Top 10 Best American Truckstops

Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino (and Truckstop) in Las Vegas
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Top 10 Best American Truckstops

Unless you are a truck driver, you might not have a “favorite” truckstop; in fact, you might not visit any truckstops at all. If that is the case, then we think you are missing out!

But, what makes one truckstop stand out over another? This list from Trucks[dot]com features a few that have a claim to fame or otherwise stand out in some way. From the top, here is the countdown of the Top 10 Best American Truckstops.

10. Lee Hi Travel Plaza (Lexington, VA)
The downhome meals served at Berky’s Restaurant were dubbed the “tastiest in all the land” by Most Extreme Truckstops … so be sure to stop by for an extended pit stop the next time you are in the area!

9. Clearwater Travel Plaza (Clearwater, MN)

8. Billy Bob’s Texas Truck Stop (Fort Worth, TX)

7. Bosselman Travel Center (Grand Island, NE)

6. Johnson’s Corner (Johnstown, CO)
If you are looking for grub that’s so delicious that the Food Network named it the “Best Truck Stop Restaurant in the U.S.” … not to mention that Travel & Leisure proclaimed it one of the best breakfasts in the world … then you need to add this truckstop to your GPS!

5. Whiskey Pete’s (Primm, NV)
Add a roller coaster, a monorail, slots, blackjack, and other casino games to all of your typical roadside basics and you have a recipe for Whiskey Pete’s in Nevada!

4. Trail’s Travel Center (Albert Lea, MN)

3. Jubitz Travel Center (Portland, OR)

2. South of the Border (Hamer, SC)

1. Iowa 80 (Walcott, IA)
As the World’s Largest Truckstop, Iowa 80 is a roadside paradise complete with a trucking museum, a movie theater, a barbershop, several on-site medical services, and Gramma’s Kitchen. Oh, and don’t miss the annual Trucker’s Jamboree, held each July.

Three of the ten truckstops on this list of the best truckstops in the U.S. are in the weed legal states of Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.


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