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Top 4 Kids Friendly Famous Tourist Places in Dubai

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Written by Saqib Ali

Dubai is among the best holiday destinations in the world. In 2016, nearly 15 million tourists stayed at least one night in the city; that is substantial if you think that the city has only 2.8 million inhabitants. In fact, Dubai’s tourism-resident ratio is more than 5 to 1 – the greatest in the world.

Nearly 80% of its population is from the outside of the UAE – expect plenty of international cafe chains and shops in addition to massive expatriate communities.

Besides, Dubai offers so much for kids and the city takes pride in building the biggest of everything that you truly need for a few days to see everything and to pace yourself.  Here are the top four places you should visit as soon as you reach Dubai. 

Dubai Desert Safari

Whenever we talk about desert safaris, Dubai is the first place you think of. Dubai has always been a popular destination with regards to desert adventure.

Probably the most stimulating experience in Dubai is the Desert Safari, once you go into the deserts, the experience begins and the thrill courses through your being. Enjoy a bike ride in the desert as you soak in the landscapes. The timing of your tour relies on the packages you decide.

While in Dubai, there are also several tourists designed to provide the best desert safari. Even the Camel rides and falcon photography are an experience you are unable to miss. This experience will unquestionably rank high in the list of Dubai adventures.  You can practically feel desert as part of nature. I must say everyone ought to try this ride once in life.

Trust me, the sunset view in the desert is astonishingly difficult to explain that moment in words because I believe that nature is one of several things which we can feel. 

Desert safari is organized three times. Morning safari, afternoon safari and an overnight safari. Prices vary from 125 to 270 aed. You can read more about the desert safari in my this post


desert safari tour

Desert safari tour

Burj Khalifa 

One of the magnificent buildings of Dubai and the world with Spectacular architecture. It is the tallest building in the world, with a height of 829.8 meters. In addition to holding the world record for being the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa holds six other world records such as the highest observation deck is also here.

It also has the world’s fastest elevator which can take you from the ground to 124th floor in 1 minute. It pulled in 1.87 million visitors in 2013, averaging up to more than 5,000 a day.

The view and experience from the top are fantastic. Especially in the course of a cloudy climate, the view turns out to be marvellous. It light-ups with various colours and animation. The coolest fact about  BURJ Khalifa is that its Earthquake protected. 

 Burj Khalifa Views from Down

Burj Khalifa View Down to Up

Recently management has increased the ticket cost from 135 aed to 160 is a bit expensive but totally worth it. Do go too early in the morning as it can be foggy. The afternoon is probably ideal even though it would be more beautiful at night. 

Wild Wadi Waterpark

This place is a brilliant amusement theme park to have fun. There are a few dangerous slides, so make sure that your kids are secure. The park is well kept and nearby the  Burj Al Arab hotel and Jumeirah Beach. If you’re staying at Burj al Arab, you will get free access to the park. 

There are actually significant thrilling slides appropriate for adults and children, considering that lifeguards are almost everywhere, and safety equipment is given.

The rides are on tube rings, and both up water and down water rides are exhilarating. The breakers bay wave pool is also suggested for those who want to take it easy, laze the day away in a relaxing chair while getting a little drenched. You can even repeat some games many times.

Wild Wadi Park

Wild Wadi Park

Eat-in other places and don’t assume a big meal is offered by the stalls on a regular basis. Entry fee is manageable but the park is billing extra for towels and locker, also the photos which they take of you at the park are costly if you want to take one home. In general, very friendly staff, very fun rides, and beautiful parks.


Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is Dubai’s largest mall, undoubtedly. Located close to the bottom of the world’s tallest building (more than that in minutes), Dubai Mall drew over 80 million tourists in 2015 as per available figures, which means that this mall hosts more or less 220,000 people per day. As soon as you visit it, you are likely to adore it. Even a day is less to view the entire mall and to shop as well.

Everything from high-class watches to fragrances to branded clothes, amazing gadgets, electronic products, and sports equipment exists.  All the big brands are accessible under one roof which makes it good for shopping especially luxury shopping.

Besides shopping, the Dubai mall has many tourist attractions, including free and paid. It’s also possible to watch the Burj Khalifa light show and the Dubai fountain show right at the mall gate. The aquarium is great too.  I normally go there to relax, have a good meal and attend meetings also. It is so fantastic to see life and people capturing pictures.   

Rolex Store in Dubai Mall

Biggest Rolex Store in Dubai Mall

Best Time to visit Dubai   

The perfect season in Dubai, when it’s easier to relax with the whole family, starts in mid-October and ends in early May. During this era, the temperature allows you to feel at ease. At this time, the air heat in the region is held in the range from + 25- + 30 ° C. Every so often, rainfalls, which somewhat humidifies the air and would make the environment more comfortable to Europeans.

Also Avoid Ramadan because visiting a Muslim country, including the United Arab Emirates, has certain limitations for tourists. Before travelling to Dubai, you have to determine if your planned vacation comes within the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. During the holiday, during daylight hours, you can neither drink nor eat. In some areas transport during this period is unpredictable, and many shops and establishments are closed during the day as eating in a public place in Ramadan during the day prohibited.   

Final Note: 

Bear in mind the UAE is a Muslim country. You’ll likely listen to the call to prayer as early as 5 am. Don’t be amazed – it’s frequent in Muslim countries. And Absolutely no obvious displays of affection and embracing in public areas.  

About the Author: 

A travel blogger based in Dubai, a professional travel writer, and a cricket enthusiast. Read more Dubai content on Saqib blog over here  


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