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Nigeria is the powerhouse of Africa! It is the most populous country in Africa, is rich in oil and very tech savvy!

Many Business travellers visit here due to its booming economy and the megacity of Lagos!

In Lagos you will find top rated restaurants, nightclubs, malls and commercial skyscrapers!

In the countryside of Nigeria you will find authentic villages, nature reserves & golden beaches!

Fun Fact: The capital of Nigeria is Abuja.

Where is Nigeria?

Nigeria is located in West Africa, it borders the Gulf of Guinea on its southern edge. It also shares land borders with Benin to the west, Niger to the north, Chad to the northeast and Cameroon to the east.

In this post I will answer some Frequently asked questions submitted by readers of  Town & Tourist, these include the following:

  1. Popular Attractions in Nigeria?
  2. Is Nigeria cheap to Travel?
  3. Nigeria Travel Budget Calculator 
  4. Nigeria Costs (Detailed) 
  5. Is NigeriaSafe for Tourists?
  6. Do you need a Visa to Enter Nigeria?
  7. When is the Best time to Visit Nigeria?
  8. Where to stay in Nigeria? 
  9. 3 Essential Travel Tips? (Packing Guide)

A. Popular Attractions?

1. Lagos

The sprawling metropolitan city is the beating heart of Nigeria! Here you will discover a population of 21 million people and is know for its energetic music & arts scene!

Lagos offers a vibrant nightlife, iconic restaurants and even some history at the National Museum.

Lagos Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria

2. Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park offers some of the best game-viewing in the country! Here you can see  a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, buffalo, waterbuck and lions.!

There is also over 350 species of birds! After a busy day visiting the wildlife, relax in the parks scenic Wikki Warm Springs!

After a busy day, don’t miss out on a dip in the park’s scenic Wikki Warm Springs.

Yankari National Park Nigeria elephants

Yankari National Park Nigeria elephants

3. Oshogbo

Oshogbo is center of Yoruba spirituality in the south of Nigeria, Oshogbo is most  well known for the Osun-Osugbo Sacred Grove, a UNESCO-protected cultural site .
This dense area of forest is believed to be the home of Yoruba fertility goddess Osun.
There you can find many Sculptures, sanctuaries and shrines hidden amongst the ancient trees along the winding river.


B. Is Nigeria cheap to travel?

Nigeria is cheap when it comes to travel costs! A budget traveller should budget $25 (USD) per day,

while a mid range traveller should budget $35 (USD) per day.  

This includes the cost of accommodation, food and transport! 

The Prices in Nigeria are similar to Ghana and cheaper than South Africa, Kenya , MoroccoEgypt .

In addition to the USA & Europe, UKFranceGermanyItaly. 

However, it is more expensive than Ethiopia 

C. Nigeria: Travel Budget Calculator

To help you budget your next adventure to Nigeria

Dive into our interactive Travel Budget Calculator below

User Guide: Simply select your “Travel Style”,  ” Number of Persons” and Number of Days Traveling.

Top Tip: “Group” travel budget gives the total budget for 4 people! To find out how much that is each simply divide by 4.

Family Budgets:

Families would be best using the Group selector, or those with small children should select “Couple” if the children are young enough to share a room.

We have compiled the data in the table above from our vast travel experience & other reliable sources.

What is the Currency in Nigeria?

The naira is the official currency in Nigeria.

1 USD =5.71 GHS

1 GBP = 7.40 GHS

1 EURO =6.33 GHS

D. Nigeria Travel Costs (Detailed):

i. Budget Backpacker Travel Costs:

Budget Nigeria Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Average Daily cost:$25
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$10
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$19
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$2
Food & Water$2
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$10

ii. Mid Range Travel Costs:

Mid Range Budget:Nigeria Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Average Daily cost:$35
Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$15
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$30
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$5
Food & Water$5
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$12

iii. Luxury Vacation Travel Costs:

Nigeria Luxury Travel Costs
Budget DataCost (USD)
Average Daily cost:$50
Accommodation (Single Occupancy)$25
Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$45
Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$7
Food & Water$8
Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)$15

E. Is Nigeria safe for tourists?

According to the UK Government & US Government most parts of Nigeria are safe.

However, there are certain areas which should be avoided! See Map Below:

Nigeria Travel Advice Ed2 [WEB]

Nigeria Travel Advice Ed2 [WEB]

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:

  • Borno State
  • Yobe State
  • Adamawa State
  • Gombe State
  • riverine areas of Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River States
  • within 20km of the border with Niger in Zamfara State

Like in any busy area be sure to not carry too much cash and exercise caution in crowded areas such as,

train and bus stations, airports to avoid pickpockets.I recommend purchasing a hidden money belt,

I take mine everywhere. See: Travel Accessories

F. Do you need a visa to enter Nigeria?

Most countries require a Visa to enter Nigeria.

US Citizens:

According to the US Department of state: 

A passport valid for six months, a visa, and proof of polio and yellow fever vaccinations are required to enter Nigeria.

You must obtain your Nigerian visa from a Nigerian embassy or consulate in advance of your travel.

You can only obtain a “visa upon arrival” at the airport by official prior arrangements before travel.

Visit the Embassy of Nigeria website for the most current visa and entry information.UK Citizens:

According to the UK Government:

You should get a valid visa before travelling.

Some business travellers might be eligible to apply for a visa on arrival.

Applications for a visa on arrival must be made in advance and applicants must obtain a pre-approval letter from the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) before travelling.

Guidance on applying for a visa on arrival is available on the NIS website.

Insider Tip:

All governments advise on a valid Travel Insurance policy before traveling.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years.

G. When is the Best time to visit Nigeria?

You can travel to Nigeria in either season, but most visitors agree that despite the harmattan, the dry season is the best time to travel to Nigeria.

Humidity is at its lowest at this time of year, there are fewer insects. In addition,  your trip is less likely to be delayed by flooding in rural areas of the country.

H. Where to Stay in Nigeria?

For a complete list of our recommend SAFE hotels in Lagos, follow the link HERE

Nigeria hotels

Nigeria hotels

I. 3 Essential Travel tips?

1. Invest in a quality Travel Camera! 

Capturing the Memories of your adventure is essential!

You will be able to show your friends, family and even grand kids all the wonderful photos captured.

For more info see, our recommend Travel Photography Gear

Photography Gear

Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!

2. Important! Are you insured?

Be aware that you will need separate travel insurance if you are traveling to Nigeria!

If you get ill or have an accident it will be a very costly experience!

All travellers to Nigeria should have a robust travel insurance to avoid paying out thousands of dollars.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years,

they are the best and most reliable insurance, they also provides an unlimited medical budget!

Travel Insurance

Getting hit with a large hospital bill after getting sick or injured, could really add to your worries! Get some Travel Insurance


For more info see: Why you NEED Travel Insurance?

3. Be sure you have your Travel Essentials  

(Things You can’t travel without!)

A high quality Tent & backpack can also be great investments to help you cut costs and have more of an adventure while traveling!

To learn about our secret Hotel Hacks check out: How to find the Best Hotel Deals??

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