Budget Resorts Maldives

How to find the Best Hotel Deals??

Where to Stay? How much is it? Booking somewhere to stay for your Vacation can be very challenging, whether its location, luxury (couples retreat) or just the Best Deal…finding your dream hotel/resort can be tough. 

Our Town & Tourist community has reviewed many luxury hotels/resorts:

We have a few favourite providers, which offer the best deals for booking hotels/resort, these include: Hotel Look, Hotels.com, Hostel World, Airbnb Our Favourite is Hotel Look. Hands down. 
Maldives Budget Itinerary one week
A night in Finhalhohi-Island-Resort should be on your bucket list.

Hotels.com - Whats Unique?

The Unique thing about Hotels.com is they operate on a different business model to booking. They tend to reserve the best hotels/resorts in advance, thus you may have options on here which you won’t find on Booking. 

Bandos Resort in the Maldives on Hotels.com

Bandos Resort was actually listed in our 10 Best Budget Resorts in the Maldives. On Hotels.com, we found a deal for just $40/night!!!

Hotel Look - Hotel Comparison Engine

Hotel Look offers a vast selection of hotels & apartments all over the world! The Unique thing about Hotel Look is it compares hotel prices & deals from over 70 hotel providers. This is my one stop shop for hotel/apartments.

Why we like Hotel Look?

Compares hotel prices & deals from over 70 major providers. 

No hidden fees– Lots of booking websites have hidden fees which make the price increase when you about to pay. 

Map Feature – There map feature allows you to search using the map to find the best hotel deals closest to the centre of town, landmark or festival/event. 

Want $40 FREE on Airbnb??

We are nice here at Town & Tourist.com! If you don’t have an existing Airbnb account or decide to create a new one you can get $40 FREE CREDIT, just for signing up, no catches, no tricks…completely FREE!

Why we like Airbnb?

Airbnb allow anyone to rent our there home or unique space to guests. This means you can find great deals on full houses, cottages & apartments. In addition to Unique accommodation like Treehouses, Igloos & Eco Cabins.

The best part is you can also MAKE MONEY YOURSELF by renting out a room in your house. People have made thousands doing this, which has funded there travels!

To sign up as a Airbnb Host, use this link and you will also get the $40 free credit! 

Note: Airbnb covers all Deposits etc, so you don’t have to worry about damage of your place. 

You can actually rent cool tree houses like this one on Airbnb!
Everyone secretly would love to stay a night in a magical tree house!

Note: Just so your in the loop, All the Opinions on hotel providers are OUR OWN and we don’t refer any hotel/provider which we haven’t reviewed! So have fun booking!  This post contain some affiliate links of which we gain a very small commission, if you book through the links. This small commission is put towards the server costs of running the website & keeping it FREE for you guys!