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Los Angeles to Miami: 5 Epic ways to Travel?

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Town and Tourist, Updated September 2, 2023

Which is the best way to travel between Los Angeles & Miami!?

Los Angeles is a vibrant, Southern California city with a warm climate & scenic beaches. LA is also the center of Americas Movie industry.

From the iconic Hollywood sign to Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers pictures…LA is heaven for a movie Buff!

Beverley Hills is home to rich & famous check out: Celebrity Homes in Beverley Hills (Map & Reviews)

Whereas Miami is a vibrant Metropolis, treasure trove of culture & true paradise. As the capital of the Sunshine State expect many incredible beaches from Miami Beach to Biscayne Bay.

Head to the everglades nearby to immerse yourself in nature & check out the Alligators.

How long is the drive from Los Angeles to Miami?

Driving between Los Angeles and Miami is the Ultimate road trip! It will take you from coast to coast over 2,800 miles! This will take you approximately 43h 27m. 
I would recommended breaking this road trip up over a period of 14-21 days+ . Over 14 days you only need to cover an average of 200miles per day. To cover less miles on average give yourself longer!
To help with planning see: How to Plan up to a 6 month Road Trip: USA
los angeles to San Francisco Public Transport road trip
los Angeles to Miami Public Transport road trip

Does the train go from LA to Miami?

Yes! But it is very long, the average travel time for a train between is around 101 hours and 48 minutes and fastest you could get there is 98 hours and 50 minutes!

It would only be worth it if your stopping of in many cities along the way.

Los Angeles to Miami: Public Transport Comparison

Best Public Transport Methods between LA and Miami Table
Transport Duration(Hr/mins) Cost($) Notes
Car/RV 43hr 27 mins (2800 miles) 94 gallons. $235 (depending upon mpg/route) An independent road trip. I recommended doing it over 14-21 days plus! Stopping at some amazing destinations.
Train  3 days 15 hours (Train travels via Chicago then down the east coast which is a major detour)

$415 – $594

(Amtrak Southwest Chief to Chicago)
Bus 2 days 16 hours $284 – $395 Greyhound USA (4 times/per from Houston)
Train/Bus Combo Leg 1: LA to New Orleans  (45 hours 45 mins)

Leg 2: New Orleans to Miami  (Bus 24 hours)

$275 – $385 Amtrak Sunset Limited to New Orleans then Greyhound 1262
Flight 7hrs $132 – $613 LAX – MIA

Which is the best method of Traveling between Los Angeles & Miami?

Should you get the train?

The Train between Los Angeles and Miami is very long and a massive detour! It takes 3 days and 15 hours and will take you via Chicago (North East) before taking you

down the east coast. The cost of this will be between $415 – $594 which is alot.  I would not recommended this route on a Los Angeles to Miami Journey.

However, this is a great option if you will to travel from New York to Los Angeles/San Francisco see: How to Travel Coast to Coast USA by Train for $232?

Should you get the Bus?

The Bus takes 2 days and 16 hours and costs between $284 – $395. The Greyhound Buses are very regular and operate up to 4 times per day once you get to Houston, Texas.

This is a good option if you wish to stop off in many cities such as Las Vegas, Albuquerque etc. You will need to catch many separate buses which break the trip up making

it a public transport road trip. For more info see: Best Public Transport Booking Tools? Trains, Buses, Ferries!

Should you get a Train/Bus Combo?

This method offers the a compromise between the Bus and Train from LA to Miami. Take the train to New Orleans, stop over if you wish then take the bus to Miami.

It works out cheaper than the train via Chicago and slightly faster.

Should you Fly?

This is hands down the best option if you just wish to “Get there” fast the distance is massive so the flight still takes 7 hrs!

Tickets can be picked up at relatively low prices between $132 – $613.

Should you Road Trip between LA and Miami?

This is the GREATEST option if you wish to explore the great USA and all it has to offer! We love road trips here at Town&Tourist and have an extensive collection of travel guides which detail how we have criss crossed the USA! See: 

This is a real coast to coast adventure, you can stop whenever you like from Las Vegas and New Orleans to Orlando and St Augustine.

The fuel cost is not too high at $235 assuming a 30mpg vehicle, at $2.50/gallon.

Of course all the costs including car rental can be split between the passengers which makes it an affordable and adventurous method of traveling.

For the best car rental deals check out: Ultimate Car Rental Travel Hacks!

For RV Rentals we used: RV Share

Los Angeles to Miami Road Trip Map

Dive into our interactive map below!

User Guide: Use the +/- arrows to zoom in an out of the landmarks. Many users choose to share the post on facebook and access the map that way.

Where should I Stop between LA and Miami?

Road Trip Itinerary:

As part of our road trip Itinerary we stopped as some amazing destinations along the way.

Here are some of our highlights:

A Real Favourite: 

St Augustine in Florida is a quaint, magical city which is perfect for a weekend getaway!

It’s small enough to walk around yet large enough to enjoy great deal of things to do, from family entertainment to nature, history, culture & nightlife!

48 Hours in Miami Itinerary:

WELCOME TO MIAMI! Experience the energy, the culture and of course the Miami Lifestyle.

A popular way to see all the sights is via a tour , this is a nice way to learn about the city, get your bearings & see all the great attractions.

Ocean Drive:

A Drive down Ocean Drive, will really open your eyes to Miami’s art deco style and reveal it’s colors.

There is also, lots of great places to eat here, family activities and even a vibrant Nightlife along the main strip.

Ocean Drive Miami

Ocean Drive Miami. Source:

Miami Zoo: 

Miami Zoo, as a large selection of some of the most exotic wildlife in the world! It also hosts a variety of fun packed & interesting activities & animal exhibits.

You can explore the zoo on foot alone, take a guided tour and even a comfortable driving tour over the 750 acres of land!

South Beach – Is one of the most Iconic parts, popular with models, movie stars and celebrities. A great place to check out.

Miami Zoo Guide

Miami Zoo Guide. Source: Miami Zoo.

Miami Seaquarium: 

After checking out Miami Beach, head down to Miami Seaquarium, this is a fantastic place which can easily take a full day up!

How long should I stay in Miami?

Miami is such a vibrant, diverse city you could easily spend over one week here and still not experience everything!

But I recommended three days as a minimum to really get the most out of the city!

For our Recommended Hotel Deals in Miami, follow the link HERE

Insider Tip: The Hotels in best parts of Miami sell out fast, so book well in advance, to avoid disappointment!

My friend ended up stuck right out in the sticks!

For our full Miami Itinerary check out: Florida Itinerary 10 Days: Epic!

Road Trip Tips:

Photography Gear
Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!
  • Bring some High Quality Hiking boots: See Recommended Hiking Gear
  • Avoid gigantic $15,000 Medical Bills see: Why you NEED Travel Insurance in 2020?
  • Make sure your Car is serviced, with a spare tire or alternatively rent a fully reliable car.

How to get the best car rental Deals?

Check out: Ultimate Car Rental Travel Hacks!

For RV Rentals we always use: RV Share

RV motoring show, Auto show USA
An RV Road trip is like no other!

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