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Is It OK to Recline Your Airplane Seat? Some Experts Say You Shouldn’t!

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Town and Tourist, Updated June 5, 2023

As summer vacation plans take flight, travelers are faced with a crucial question of air etiquette: Is it polite to recline your seat? With air travel becoming more cramped and less enjoyable, maintaining a balance between personal comfort and consideration for fellow passengers is key.

The Double Booking of Space

Consumer advocates blame the problems from seat reclining on the airlines themselves. By selling the same space to both the passenger in front and the one behind, airlines have unintentionally set the stage for conflicts over limited cabin room. 

Passangers argue that airlines make the issue worse than it is by packing seats closer together, putting passengers against each other in the battle for personal space.

Etiquette and Comfort

Etiquette experts advise against reclining, acknowledging the possible invasion of personal space. While opinions on seat reclining differ among travel experts, they unanimously agree that airlines contribute to the problem by reducing seat spacing to maximize profits. 

Travel industry analysts suggest that airlines should strike a balance by adjusting seat recline to ensure passenger comfort while minimizing disruption for those seated behind.

The Power of Consideration

While passengers have the right to recline, experts recommend a small act of kindness. A quick glance back and a polite notification to the passenger behind can go a long way in preventing conflicts. 

Recognizing the shared nature of the airplane cabin, displaying thoughtfulness and empathy helps avoid tense situations and creates a more pleasant travel experience.

Advice from the Experts

Delta CEO Ed Bastian suggests seeking permission before reclining, but etiquette experts disagree. They advise of being mindful of the person behind, avoiding potential disruptions, and suggest a quick peripheral check to ensure a smooth recline. 

Operating under the assumption that others will recline can help avoid awkward encounters that may arise from seeking permission.

Insights from Flight Attendants

Flight attendants, experienced in managing tensions related to seat reclining, highlight the challenges they face. Highly experienced flight attendants understand the difficulty of reclining without inconveniencing the passenger behind, as it adds to their responsibilities in maintaining a peaceful cabin environment.

Striking the right balance in seat reclining etiquette is vital for a satisfying air travel experience. By considering the comfort of others, communicating intentions, and being mindful of shared space, passengers can contribute to a more pleasant journey for all. 

Following these guidelines fosters a positive and considerate environment during air travel.

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