How Traveling Is Fun With Cannabis?

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According to Forbes, traveling rejuvenates the mind and body. It reduces stress, boosts happiness, enhances creativity, and helps to reinvent oneself. Different people have different preferences for traveling. Some like to party, some are food enthusiasts, while others like to follow the hippy trail. In this article, we will be talking about cannabis tourism and how traveling is fun with cannabis. 

Before jumping into the cannabis destinations, let’s understand some basics. Cannabis is a natural herb (also called marijuana) with two main compounds – THC and CBD. THC (derived from Sativa strain) is the part that causes the psychedelic high, and CBD (derived from indica strain) has smooth non-psychedelic effects often used for medicinal purposes. Various places in the world provide travelers with either or both of these strains for recreation. With that in mind, let’s look at the following ways how traveling is fun with cannabis.

  • Dazzling Dispensaries

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Cannabis dispensaries are marijuana stores that sell weed and other cannabis accessories and edibles. You might think about what’s so unique about a cannabis retail store. Wait till you witness some cool, dazzling dispensaries that will blow your mind away. Serra Modern Drug Dispensary in Portland, Oregon, is a uniquely designed luxury drug store inside a nineteenth-century historic building giving a greenhouse look. When you visit this store, you get the feeling of a shopping experience similar to the one that one gets when buying exquisite wine. 

In short, Serra gives you an aristocratic way of experiencing cannabis products. Another dazzling dispensary that holds a world record and a must-visit for every cannabis lover is Planet 13, located in Las Vegas. You can experience first hand the cannabis processing equipment that don this 115000 sq foot facility, making cannabis edibles and drinks, absolutely entertaining stuff. For a good night’s sleep, try out the CBD + CBN sleep tincture from

  • Fine Dine and High

Usually, cannabis comes across as very down-market and does not give a luxurious vibe. Chris Sayegh, also popularly known as the Herbal Chef, has changed the fine dine concept by introducing a fusion of cannabis and edible food. Chris, a Michelin star chef, runs his restaurant, the Herbal Chef in downtown Los Angeles, serving cannabis-infused fine dine courses that range from $100 to $500. 

The dishes have the right amount of CBD in them and do not cause intoxication. If you and your partner love cannabis, you can surprise them with a dinner date at the Herbal Chef. Don’t forget to try the cannabis-infused beef gnocchi. The restaurant also serves highly nutritious CBD-infused cold food items for cancer patients to aid their treatment processes.

  • 420 friendly Hotels

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Ever wondered what it is like to stay at a cannabis-friendly hotel? 420-friendly lodging or lodging that allows weed to be smoked or used pops up at all tourist destinations where cannabis is legal. This Forbes article shares some of the best 420-friendly hotels. Portland, Oregon, is home to the Jupiter Hotel that welcomes its guests with a nicely disguised Weed kit that contains a vape pen, grinder, and dispensary coupons. In Miami, Florida, the Standard Spa offers the best-selling CBD body lotion with which they massage the guests to get rid of their pains and aches. 

You can also find the famous Lord Jones’ Orange CBD gummies sold here. When in Jamaica, do visit the Little Bay Cabins at Negril. Though weed is illegal in Jamaica, this luxury resort welcomes you with weed. The resort gives you access to the shore where the legendary Bob Marley had a beach house and lets you relive the hippie moments.

  • Cannabis Coffeehouse

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No cannabis-related travel is complete without mentioning the legendary marijuana café culture of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tourists travel to Amsterdam to visit a few of these 250 coffeehouses that serve cannabis edibles to smoke weed on the streetside. One of the most popular coffee houses is Boerejongens, renowned for its hash cakes. 

De Tweede Kamer is one of the first coffee shops to sell cannabis by weight, allowing customers to see and smell the quality of the products before purchasing. If you are traveling on a budget, then the 420 coffee shop is ideal for you. It is an open-air shop, away from the city center and less crowded.

  • Curated Cannabis Experiences:

If you are an experimental traveler and want to learn out-of-the-box cannabis tour experiences, then do try Colorado state’s My 420 Tours. It is a unique tour company that offers various curated cannabis experiences. The company offers cannabis grow tours, cannabis candy making, hemp cooking classes, CBD infused cocktail classes, brewery tours, and the famous sushi and joint-rolling classes.


To summarize, cannabis legalization has opened avenues to adventurous modes of tourism. If you love your weed, you can pack your bags and visit some of the destinations mentioned above to get high and happy. Also, do share your experiences from other attractive cannabis-friendly destinations that made travel fun for you.

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