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21 Awesome ATV Trails |U.S.A – Off road!

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BEST ATV TRAILS in AMERICA – All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) & OHV’s are an adventurers off road dream! What better place to rip up those dirts trails then in the vast terrain of the United States of America!

With most states having at least one or two great ATV trails, you can hop into your Off highway vehicle (OHV) or ATV & experience the thrills, the bumps and the epic scenery which goes along with making an ATV experience epic!

In this list we have included the 21 most Awesome ATV trails, across many U.S States! So hop on board, rev that engine and get ready for one hell of a ride!


There is no other freedom like ATV freedom! ATV-Trails-USA Off road

21. Northern Maine ATV Trails

Aroostook County ATV Trails:

Northern Maine has a gorgeous landscape, deep wilderness and an abundance of ATV Trails! A favourite spot among many ATV enthusiasts is Aroostook County ATV trails, located in Arrostook County. 

Also known as the “Crown of Maine” Aroostook has 1200 miles of ATV Trails which take you deep into Maines Wilderness along dirt roads, surrounded by lush forests and through muddy bogs. Keep your eyes peeled for the vast spectrum of wildlife enroute from moose to wild bears!

The best part is these ATV trails link onto Maines interconnected Trail system (ITS), which gives you the option of much longer & more varied trips.


ATV-Trail-Maine-Aroostook (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA)(Best Off road Trails USA)

Best Season?

The ATV trails are open from the end of April to late October, annually. With a cool climate most of the year round, make sure you wrap up warm!


A great place to stay in Northern Maine, for both ATV trail networks, Arastook County & the Maine Interconnected Trail System (ITS) is Katahdin Lodge. In between Baxter State Park & the tallest peak in Maine (Mount Katahdin) it’s in the perfect location for the ATV adventurer.

With accommodation suited for up to 25 ATV enthusiasts you will have everything you need onsite. A favourite of mine is the All you can eat meals! These are heaven after a tough ride through the wilderness.


Katadlin Lodge in Maine, in an ATV enthusiasts dream! (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

In the Winter, the area is also great for Snomobiles & even Dog Sledding! So be sure to check it out.

20. Hatfield-McCoy Trails – Virginia

Hatfield-McCoy Trail system (HMT) is one of the most widely known & longest trails in the United States! Located in South West, Virginia this fantastic ATV trail chops through the towering Appalachian Mountains.

Open all year round, this classic ATV trail opens up to over 750 miles of trail which is segmented into eight trail systems.  The eight different trails each has it’s own character & provides a vast array of unique terrain.


Hatfield-McCoy-Trail-ATV-Virginia. Source: the great (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA)(Best Off road Trails USA)

HMT 8: Ivy Branch, Bearwallow, Pinnacle Creek, Buffalo Mountain, Indian Ridge, Rockhouse, Pocahontas and  Little Coal,.

The 8 different trails provide a real range which suits all abilities, from complete beginner to advanced!

For the pros, I suggest trying out Indian Ridge & Buffalo Mountain! A great all rounder is Rockhouse, which has a great range of dirt tracks.

Guided Tours:

Guided tours are a great options to check out as they can coach you throw the challenging parts & also show you some secret spots enroute.


Along the Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trails you will find plenty of quaint hotels, Bed & Breakfasts in the numerous small towns along the route. I would also recommended spending some time in each of the little towns along the trail as they each have there own characters, OHV friendly and down to earth which makes for a great vibe overall.


One of my Favorite lodges is the Ashland Resort. Hatfield-McCoy-Trail-ATV-Lodge-Virginia (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

Insider Tip:

Check out the annual Hatfield-McCoy National Trailfest, a big party in the quaint town of Gilbert. Lasting for 5 days the event attracts thousands of ATV, OHV and Dirt bike enthusiasts from all over the world!

There is also arrange of extreme sports vendors, who come down to demos their latest machines.

With various other activities throughout the day, it’s a great all round family festival.


19. Chippewa National Forest – Minnesota

Soo Line North nestled inside the Chippewa National Forest is a great Wilderness, with large bogs and beautiful wooded terrain. It’s a great place to tear it up!

18. Tall Pines ATV Park – New York

Tall Pines ATV Park, is an adventurers paradise perfect for avid ATV New Yorkers! With 70 miles of well groomed trails and a single dirt bike track, it’s great for all levels of rider.

With Multi Day Passes and budget Campsites located on site, it’s a great spot for Family trip or even a large group of friends who wish to camp out under the stars! Amenities include dining on site (Kates Kitchen) where you can get three meals/day a the weekends, showers & a general store.


Tall Pines is the perfect place for a real MUD Bath in New York State. (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) Photo courtesy of Tall Pines ATV park. 

As one of the largest adventure parks in the North East, it’s just two hours from Rochester. 

17. Moab ATV Trails – Utah

If Red Rock Trails, Deep Canyons & vast national parks start your motor running then head down to Moab, Utah.

With hundreds of public ATV trails on offer, you will find a full spectrum of terrain suitable for beginners to advanced.


Moab-ATV-Trails. Photo by: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

The most Iconic off road trails include: The Rim, Chicken Corners, Hells Revenge, Kane Creek, Poison Spider Mesa, Hurrah Pass, Golden Spike, Pritcheet Canyon and Hidden Valley. Suitable for all OHV’s and ATVS.

However, be aware that some of the more challenging trails do require full 4×4 ability.


The little town of Moab, is perfect for Off road enthusiasts. With plenty of Camping, RV spots, Hotels, there are some nice spots to stay. However, be sure to book up in advance as spaces can fill up quick especially in peak off roading season or when they have an event on.


Camping out Moab can be a lifechanging experience! (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

Other Amenities include: Plenty of Gas Stations, Grocery Stores etc.

Insider Tip:

Be sure to check out the annual 4×4 off roading events held at Moab. A popular one you don’t want to miss is the Rally on the Rocks UTV event.

16. Taylor Park – Colorado

It would have been route to create a best ATV trail list without mentioning the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Taylor park is favourite spot with plenty of trails on offer.

15. Sawtooth National Forest – Idaho

Baumgartner Trails

Idaho’s Sawtooth National forest has some of the most scenic views & epic camping going! Located along the south fork boise river, 11 miles from Featherville, you will discover hundreds of miles of ATV & single line motorcycle trails!

The ATV trails can be tackled by moderate riders, and immensely fun to tackle! UTV’s have 48” wide limit, so they are only permitted in certain areas.

The Single track trails are technical routes and great if you like a challenge, with steep drop offs, narrow switchbacks and rocky routes you will have plenty to keep your mind engaged!


sawtooth-National-Forest (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

Best time to ride?

The best time take a ride is in July, August or September. When you can be sure the snow has melted on the higher trails.


There are plenty of campgrounds in the area, the Baumgartner Campground is a popular one, which has great trail access & even a hot spring & swimming hole. The only issue is the campground is very remote, with amenities at least 30 miles away.

14. Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park – Alabama

Ridge Outdoor Adventure park is a real gem of Springville, Alabama (Just northeast of Birmingham). Open over the weekend here you will find 35 miles of well maintained ATV trails perfect for everything from Motorbikes to UTVs.

Split between 12 trails you can find sections for every experience level from difficult muddy bogs to easy straights.

House keeping is pretty good here also with each trail signed & marked with the difficulty & recommended experience level.

For Dirt Bikes, there is a few great tracks including a kids only track for the little adrenaline junkies!


There are some challenging bogs, at Ridge Alabama ATV Trail. (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

If your a Motorcycle rider, you have to try the 15 mile long single track loop, which has some of the most exciting twists & turns you will find in Alabama.


When you have finished have fun on the Dirt trails, be sure to check out the great number of family friendly activities available onsite. From hiking, fishing and disc golf to zip lining and even abseiling. We so much on offer you sure won’t get bored whether your with family or even just some friends.


Ridge adventure Park is suitable for a day trip, but if you fancy staying longer, thats great also! With a few cabins, five hotel rooms and tent & RV campsites there is plenty to get your teeth into.


Ridge-Adventure-Park-Alabama (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

For campers, you won’t be left all sweaty, as you can take a hot shower in the bathhouse. In the Clubhouse you will find a nice restaurant, giving you the perfect energy required for a fun day on the trails.

Insider Tip:

If your ATV or UTV breaks down or just requires some overdue maintenance, there is a repair shop onsite! For rentals, they’ve got you covered also.

13. Montana OHV Trails

Blacktail Wild Bill Trail:

Although a short route at just 23 miles, it really is a Montana great, offering a variety of terrain perfect for all OHVs from ATV’s, Jeeps to Side by Sides.


blacktail-OHV-trails. Source: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best Off road Trails USA)

St Joe State Park:

With a selection of sand flats & wooded wilderness, St Joe State Park is a Gem.

Insider Tip:

Bring your helmet & safety flag as sometimes people are checking!

12. Black Hills National Forest – Wyoming

The Finest in South Dakota, Black Hills National Forest offers a scenic landscape of natural beauty.

With over 600 miles segmented ATV trail, this is an adventurers paradise…perfect for the explorer inside all of us.

Meander through the lush woodland before taking on thrilling (Yet challenging!) rock climbing sections.

A real plethora of terrain & landscape can be found inside Black Hills National forest. With 13000 acres, 11 reservoirs and over 2000km of waterways…every few miles you will feel like you have entered a new unique spot.


Black hills national forrest is gorgeous, especially in the Spring! Source: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) off road trails usa


There is a reason Black Hills Forest Magnetises Campers from all over the U.S. With over 35 campsites nestled inside Black Hills Forest, there is plenty on conveniently close to the trails!


Black Hills Forest is perfect for Families with a vast array of outdoor activities on offer. From hiking to fishing and swimming…it really is a diverse adventure playground.


Wyoming-ATV-Trails (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) off road trails usa

Insider Tip:

You may spot a historic Mining site, when riding through the forest which can be an interesting feature. However, Be sure to use caution and play it safe, when getting close!

11. Big Horn National Forest -Wyoming

Another Wyoming great is Big Horn National Forest. A diverse selection of Mountains & grasslands combined with a spectrum of intriguing wildlife make this an interesting spot.

10. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

The ATV KING of Tennessee, Ride Royal Blue Resort is a Gigantic Wilderness of over 200,000 acres! A Trail network spanning 600 miles acts like veins surrounding the beating wild heart of Royal Blue Resort.

Located Inside Tennessees Cumberland Mountains, you will find a raw paradise of scenic spots from cascading waterfalls to mountain vistas & colorful wildlife! All providing a jaw dropping scenery perfect for an adventure.

The ATV Trails here offer so many varieties, suitable for all levels! From easy flats to more challenging technical routes.


Three wheel challenge at Ride Royal Blue Resort! Source:Youtube. (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) off road trails usa


Ride Royal Blue has an on site Campground, equip with RV hook ups, tents and lodges. With some Cabins you can even drive your OHV right up to the door! 

9. Windrock ATV Park – Tennessee

An often overlooked gem of east Tennessee. Windrock ATV park, has over 70,000 acres & 300 miles of trails on offer! With some nice camp sites & cabins you will find an excuse to stay for a few days and create some memories out on the dirt tracks.


Windrock-OHV-Park-Tennesse. Source: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) off road trails usa

8. Glamis Sand Dunes- California

As the largest Sand Dune area in the U.S.A, its no wonder that Glamis is a popular Southern The imperial Sand Dunes at Glamis are a magnetic spot, attracting many ATV enthusiasts who wish to tackle the epic sand dunes!

Spanning 40 miles in length,  the Imperial Sand Dunes are real favourites for OHV’s. With a variety of sizes & shapes forged in the Californian plains, there is plenty of fun & challenging options for a variety of levels.

Glamis Dunes- California

Glamis Dunes- California. Source: Youtube (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA)

With three areas open for ATV riding there is lots of fun to be had! A popular spot is the massive sand dune called Oldsmobile Hill. This is a real fan favourite for dune racing, many fans & riders gather at the weekends to watch the adrenaline pumping races!

Best time to Ride?

AVOID THE SUMMER!! It’s well over 110 degrees! But definitely hit the sand dunes during the Fall, winter and even the start of spring.


Catch some air time no matter what OHV your in!! At Glamis Sand Dunes, California. (Best off road trails usa) Source: Youtube


Plenty of nearby campsites surround the edge of the San dunes, these are equip with bathrooms. However, any extras will need to be brought with you. There is also some RV & tent camping available close by.


Glamis-Sand-Dunes-California. Source: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

7. Oceano Dunes – California

Ocenao Dunes (Pismo Beach) or Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes as it is also known, is the largest remaining Dune area South of San Francisco & the 2nd largest in California.

Spanning over 18miles of coastline from southern San Luis Obispo County to northern Santa Barbara County and covering 3600 acres this is a truly epic place.

With 1500 acres open for ATV riding & activities you will find this place heavily! Drive your truck straight out onto the sand, unload your ATV’s and hit the dunes! Although the you explore most of the dunes within a day, the Oceano Dunes provide a better all encompassing location then most other dune spots.

Oceano-Sand-Dunes, California.

Oceano-Sand-Dunes, California. (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

With cool temperatures all year around (Unlike Glamis!) it’s an ideal spot for friends & family to have some fun rides on the dunes, relax at the beach and experience some fun activities.


When you finish catching some air by hitting the lip of a few dunes. You can try Horse riding, bird watching and of course Surfing, fishing and swimming.

Insider Tip:

The Water is quite cold! So be aware of this if you fancy a swim! Other great areas within a few minutes drive include Lake LopezMustang Waterpark & Hearst Castle.


Camping is basic with only outhouses on site, so you will have to bring other amenities with you. If you would prefer something a little comfier, there are some hotels close by and a few more better equipped campsites.

Controversy & Closure??

According to the Tribune there has been alot of Controversy recently about the alleged closure of the Oceano Dunes for OHV!

California Coastal Commission announced in late June 2019 that they  will consider phasing out OHV use at the Oceano Dunes, the riding community was shocked as you might have guessed!

According to the California Coastal Commission:

“We are addressing coastal resource impacts from OHV use, and having state parks to prepare to transition away from them in the future!”

“Those include, prohibiting night riding, increasing law enforcement & adding more fences.”

As you might have guesses this outraged many OHV enthusiasts! The good news is state commissions take a long time to implement any sort of changes so enjoy the dunes while you still can!

Another silver lining, is Car & RV camping will still be allowed for the foreseeable future. According to the commission.

6. Little O ATV Trail – Michigan

If your after a fun packed, beginner friendly ATV trail then head to northern Michigans Little O ATV trail. This 41 mile loop meanders through Huron-Manistee National Forests, connected hundreds of miles of other trails nearby.

With bridge crossings, sandy flatlands, rolling meadows and lush Forrests, there is plenty of variety which makes for a great adventure!

Little O ATV Trail - Michigan

Little O ATV Trail – Michigan (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

5.Capitol Forest – Washington

Located just 5 miles outside of Olympia, Capitol State Forest in Thurston & Grays Harbor County offers 80 miles of trails, perfect for OHVs.

Well groomed trails surrounded by a cool deep forest, it can get pretty muddy at times and I’ve seen a few slides! So check weather conditions before hand. Popular trails include Rock Candy & Waddell Basin.

Capitol Forest - Western Washington

Capitol Forest – Western Washington (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

Best Seasons to ride: March to Dec.


There are plenty of campgrounds available on site & a lots great lodges in town. So you won’t be short of choice!

4. Ocala National Forest, Florida

A real favorite of the Sunshine state, Ocala National Forest is an off roaders dream!

Located just north of Orlando, you will find 200 miles of ATV/motorbike trails and 80 miles specifically for larger vehicles.


Ocala-National-Forest-Florida (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

Insider Tip:

Fancy cooling of from the Florida heat? Have some fun swimming or diving in one of the 600 lakes and rivers

3. North Carolina OHV Trails

Busco Beaches Recreational Riding Facility, is a cool place on the east coast. With 2000 acres of dirt bike tracks, muddy bogs, ponds and even a manmade beach! You won’t be short of adventures at this diamond in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Catching some air on North Carolinas ATV trails!  (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)

Lodging & Amenities:

With campsites, RV hookups, Rentals and even a on site repair shop there is plenty to do.

2. Marble Falls – Texas

Hidden falls adventure park in Marble Falls, Texas is a real Texas Treasure. Offering 240 miles of trails marked for difficulty, you can be sure to find something for every OHV hobbyist. From Dirt Bikes, to ATVs, UTV’s, Jeeps and even trucks!

The Trails have a great mix of terrain, from loose dirt trails to solid rock sections. With most open for all OHVs, a small section with restrictions is marked.


Marble-Falls-Texas (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)


The scenery is breath taking, with many natural springs & beautiful waterfalls making it the perfect place to take a dip. The water can be little cool those, so be prepared for that “refreshing feeling”.

Other activities including, fishing, hiking and even mountain biking. If your a firearms enthusiast, head to the Hidden falls shooting club (Copperhead Creek). There they have a selection of rifle, pistol and tactical ranges.

They are an authorised firearm dealer, so you can buy or rent your own on site.


ATVs, Dirt Bikes and even RV’s are all available to rent.


Marble-Falls-Texas-ATV (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA) (Best off road trails usa)


Basic Camping areas, for tents & RV’s are available on site and a few with electric & water hook ups.

There are also cabins available if your after something more comfortable.

Opening times:

The Hidden Falls Park is open Thursday-Sunday.

Insider Tip:

Annual membership is a great option for regular campers and OHV enthusiasts.

1. Paiute ATV Trails – Utah

Back to Utah, this time at Paiute ATV trail system, this south central off roaders paradise, is the largest of it’s type in the U.S. and has been ranked multiple times as the best ATV trail in America!

With over 900 miles of dirt trails, which sweep through four counties you will encounter a variety of terrain from bogs to summits at of 11,000 feet!

The most popular section of the Paiute Trail is 238 miles long and is a great place to observe an abidance of wildlife from deers to elks.

Paiute ATV Trails - Utah

Paiute ATV Trails – Utah. Source: (Best ATV Trails in America, OHV/UTV/Dirt Bikes tracks USA)


With plenty of towns dotted along the route, you won’t be short of diners or a comfy hotels.

Want more outdoor adventures??

Check out this Epic article on Americas 16 National Millennium Trails! 


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