Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta: Dream Mexican Vacation Spot

Written by Nancy Fernandez

From up there, Puerto Vallarta is a scenic spot on the Mexican pacific coast. It has the rough, tree-covered Sierra Madre surrounding a mountainous town with cobblestone streets and long, clean beaches. Zoom in and you will be able to find a bustling place occupied with street performers. There are water sports vendors, seafood restaurants, art galleries, and markets selling local crafts. The scene picks up even more once the sun goes down. Local bars, as well as gay-friendly clubs, use to come alive with karaoke songs, rock bands, and late-night drag shows. 

Moreover, it is suitable for all types of travelers, romantic couples, groups of friends. Also, spring vacationers and families can enjoy the seaside resorts. The resorts offer plenty of activities, tours, and events. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and book volaris airlines reservations online without any hassle. Also, save up to 35% off on every booking to your favorite destinations. 

Best places in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallartamalecon

If you are wondering where to go in Puerto Vallarta, the first option you should consider is the malecón. This kilometer and a half pedestrian promenade represents the essence of the place and has many activities. In this place, you will see many palm trees, sculptures and of course, the sea. Obviously, you will want to delight your eyes with a unique spectacular ritual. It is recommended to witness at dusk the ritual of the Voladores de Papantla. This is who flies down from a height of 30 meters to the ground, thus representing an ancestral ritual. The ritual is dedicated to rain and fertility.

Naval museum

The naval museum is one of the places to visit in Puerto Vallarta. Located on the malecón in Puerto Vallarta, this museum exhibits everything that happened in the maritime history of Mexico. And yes, it is referring to maritime history from the conquest to the present day.

Church of Our Lady

In another option of travel things to do in Puerto Vallarta, is the church of our lady of Guadalupe. Moreover, it is one of the most iconic places in the city. However, it is located in the very center of Puerto Vallarta, near the main square. This place is also perfect to admire the architecture and religious art.

Bay of flags

It is said that the name of this bay is due to the fact that, during the Spanish conquest, the indigenous people of the place went out to defend their lands with weapons, but above all with many flags. However, enjoy the beach with a background of spectacular green mountain ranges and take the opportunity to take many photos.

Marietas islands

One of the natural attractions of Puerto Vallarta par excellence is the Marietas islands, two uninhabited islands of volcanic origin, which are located a few minutes northwest of Puerto Vallarta. Being one of the places near Puerto Vallarta, this is recommended by many tourists. The main attraction of this destination is participating in one of the many tours to these beautiful archipelagos.

Inquisitive Activities To Do

Walk around the Malecon

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Puerto Vallarta for the first time or your fortieth time, your trip here will be incomplete without a simple stroll through the Malecon, the city’s pedestrianized waterfront plaza. The paved, traffic-free walkway is bustling with food vendors making tacos and quesadillas, shops are selling woven bags and cotton dresses, and live musicians are performing in the famous Los Arcos amphitheater. Do not miss the provocative daily ritual of the death of the Papantla bird dancers who are “flying” around a 20-meter pole.

Getting lost in Zona Romantica

South of Rio Cuale is one of the most popular tourist areas of Puerto Vallarta, the romantic zone. The area’s narrow, cobbled streets are easy to navigate, and you will find dozens of restaurants and nightclubs in the immediate vicinity (hardly anything in the area is more than a 10-minute walk away). The nearest beach, Playa de Los Muertos, is a five-minute walk away, and the Los Muertos Pier is about a minute away.

Mosey through galleries and markets

As the Puerto Vallarta art walk indicates, the city has a creative side. El center happens to be full of art galleries on behalf of modern painters, sculptors, ceramists, and jewelers from Mexico and globally. Each year from late May to late October, over a dozen PV galleries contribute to the historic center art walk, a self-guided weekly walking tour with wine and snacks beside the way. Buyers searching to make less investment have sufficient options, comprising the Rio Cuale outdoor flea market.

Now You Know What To See in Puerto Vallarta

I hope this list of places to visit in Puerto Vallarta helps you plan your trip. Such a great city for tourists, it’s popular for good reason. Now is the time to book the Mexican vacation with Airlines Vacations and start exploring all the wonderful places in Puerto Vallarta that you can’t miss!


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