• Bring some high quality hiking boots, see our reviews on the best here. No flip flops or Trainers!
  • Wear waterproof clothes –  you don’t mind getting trashed. Be aware it can get real muddy out there & you may even have to swim through a river.
  • Buy essential supplies in Padang, where there is greater choice (and cheaper prices) than in Siberut.
  • Take precautions against chloroquine-resistant malaria – This still exists on Siberut, although SurfAid (www.surfaidinternational.org) has been working to limit its spread.
  • Bring DDT-strength insect repellent & mosquito nets if you’re travelling independently. If not tour agencies usually to provide them.
  • Bring Water Purification Tablets (or Stripen) as river water sanitation is poor. You could is a water pump to filter out impurities. Alternatively, you can carry a lots of litres of bottled water!
  • Bring a high quality torch for nighttime. 
  • Double Bag everything in plastic bags, always keep sets of dry clothes in case it rains.
  • Buy items for bartering and as gifts. In remote communities, remember that everything tends to be shared, so bring plenty of food. Tobacco is popular, or you can offer practical items like machete blades, chisels, scissors, sewing kits and beads for jewellery. If you really feel like going on a shopping spree, buy a pig! (around 500,000Rp $35), this will definitely make you liked in the village! All can be arranged for purchase in Muara Siberut.

The most important thing you will require is a HIGH QUALITY BACKPACK, for our reviews on the best backpacks to use check out: Recommended Backpacks. 

Want to capture some epic travel photos?

A Backpack can have your life in when traveling, make sure you’ve got a good one! 

Where to Eat?

All the guesthouses and resorts on the Mentawai Islands offer their guests meals, which are a mix of local and international cuisine. If you head into the towns of Muara Siberut and Tua Peja you’ll find local restaurants doing local Padang-style cuisine.

There are plenty of surf resorts in the Playground & Tua Pejat regions. In addition to a few in Katiet, Pulau Pagai Utara and Pulau Pagai Selatan