of a food hall explosion, which reflects the new way Americans eat. If a celebrity chef is not exploring food markets or doing food on a much casual level, you’re probably not going to know who they are in 20 years….I think it’s a huge deal”

You’ve got to figure out a way to get your product in the hands of people who want it, you know, and a lot of people don’t want to go to those fancy restaurants or don’t want to spend a lot of money, and this is a way for them to get that same great taste from the same great chef at, you know, a one-hundredth of the price.”CBS News July 2016

Foodie Road trip or Foodie trail?

As a foodie, what better way to see all the amazing food halls across the U.S.A then with an epic food hall road trip! Drive some of the most fantastic and scenic roads along the way to many different food halls.

With tongue tingling stop of’s at the hottest food halls in America. This is your ultimate road trip guide, covering east coast, west coast and coast to coast! This foodie trail will hit all the right spots and will leave feeling satisfied to the upmost!

EAST Coast – Food Hall Road Trip

1. Quincy Market – Boston, Massachusetts.

The Quincy Market Colonnade has a vast selection of 36 international food eateries, making it the largest food hall in New England.

Located at Faneuil Hall Marketplace expect to try superb dishes such as creamy “MMMAc ’n Cheese BBQ Chicken” or the special cup cake delights courtesy of  Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Quincy Market Food Hall Boston, Massachusetts. 

Quincy Market Food Hall Boston, Massachusetts.  Photo by:


4 South Market St, Boston, MA 02109.

2. Gansevoort Market – New York City

This is a smaller industrial style market, which packs a tasty punch! With 24 vendors and a gorgeously lit dining area, this hidden gem of the Meatpacking District is definitely worth a visit.  

Great dishes include top notch seafood from Donotia and David Boudana’s Sushi Doji. If your in a hurry grab a delight from Dana’s Bakery. Expect to see, Franch Macarons in smooth All american flavours such as red velvet, s’mores and key lime pie.

Gansevoort Market and Food Hall New York City

Gansevoort Market and Food Hall New York City

3. Chelsea Market/Food Hall  – NYC

The ever popular Chelsea Market is a food hall, shopping mall, office building and even a television production facility all rolled into one! 

Situated in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City. At 13,000 square feet this is one hell of a facility.

Then even offer fun one of events like “buon’Italia” Cheese tasting! With over 35 vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, cheese to cheesecake. Wash it down with the finest wines or coffees from around the world.

Bringing in approximately 6 million national and international visitors every year, it is one of the most magnetising destinations in New York City!  Overall, Chelsea Market is a neighborhood market with a global perspective.


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For food enthusiasts, it is possible to enter the Market at one end in the morning and not exit the other until lunchtime, without ever getting bored and definitely without ever going hungry!

They even run art/ visual exhibitions on occasion, one example is “Artechouse’s” the first NYC exhibition MACHINE HALLUCINATION by Artist refika nadol, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to create wondrous visual displays!



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The Food here will have you drooling with desire and we truly admire it’s creativity! 


4. Reading Terminal Market/Food Hall – Philadelphia

This is one of the most historic food halls on our list, originally started back in 1892, this vintage food emporium grew to a vibrant food hall by the 1990’s. When it was bought out by Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.

Following this many new vendors came into to play and the food hall grew. Such vendors as Meltkraft, Shepard Creamerys grilled cheese shop and the tubby olive proved successful bringing with each of them a unique flavour.

One of our favourites was the “Hunger Burger” by George & Mezze.This includes deliciously unique burgers such as Philberts with( american cheese, and apple wood smoky bacon) and the Fun guy, a great gourmet cheddar cheese and mushroom burger. Wash this all down with a tasty Bassetts Ice Cream milkshake.

The Philly style roast pork sandwich at Hershels East Side Deli is also a major treat, although be aware of the long queue’s! If your in a hurry? Swing over to the Flying Monkey Bakery for a cake pie hybrid called the Pumpple!

Reading Terminal Market and Food Hall, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Reading Terminal Market and Food Hall, Philadelphia, U.S.A, Photo by

5. OPTION B – HEAD to Ohio: Cleveland West Side Market.

Another one of the most historic food halls, founded back in 1912 which makes it the oldest food hall style market in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here you can buy everything from farm produce, to local products and of course  some great food. One of our favourites is the juicy pork loin from Dohar/Lovasky’s Meats. If your in a hurry? Grab a tasty gyro from the popular Steve’s Gyros.

Cleveland West side Market and Food Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A

West Side Market, Cleveland, Ohio.

6. Union Market/Food Hall– Washington DC

This is a great spot which was renovated back in 2012 to give it a whole new lease of life. Here expect shear variety with 40 odd local pop up’s and culinary masters giving you a wide choice of selection.

If you would rather a traditional style restaurant check out Bidwell, started by top chef John Mooney.

Our favourite dish here was the gin and tonic salmon with caramelized cauliflower and fried oysters on the side, lathered with an emerald an chilli buttermilk sauce.  Wan’t to eat healthy? Expect your meals to include fresh vegetables and fruits, grow in the rooftop garden! Can’t get much fresher than that can we? 

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If you would prefer something more casual, head over to the indoor food hall trucks. DC Empanadas, is a great place for grilled Philly cheesesteak and juicy pulled pork. 

TaKorean, is also a fine spot for something a little less heavy,  bulgogi-and-kimchi tacos.

Desert? Head to Co. Co. fine Chocolatiers, where you can try everything from Chocolate lathered bacon and even piping hot cocoa pops!

7. Morgan Street Food Hall – North Carolina.

One of the most modern food halls on our list. Morgan Street food hall has a passion for great flavours and a vast selection of tongue sizzling eateries, thus making it a foodies heaven.

Here you can try everything from authentic stone baked pizza from  “Bella’s Wood Fried Pizza and Tapas” , to Cousins Maine Lobster, YoHo Hibachi & Sushi Burrito and Oak City Fish & Chips! If your in a hurry try out, the appropriately named “Curry in a hurry!”

 For Deserts check out Mama Bird’s Cookies + Cream or Bad Cat Coffee, Crepes, & Bagels! Wash it all down with a no added sugar Bubble tea or smoothie from Boba Brew.

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They even run early morning Yoga and Pilates on occasion…now that’s food for thought!

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Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A

8. Krog Street Market/Food Hall – Atlanta, Georgia.

A vibrant culinary hub of Atlanta, that your tongue with thank you for! Located in Inman Park a trendy upcoming area popular with foodies! Here your can find a great selection of eateries, restaurants, bars and even retail shops.

Currently the venue has 24 food vendors from Grand Champion BBQ to Japanese small dishes and meaty grills!  For desert, sample a some fair-trade Ice Cream from the cult classic Jeni’s, made with fresh, whole fruits for flavours.  

Krog street Market and Food Hall, Atlanta, Georgia , U.S.A

Krog street Market and Food Hall, Atlanta, Georgia , U.S.A


99 Krog St, Atlanta, Georgia.

9.  LA Centrale (Food Hall) – Miami, Florida.

Last on the list of food halls on our east to south road trip is LA Centrale. This is a high end Italian food hall, brining together an ever so sophisticated selection of eateries.

With around 40,000 square feet of space, here you will have great choices from top Restaurants, market, wine emporiums and even a cooking studio. This is definitely a culinary highlight on the list of great food halls.

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Follow the Map below to hit all the great Food Halls that we explained earlier. Starting in Boston, at Quincy Market through New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Atlanta, then finish in the Miami Sunshine.

Map Legend (East Coast Food Hall Road trip):

 Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip (EAST COAST U.S.A)

Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip (EAST COAST) Map legend By


10. The Market House Food Hall – Nashville Farmers Market, Tennessee

When you first see Nashville Farmers Market, you may be fooled into thinking this is a standard affair, but it is anything but! Mixed in with all the standard farmers market goodness such as fresh local produce, you will find 20 local vendors offering a variety of dishes.

From Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas and gyro sandwiches to Jamaican jerk chicken and Korean bibimbap. It also houses a “Grow Local Kitchen” designed to incubate and support start up food entrepreneurs or “Foodie-trepreneurs”….I just made that name up, sounds cool though don’t you think? Leave a comment below.

At the local kitchen you can even try out great cookery classes to improve your own skills with a wok.

The Market house Food Hall, Nashville Farmers Market, Tennessee , U.S.A

The Market house Food Hall, Nashville Farmers Market, Tennessee , U.S.A

11. The Pizitz Food Hall — Birmingham, Alabama

One of the newer venues on our list of food halls. This opened up in just 2017 and is a real gem of Birmingham, Alabama. Some people call Birmingham, Alabama the “Magic City”  and you can see why with Pizitz Food Hall as a Food hall venue.

Set in a historic downtown venue, this place gives you everything from the classic fired chicken and waffles, courtesy of “Waffle Works”, to tasty organic biscuits courtesy of The Alabama Biscuit Co.

At the Alabama biscuit Co, you can sample biscuits made from stone-milled ancient grain and local ingredients. Other great venues in include Eli’s Jerusalem grill for tasty falafel and hummus. Overall there are around 15 vendors,  so a great selection for foodies.

The Pizitz Food Hall, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A

The Pizitz Food Hall, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A

This food hall has also become a popular as a meet up point for local beers and cocktails. In addition, they offer unique milkshakes and Buffalo Rock, ginger ale…a southern favourite.  

With a roomy outdoor seating area, its a great place to grab a bite and a drink during a hot Alabama summer. If your feeling adventurous try an authentic Ethiopian dishes served atop injera (flatbread) from Ghion Cultural Hall.

12. St. Roch Market/Food Hall – New Orleans, Louisiana.

With two venues to it’s name one in New Orleans and the other in Miami this a food hall with a culinary buzz. Set in an exceptional clean cut renovation of an historic 19th century building with white pillars and onyx decor this is a grand place of food heaven.

With 11 dining options and an  award-winning craft cocktail bar called The Mayhaw, it’s a great treat to dine here. The FRESH SEAFOOD here is unreal! With dishes such as Gulf-sourced oysters from Elysian Oyster Co.

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According to New York Times Magazine: 

“An Obvious Choice”

13. Finn Hall – Houston, Texas.

This is definitely a must sample food hall, if your in Houston.  With a gorgeous, Art Deco open space , 10 independent eateries,  two full bars and even an elevated craft cocktail lounge in the mezzanine.

This is a quality establishment, with a European style and experience at it’s heart. One of the highest quality food halls on our list indeed, a great spot for the sophisticated foodies among you.

Finn Hall, Food Hall Houston, Texas U.S.A

Finn Hall, Food Hall – Houston, Texas U.S.A, Photo by Finn hall.

14. Legacy Food Hall – Plano, Texas.

While your in Texas on your foodie road trip, swing over to Legacy food hall, in Plano outside of Dallas. This is a hybrid venue one part food hall, one part beer garden and of course the live entertainment! With 24 vendors setup by local chefs, here you can taste everything from “Velvet Tacos” , to the very German Brat Haus, started by Joshua Degenhardt, a German-born second-generation sausage-maker, with over 30 years of secret family recipes!

To wash all the tasty food down, you have a wide selection of bars, 5 standard, 2 cocktail, a craft brewery and even a wine bar! If you can walk out in a straight line, I will be surprised!

For you Game of Thrones Fans out there, check out Legacys Hilarious Promo video.

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15. Union Station (Food Hall) – Denver, Colorado.

Denver Union Station is a restored train depot with great mix of local restaurants, bars and shops. A vibrant atmosphere and some cool places such as a throwback ice cream parlour and even a hidden bar.

This place has come along way since it’s  $54 million renovation. One of our favourite spots is Mercantile Dining, a 5000 sq ft area with a European flavour. If your in a hurry  head to Milkbox Ice Creamery for a boozy milkshake! 

Union Station, Food Hall, Denver Colorado, U.S.A. Photo by

Union Station, Food Hall, Denver Colorado, U.S.A. Photo by



Map Legend:

 Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip (Middle America) Map legend By

Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip (Middle America) Map legend By


16. Pike Place Market/Food Hall – Seattle, Washington.

Located in downtown, Seattle Pikes Place is a truly historic farmers market, started all the way back in 1907! This neon signed wonderland has a vast array of culinary flavours available.

In addition, It is a great community hub and offers support for people on low income. Other community perks include a food bank, a childcare section and even a seniors centre.

This is the sort of place where eating there will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside! This is helped by the food being lovingly prepared with a lot of thought.

One of our favourite vendors here was Pikes Place Chowder…which is great on a cold day! For a more international flavour try Kastoori Grill for a spicy Indian flavour fused with a Tibetan style.

Another great place is Farvahar Persian Cafe, for an authentic Persian grill. Wash all these down with one of their house branded whiskeys. Hours: 6:00 AM – 1:30 AM every day (varies by vendor).

Pikes Place Market and Food Hall. Seattle, Washington, U.S.A

Pikes Place Market and Food Hall. Seattle, Washington.

17. Pine Street Market/Food Hall – Portland, Oregon.

This food hall/market is a fine venue looking chic venue in downtown Portland on the corner of Second Avenue and Pine Street. Featuring nine of Portlands best local chefs it is a place dedicated to world class food and culinary delights.

The place also has a great sense of humor, as a result vendors such as “KIM JONG SMOKEHOUSE” have been opened up. The appropriately name “Kim Jong Smokehouse” is a collaboration of three Portland, Oregon chefs who decided to create a menu of Korean-style street food using Southern-style BBQ smoking techniques.

Another great vendor is Pollo Bravo, which is a cool tapas bar and a fast casual concept offering Spanish-style rotisserie chicken to-go by chef Josh Scofield. If you want to be healthy, wash it down with an organic juice or tonic shot from Kure Juice Bar. 

Pine Street Market/Food Hall - Portland, Oregon, U.S.A

Pine Street Market/Food Hall – Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Photo by

18. The Ferry Building (Food Hall) — San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a vibrant hub of the food hall emporium craze! One particularly sweet place is the the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. Located inside an 1896 iconic building on the city’s Embarcadero, it’s a great mix of gourmet food stalls such  Mariposa Baking and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Also expect to find a fully fledged farmers market to pick up some fresh produce as you require. The great location of the iconic Ferry Building also provides a great platform for the promotion of the wine producing regions of Northern California.

The Ferry Building (Food Hall) — San Francisco,  California.

The Ferry Building (Food Hall) — San Francisco,  California. Photo by

19. Riverside Food Lab – California.

A quirky venue offering over a dozen food vendors, from homemade ramen, açai Bowls at Bolcupop, Caribbean stylings at Dhat Creole Grill and even waffles on a stick from Sweet comforts.

This venue also hosts of many quirky events from “Succlent Soul and Paint Sesh”, if your a foodie, feeling like a hungry Da Vinci make your way down.

Riverside Food Lab/Food Hall- California. Photo courtesy of Riverside Food Lab/Facebook

Riverside Food Lab/Food Hall- California. Photo courtesy of Riverside Food Lab/Facebook

20. Grand Central Market – Los Angeles, CA

A great venue in LA, open seven days a week and offering a tasty selection of dishes in a cool venue. From gourmet burgers to Filipino rice bowls, and even egg centric delights from the aptly named “Eggslut” , this has some of the best food in LA at the moment. If your feeling healthy, grab a liquid gold (Pineapple, Lemon, mint) juice from Press Brothers Juicery.

If you need a caffeine hit after you big food hall road trip grab a coffee at G&B Coffee, owned by U.S. Barista Championship winner Charles Babinski. 

Grand Central Market,Food Hall. Downton Los Angeles, California. Photo by Grand Central Market, Downtown LA Wonho Frank Lee.

Grand Central Market/Food Hall. Downton Los Angeles, California. Photo by Wonho Frank Lee.

21. Little Italy Food Hall – San Diego, CA

A great Social dining experience, located in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant Little Italy neighborhood, at the Piazza della Famiglia. The food hall features six food “stations” and a fully stocked bar.

This is a very authentic venue which remembers it’s roots and pays homage to the immigrant families who founded the little Italy community.

The 10,000-square foot venue is located in Little Italy’s one pedestrian-only street and therefore offers you a great selection of food, from Italian (of course) to Maine Lobster, Japanese sushi and crunchy tacos.

Overall this is a great place to eat, dine, drink and celebrate your Food hall road trip under the San Diego Sky.

Little Italy Food Hall, San Diego, California.

Little Italy Food Hall, San Diego, California. Photo by:


This epic food hall road trip runs from North West U.S.A, Seattle down through, Oregon, San Francisco, LA and San Diego. This is a great trip to make.

Ultimate Coast to Coast Food Hall Road Trip Route!

Leg 1 – Food Hall Map Legend:

Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip in America. Leg 1. By

Legend (Leg 1) Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip, By

Leg 2 – Food Hall Map Legend:

 Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip Map legend By

Legend (Leg 2) Ultimate Food Hall Road Trip, By

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