Puerto Rico: Is it cheaper than Mainland USA?

Puerto Rico 4 Day Itinerary
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How much does it cost to Travel Puerto Rico!?

Puerto Rico is a fantastic country, steeped with world renowned beaches, a vibrant nightlife, rainforests and a rich Spanish colonial history.

How much Money you need to Budget for Puerto Rico, depends upon three factors:

  1. Travel Style: (Budget/Mid Range or Luxury)
  2. Number of Day Traveling
  3. Number of Persons Traveling

Practicalities for a U.S Tourist:

One major factor which appeals to many U.S tourists from the Mainland U.S.A is that Puerto Rico is a U.S territory. Thus they use dollars as there main currency, and you don’t require a visa or even a passport!

Is Puerto Rico cheaper than the USA?

Overall YES!

According to a source, 

“Despite some food items being more expensive because they are imported:

  • grocery shopping is still 14% cheaper in Puerto Rico.
  • Dining out in Puerto Rico will cost you, on average, about 18% less.
  • Housing costs are 47% less when compared to US prices.
  • Entertainment will cost about 12% less than in the US.”

La Mina Falls- El Yunque Puerto Rico

Should you rent a Car in Puerto Rico?

Renting a car is my favourite way to explore Puerto Rico! You can head straight from the airport easily and explore the island. It is also highly recommended if you plan on exploring El Yunque National Forest.

There are many rental car agencies at the airport but I suggest booking in advance to reserve your vehicle.

For the best deals use: Ultimate Car Rental Travel Hacks!

Puerto Rico: Travel Budget Calculator

To help you budget your next adventure to Bahamas

Dive into our interactive Travel Budget Calculator below

User Guide: Simply select your “Travel Style”,  ” Number of Persons” and Number of Days Traveling.

Top Tip: Don’t be alarmed by the large numbers “Group” travel budget gives the total budget for 4 people.

To find out how much that is per person simply divide by 4.

The same is true for “couple” budget, just divide by 2.

Family Budgets:

Families would be best using the Group selector, or those with small children should select “Couple” if the children are young enough to share a room.

We have compiled the data in the table above from our vast travel experience & other reliable sources. src

Important! Puerto Rico has private health care. 

Be aware that Puerto Rico has private health care, so if you get ill or have an accident it will be a very costly experience!

All travellers to Puerto Rico should have a robust travel insurance to avoid paying out thousands of dollars.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years,

they are the best and most reliable insurance,Du which provides an unlimited medical budget!


Travel Insurance

Getting hit with a large hospital bill after getting sick or injured, could really add to your worries!

Which Currency do they use in the Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico uses the US Dollar! Which is great if your traveling from other parts of the US.

Puerto Rico Travel Costs (Budget):

i. Budget Backpacker Travel Costs:

Budget Puerto Rico Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$50
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$100
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$6
Food & Water$18
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$20

ii. Mid Range Travel Costs:

Mid Range Budget: Puerto Rico Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$118
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$233
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$14
Food & Water$33
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$50

Puerto Rico Honeymoon Itinerary

Puerto Rico Honeymoon Itinerary

iii. Luxury Vacation Travel Costs:

Puerto Rico Luxury Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Accommodation (Single Occupancy)$248
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$495
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$28
Food & Water$63
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$105

Where to stay in Puerto Rico?

For a list of our recommended places to stay in Puerto Rico, Check out this link HERE

Insider Tip:

-Invest in a quality Travel Camera! 

Capturing the Memories of your adventure is essential!

You will be able to show your friends, family and even grand kids all the wonderful photos captured.

For more info see, our recommend Travel Photography Gear

Photography Gear

Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!

A high quality Tent & backpack can also be great investments to help you cut costs and have more of an adventure while traveling!

Other Travel Essentials  (Things You can’t travel without!)

To learn about our secret Hotel Hacks check out: How to find the Best Hotel Deals??

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El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico-winter

El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico in the winter.

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Marriot AC Honeymoon Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

Marriott AC Honeymoon Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Travel Budget Calculator

Puerto Rico Travel Budget Calculator

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