Digital Nomads Guide to Remote Working in Prague

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Is Prague a good city to work remotely from?

Prague was recently voted the best city to work remotely from according to a survey from, using data from an Expat Insider 2017 survey report, published by InterNations.

This report systematically ranked everything Digital Nomads care about, from the cost of living, Average internet speed, public transport costs and even the average cost of a Cappuccino! See Data Below: 

  • Cost of Living Index = 47.87
  • Average Monthly Net Salary = £916.55
  • Average Internet Speed (Countrywide) = 16.90 mbps
  • Cost of a Coffee (Cappuccino) = £1.64
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) = £0.82

Data Source:

Another Perk of Prague, is that EU citizens do no require a formal work permit to work from there! Making it a great place for Digital Nomads and Expats. 

prague-digital-nomads guide remote working

prague-digital-nomads guide remote working

Where are the best places to work remotely from in Prague?

Prague has a large number of fantastic coffee Shops, well equipped Co working spaces and even a number of outdoor areas which are great for the summer!

In Aug 2019, I worked from Prague remotely & evaluated the best spots, as it was summer I spent most my time in some golden outdoor locations, aswell as a few cool indoor locations. I have evaluated each place in terms of what Digital Nomads care about: 

  • Location – How close to the centre?
  • Scenery
  • Wifi Speed
  • Coffee Quality/Price
  • Snacks/Food
  • Electrical Sockets – My Laptop/Phone, like many has a really poor battery! 
  • Air Conditioning
  • Seating/Comfort
  • how quiet/loud
  • Extra equipment.  – Printers, meeting rooms etc. 
Digital Nomads Guide to Remote working prague

Digital Nomads Guide to Remote working prague. Source: Prague is a Majestic city!

Top 20 Remote Working Locations in Prague:

20. Café Pavlač

Cafe Pavlac is a cool cafe with a bar in the shape of a figure 8, a spacious courtyard  and even a contemporary art gallery called 35M2. The staff are friendly & the food is fantastic for small dishes with tasty breakfasts/lunches, homemade deserts and lemonade made from fresh fruits. Oh and of course the coffee is great.  

Café Pavlač Digital nomad workspace prague

Café Pavlač Digital nomad workspace prague. Source: Café Pavlač (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

The Wifi here good but not amazing, it suits most types of low bandwidth work emails, web browsing etc. 


V. Nejedlého 487/23, 130 00 Praha 3
Tel: +420 222 721 731

19. Globe Book store

For the bookworms among you, this is a really unique, cozy & ever so trendy remote working cafe. One half a well equip bookshop and the other half cafe/lounge area.

Established in 1993, Globe boasts itself on being Pragues “First & best english language bookstore”. 


globe-book-Remote-Working-locations-Prague-Digital. Source: Globe bookstore (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Food & Cocktails: 

They offer a variety of home cooked, burgers, pastas, salads and a american brunch menu on weekends. Wash that down with some tasty coffee or even a few cocktails! Why not, you work hard! 

Globe Bookstore is a popular retreat for artists, students, writers and expats from all over the world. 


The Globe bookstore/Cafe also hosts movies, live music, quizzes  and of course literary readings! 


Pštrossova 1925/6, 110 00 Nové Město
Tel: +420 224 934 203

18. Café Neustadt

Café Neustadt is an iconic coffee shop for Pragues hipster community. Centrally located in the courtyard of the new city, Café Neustadt provides the perfect combination of location & atmosphere. 

Oasis of superior coffee, cheesy ease, excellent music and civic disObediance rigHt in the city centre


cafe-neustadt-Digital-Nomad-Locations Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Garden for Outdoor Working:

During the summer, head out into the garden where you can continue being productive while taking in the fresh air. 

Insider Tip: 

This place can get really busy during the afternoons/evenings, so bring some ear plugs, ore noise cancelling headphones if you really need to concentrate. 


Karlovo nám. 1/23, Prague 2 , Nové Město

17. Franz Kafka Sculpture – Coffee Shop

An Iconic Spot in Central Prague is the Franz Kafka Sculpture titled “Metal Morphosis” This 39 tonne bust by Arist David Cerny features 42 movable metal tiers, which transform the Sculpture into the face of former Czech writer Franz Kafka. What better place for some inspiration & vibrancy, while working! 

Just opposite there is a large coffee shop offering fast Wifi, a selection of Coffees, Snacks, juices and even homemade lemonade.

The inside is large with plenty of comfy seating areas. Outside there is a selection of tables, which is a great place to park up in the summer, with umbrellas over so you can still take in the fresh air without sweating from the sun! 



The waitresses here are very friendly and table service is standard so you can find a spot quick and not have to leave your laptop to pay etc. Despite the proximity to such a tourist attraction, the area is surprisingly quiet! 


The coffee bar offers a variety of small snacks, but if you really want a quick, but tasty working lunch park up just next door at Sushi Time Quadrio

Prague Digital Nomad Cafe:coffee shop near Franz Kafka

Prague Digital Nomad Cafe:coffee shop near Franz Kafka. Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)


Very easy to locate in the Mustek area of central Prague 1, simply google map “Franz Kafka Sculpture” or ask any local and they will direct you to it. The area is also next to the Quadrio business centre, and directly above the Národní třída metro station.

The Area is also, next to OC Quadrio, a full Shopping centre with 4 levels, Food Level , City Level, Lifestyle Level and Market Level (Supermarkets etc.). Overall there are over 60 shops & restaurants.

In addition, to a small INDOOR REMOTE WORKING AREA, with comfy modern seats, plug sockets built in & WiFI. This is popular with those catching up on a few emails before hopping on the metro inside. 

16. Pracovna v parku – Traveling workspace?

Praconvna v Parku  is a traveling outside workspace/office, which has adopted furniture and equip it with wifi and electrical sockets so people can work all day outside in the fresh air over looking beautiful rivers & scenery…the dream! 

Each seasons the “traveling outdoor office”  changes location. From 8AM till 10pm, the outdoor office space offers FREE wifi, electrical outlets and comfy seating in some of Pragues most scenic locations.  


pracovna-v_praku-Remote-working-prague. Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Wifi Details: 

  • WI-FI: Park Office 
    (open browser)
  • LOGIN: worker
  • PASSWORD: in the park

Food & Coffee:

The setup is usually located nearby to areas where you can grab a coffee to go or snack. 


This year as of Aug 2019, the park office is in Karlín Harbor 18600. For the most up to date location, see their website: Praconvna v Parku  

The Facillites are looked after by a team at café Pracovna in Žižkov (Number 8 on our list!) 

15. Alza Café

Alza Cafe is an interesting one which is actually part of Alza.Cz a electronic store chain. However, the is cafe/shop has  fantastic Wifi and surprisingly great coffee! Ran by Doubleshot , who are some of the most talented coffee experts in Czech.  They have three cafes over Prague, a coffee training centre for there staff and most of all a real passion for great fresh coffee. 

Doubleshot coffee Digital nomad Prague Remote working locations

Doubleshot coffee Digital nomad/Prague Remote working locations: Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)


Hala č. 8, Holešovická tržnice, 170 00 Praha 7
Phone: +420 314 004 550

14. Můj šálek kávy

Another one of Doubleshots fantastic Cafes is called Můj šálek kávy located in the business district of Karlin. Of course, the coffee is one of the best in Prague, Wifi is fast and the staff are engaging. 


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Křižíkova 386/105, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín
Phone: +420 725 556 944

13. Municipal Library of Prague

Shhh….its a library. Often overlooked amongst the number of Digital nomad workspaces and remote working co working offices is of course Pragues Local Library! 

If your a serious business traveler who just needs a quiet place to, get some work don and focus in complete silence then this is the ideal location. 

Spread out over two floors there are plenty of tables chairs, free wifi and of course an abundance of reading material. For Snacks & coffee, head to the library cafe where you grab a little something!  

Opening times:

Open from 9Am-8pm (Mon-Fri) Saturday till 6pm, the library is closed on Sundays. 


Mariánské nám. 98/1, 110 00 Josefov, Czechia

Fun Fact: 

The oldest item in the library’s collections is a print of the Prague Bible from 1488.

Nearby be sure to check out “THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL LIBRARY”. Klementinum Library.

Worlds most beautiful library prague

The Klementinum library, an exquisite example of Baroque architecture, was first opened in 1722 as part of the Jesuit university, and houses over 20,000 books. It was voted as one of the most beautiful and majestic libraries in the world. Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

12. K10 Co Working Space – Impact Hub. 

For a more serious workspace, head to K10 Co Working space, a large villa with over 2 575 m2   of productive space! Including, Private meeting rooms, presentation areas, Quiet Lounge, a bar/Restaurant, all the equipment you could desire and even a large gardens!

K10 is the perfect co Working space for place for large meetings, private phone/skype calls, presentations and events. As you might have guessed the Internet here Superfast & very reliable. In side the building you can find plenty of electrical outlets at various locations. 

K10 Coworking space prague Remote working Digital nomad

K10 Coworking space prague Remote working Digital nomad. Source: K10 (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)


There are 21 onsite staff including a talented Chef. 


  • High Speed Internet
  • Telephone Booths
  • Ergonomic Chairs, 
  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Printers,Scanners, Copiers. 
  • Good Coffee
  • Networking Areas
  • Event Spaces

The Building:

K10 is located in a period building in the style of a Stately home! Thus expect to see inspiring tradition, architecture fused with modern day workplace equipment & technology. 

Garden – Outdoor Working Space:

The lush garden is spread out over 1500m^2  with tree shaded seats to relax, outdoor workspaces allowing you to take in some fresh air during the summer/spring months. The perfect place to “Work Hard & Tan Hard!” 

K10 Coworking space prague Remote working Digital nomad-1

K10 Coworking space prague Remote working Digital nomad-1. Source: K10 (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Day Passes & Membership:

CZK 500 (INCL. VAT) (Approx $21 USD, €19, Rate of Aug2019)

Day Passes are cash only and valid till 9pm.  Includes free offices supplies & use of all facilities. 


hubpraha-k10-coworking-Remote. Source: K10 (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Insider Tip:

If you speak to the staff here and state that you are thinking about membership options but would like to try out the facilities first, they sometimes offer FREE days passes! 😉 

There also have various Co Working Membership options, if you will be using the space regularly. From 10hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, unlimited and fixed desk. Some of these options also include business support and other perks. 

Opening Days:

Open 7 Days a week. For more info see: HubPraha


K10 is located in Koperníkova 10, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

11. D10 Co Working Space  – Impact Hub

D10 co working space is the brother of K10, with the same parent organisation Impact Hub. D10 is located in Prague 5 Smichov Area and contains 1905m^2, 8 meetings/conference rooms and boasts to be just 160 steps from the nearest tram stop! 

This building is a former Smíchov-based printing house which has been converted to a modern & diverse co working space across two floors.

Facilities include, bright meeting rooms, with large windows offering courtyard views, focus rooms, chillout zones, offices and even a patio popular for summer BBQ’s. 

hubpraha-d10-coworking-space-remote-digital nomad

hubpraha-d10-coworking-space-remote-digital nomad. Source: D10 Impact hub (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Other Perks include: A self-service bar and designer furniture by Wiesner&Hager. 

Day Passes & Membership:

Day passes here are slightly cheaper than K10 at just CZK 390 (Inc VAT) , Cash Only. However, they are only valid until 6:30P.M. 


Drtinova 557/10, Prague 5 – Smíchov

10. In Spiro Co Working Community

In Spiro is a hub which prides itself on the concept of bringing a community of talented digital nomads, free lancers, entrepreneurs & remote workers together. Here you can bounce ideas around and develop friendships as-well as business connections. 

There is also office equipment, coffee on tap and areas for events. In Spiro was voted as the most innovative remote working concept in 2014. 

Inspiro Coworking remote working

Inspiro Coworking remote working. Source: Inspiro (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Opening Hours:

24-7 access!

Cost & Membership:

Day passes start from a very reasonable 150CZK (6 €) and 6 Month membership from 2950 CZK/month (115€).


Argentinská 286/38, 170 00 Praha 7

Tel: +420 734 609 874


9. Kavárna, co hledá jméno

Kavarna  is a trendy rustic style, Cafe/Coffee Bar which offers a cool vibe, tasty breakfasts, homemade treats and a vast selection of roasted coffees. In addition to a picturesque and ever so homely courtyard, gorgeous in the summer! 


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Stroupežnického 493/10, Smíchov, Prague 5. 

8. Locco

Locco is one of the most reasonable priced co working spaces for day pass memberships, at just 200CZK with free trails offered! This place is made with “Freelancers & Digital Nomads in Mind”.  With superfast wifi, private phone booths and a variety of meeting rooms, this place is ideal for the digital nomad on a budget. 

Locco-Coworking space-prague. SourcE: Locco coworking.  (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)


Palackeho 7, Prague 1.

– Best Budget Co working space

7. Smart Co Working

Smart co working is a  no thrills co working space, simple, functional and centrally located. The area can allocate up to 60 people, with fast Wifi, office spaces, printers/scanners and event spaces. Just a few steps from the Metro station: Muzeum.

Cost & Membership:

Free Day trails can be taken, otherwise daily passes are 300CZK or 3200CZK/Month. 


Václavské náměstí 62, Prague 1.

6. Crypto Anarchy Institute (Paralelní polis)

Paralelni Polis is a nerds heaven, this is a unique venue ran by an art/hacker group called Ztohoven. Previously, they have hjacked Czech Television stations and played a video of a nuclear bomb exploded in order to show how easy media can be mass manipulated! When the organisers are done fooling around, they make some great coffee and the banana cake is unreal! 

Crypto Anarchy Remote Working area

Crypto Anarchy Events. Remote Working area. Source: Crypto Anarchy Facebook vejdiven (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Bitcoins from the Vending Machine?

The cafe is popular with Block chain developers and You can even purchase bitcoin, lite coin and other crypto currency form the cafe vending machine. You can even use bitcoin for purchases in the institute. Other events include Hackers gatherings and security meetups. 


The coffee is Ethiopia Dimtu coffee from Amsterdam’s White Label Coffee Roaster. 


Dělnická 43, Praha 7
Tel: +420 704 387 882

5. Paper Hub Co Working 

Paper Hub is a co working space part of the Crypto Anarchy Institute above. As you might have guessed memberships are paid in Bitcoin! 

With co working office facilities, office equipment (printers, scanners, copiers) and very fast wifi this place has everything you need. There is also a kitchen & terrace 

Paper-Hub Coworking space

Paper-Hub Coworking space. Source: Paper Hub Coworking/Remote Working space. (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Costs & Membership:

Free trail day passes are offered, with view to potentially signing up for a membership. Otherwise daily passes are 300Czk and Monthly 3000CZK


Dělnická 43, Prague 7. (Same as above) 

4. Locus Workspace

Locus Workspace is a 24 hour english language workspace with offices, meeting rooms and event spaces. The idea is to offer freelancers, digital nomads and remote workers to perfect place to be very productive! 

The shared office spaces, offer a great community vibe/atmosphere and is highly regarded with close to 5 star reviews from most.  

Personal Assistants:

One of the unique things about Locus Workspace is the Czech-English speaking Personal assistants which you can hire!

These are friendly & intelligent multi lingual individuals who can help you do everything from, coming with you to Interpret at government offices to calling Czech companies, helping you to fill out Czech contracts and even pick up your lunch or dry cleaning! 

Locus Workspace Prague Digital Nomad

Locus Workspace Prague Digital Nomad. Source: Locus Coworking Space (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)


  • Member price: 250 Kč/hr. (9Euro) 
  • Non-member price: 350 Kč/hr
  • Non-member 10-hour package: 3000 Kč.
  • Full-Time and Fixed-Desk members get 1/2 hour per month FREE with your membership.

Cost & Membership:

Free day trails are offered! Day passes: 400 CZK, Monthly Unlimited: 2,500 CZK for the first month & 3500 CZK per month after. 


Two Locations: 

  • Locus Workspace, Krakovská 1307/22 Prague 1
  • Locus Workspace, Slezská 857/45 Prague 3

3. Friends Coffee House

Friends Coffee House, is a classic digital nomad favourite in central Prague close to Wenceslas Square. A great spot to catch up on some work before heading out to explore the city. 

friends Coffee House Remote Working space prague

friends Coffee House Remote Working space Prague. Source: friends coffee house (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Best Digital nomad City in Europe)

Wifi is very fast, coffee is fantastic and they even have a nice selection of wines. During the evening things can get real busy and the venue is popular for Quizzes and events. 


Palackého 719/7, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague 1
Tel: +420 272 049 665

2. Café Truhlarna  – (Franciscan gardens)

I stumbled across this hidden gem, when looking for a place to enjoy the summer sun centrally, yet still have great Wifi & Coffee, this place ticked all the boxes. 

Franciscan Gardens prague1

Beautiful Franciscan Gardens prague. A digital nomads inspiration! Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Czech Republic) 

The lovely outdoor space of Cafe Trularna ,is equip with long tables and even deck chairs perfect for some lounge style working. The Staff are really friendly and a little cookie (One was singing when i wen’t in! haha.

However, they do have a reason to sing, their coffee is superb. When you get hungry they have a variety of gorgeous homemade deserts such as small cakes etc, but don’t expect full blown meals here! 

Trularna Coffee Shop Franciscan Gardens Prague, Digital nomad,

Trularna Coffee Shop Franciscan Gardens Prague, Digital nomad. Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Czech Republic) 

When you battery goes low, (I was there all day!) head inside to the long bench where you have electrical outlets & an Aircon unit!

Afterwards take a walk around the Gorgeous Franciscan Gardens, a small gardens filled with a variety of colorful wildflowers, during the summer/spring. There is also a kids play area, if you have little ones. 

Trularna Coffee Shop Franciscan Gardens Prague, Digital nomad, remote working

Trularna Coffee Shop Franciscan Gardens Prague, Digital nomad, remote working. Source: (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Czech Republic) 

Insider Tip: 

This place can fill up pretty fast, so make your order, then ask them to bring it to you outside where your sat. 


Nestled inside the gorgeous Franciscan Gardens, just a couple of streets away from the Franz Kafka Sculpture, in the Mustek area of central Prague 1,  is Cafe Truh Larna. 

Františkánská zahrada, Jungmannovo nám. 751/19, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

1. Pracovna co working 

Pracovna in Czech means “home office”,  and this place lives up to it’s name! Pracovna is a legendary coffee shop & co working area, popular with locals, expats and digital nomads alike! Pracovna is ran by the same group which run the “Traveling office” Pracovna v Parku (No 16) on our list. Here the staff are cheerful, the coffee is surperb and the Wifi is superfast and reliable! 

Pracovna Coffee Shop Prague

Pracovna Coffee Shop Prague. Source: Pracovna Coffee Shop. (Remote working in Prague, Digital Nomads Guide to Prague, Czech Republic) 

There is also a selection of homemade deserts & lemonades, which surely power you on. There is outdoor/indoor seating and even a shared office. 


Vlkova 628/36, 130 00, Žižkov, Praha 3
Tel: +420 775 271 737

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