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Magical Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka

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Town and Tourist, Updated August 31, 2023

Is Sri Lanka good for a Honeymoon?|

So your planning your honeymoon and thinking where would be the most magical & romantic destination to go. Well, if you would like a life changing, cultural and truly beautiful experience then Sir Lanka should not be overlooked!

Sri Lanka-Honeymoon
Sri Lanka-Honeymoon (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

The terrain is vast and varied with a spectrum of romantic spots from Lakes & rivers to scenic beaches perfect for those romantic strolls and of course epic mountains great for a couples adventure to truly bring each other closer together.


  1. Is Sri Lanka Cheap for a Honeymoon?
  2. Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka
  3. Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka
  4. Budget Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka
  5. Best Off the Grid Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka
  6. Town & Tourist Favourite Honeymoon Resorts/Yoga Retreats
  7. Best Time to visit Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka Cheap for a Honeymoon?

Sri Lanka, is such a varied country which means it can be cheap, if you would like a budget honeymoon or more expensive if you would like all out luxury & pampering. It is entirely up to you, but whatever type of trip you would like, you will definitely get more bang for your buck then almost anywhere else in the world!

Sigiriya, Dambulla Mountain, Sri Lanka.
Sigiriya, Dambulla Mountain, Sri Lanka. (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

As a “Up & coming” destination, Sri Lanka is not yet overrun with to many tourists like it is in places such as Thailand. Thus the prices are still very reasonable. Further down the article I list the best Budget Honeymoon resorts in Sri Lanka. So be sure to check that section out if your interested in Budgeting.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka: 

1. Bentota

Bentota has myriad of palm fringed beaches and tropical lagoons, perfect for an intimate escape in complete privacy & utter beauty.

Honeymooner Tip:

Indulge in a plethora of adventurous activities with your partner, from snorkelling to sailing and especially Deep sea diving. Holding hands while diving underwater and looking a tropical fish is a real cute way to deepen your connection.


Best time to Visit: November to April

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2. Anuradhapura

If your looking for a mysterious place to take a spiritual journey of authentic culture and history, then look no further then Anuradhapura. An ancient city filled with monasteries, palaces and of course the Ancient Bodhi Tree.

Honeymooner Tip:

Be sure to check out the ancient Maha Bodhi Tree, legend says that this is the worlds oldest tree! A great way to symbolise your everlasting unity & Love.

You should also check out  Ruwanwelisaya, one of the tallest monuments on earth and check out the ancient rock carvings at Isurumuniya Vihara.


Best Time to visit: All the year round!

3. Sigiriya 

Sigiriya is a place stepped in beauty, intertwined with history and blessed with glorious weather.

Head down to the Minneriya National Park for a bucket list safari, here you will have the chance to catch glimpses of elephants, bears and even lions. There are many popular 5 star luxury resorts close by offering stunning jungle views and true serenity.

For more culture, head to Dambulla and the infamous Cave temple. Adventuorerous couples should hike up Pidurangala Rock. 

Honeymooner Tip:

Take a romantic hot air balloon ride of the Sigiriya Rock and national park, wilderness.

4. Mirissa

Definitely one of the most astounding & truly romantic destinations in the whole of Sri Lanka. A tropical paradise, with secluded beaches offering one of the most memorable sunsets in the world.

Honeymooners Tip: 

A popular activity hear is the whale & dolphin spotting, so head down to the beach & surprise your partner with the cute dolphins and magnificent whales.


For a different type of adventure head to the Yala National park, nearby and pitch a tent under the glorious stars.

Best time to visit: November to April

5. Tangalle

Close to the Yala wilderness is Tangalle. A unique destination offering a plethora of landscapes. The west side has some fantastic luxury hotels while the east has fine grained beaches and glittery lagoons.


Honeymooner Tip: 

Head to the beaches of (Rekawa and Kahandamodara )at night, to catch a glimpse of the giant turtles, coming to shore to nest. This is also an ideal location to check out the nearby national parks.

Best Time to visit: November to April

6. Nuwara Eliya 

Another unique honeymoon destination, is Nuwara Eliya. A place surrounded by lush greeny, tea fields, cascading waters and serene mountains. The perfect place for romantic hikes and bird watching.

Honeymooner Tip:

Try strawberry picking here, for a real cute day out.

7. Kandy

Kandy, is a real sweet place, steeped in culture & tradition. It is home to a temple, houses a tooth fossil of the Buddha and festivals during July & August. Also, be sure to check out the indigenous Kandyan Dancing at the Kandyan Cultural centre.


Honeymooner Tip:

Head to the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala to get intimate with some of mother natures most beautiful creates.

Best Time to visit: December to April

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8. Trincomalee 

Trincomalee has more private & secluded beaches then almost any other part of Sri Lanka. When I went with my husband we took a stroll down Uppuveli beach it was a memorable experience, I will never forget.

Other great beaches include Nilaveli is your after true peace & serenity. There is also many 5 star luxury resorts nearby where you can enjoy candlelit coastal dinners, with champagne. Massages for two and picturesque boat rides.

trincomalee sri-lanka. Source www.amaranthebay.com (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

Fun Fact:

This is one of the rare places where you will see deer walking the streets, and no one blinks, completely normal!

Honeymooner Tip:

Visit the natural hot springs at Kanniya, for a relaxing day.

Also, check out to pigeon Island. A pigeon breeding area with a fine sandy beach, and popular with shark sightings!

Best time to visit:

 May – October

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka:

1. Heritance Tea Factory – Nuwara Elyia

Probably one of the most unique honeymoon resorts you could book in the world. Heritance Tea factory, is a converted Tea factory surrounded by theatrical mountains offering a breath taking panoramic view. The rooms have colonial style decor with meals included in the booked. There is also a gym, and even mini golf!


Honeymooner Tip:

Take a romantic tour of the tea fields, where you will be able to pick your own tea leaves and process them to create your own tasty tea to take home with you. Prices start at $290/Night.

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

2. 98 Acres Resort & Spa – Ella

98 Acres is a another “Tea-rrific!” Luxury resort located on 98 acres of tea fields.     With nature all around but with 5 star treatment this is a fantastic resort in Sri Lanka.  The cuisine is delicious and the spa is the perfect place to relax in after.


Honeymooner Tip:

Book a room with a private pool for a true romantic experience.

Prices start at $200 per night  

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

3. Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa – Mirissa

Sri Sharavi Located in the ever so romantic Mirissa you will find a romantic dream come to life. Enjoy champagne on the beach and views of the indian ocean from your modern suite.

Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa - Mirissa
SriTourNx | Wikimedia Commons

Highlights include:

  • Large outdoor swimming pool
  • Luxury Spa
  • Romantic Beachfront dining
  • High end Restaurant
  • Beach Cocktail bar

Prices begin at $120 and rise to $300 depending upon the room

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

4. Thaproban Beach House  – Unawatuna

A 4 star lodging with ocean views and scenic beaches all around. If you want Epic Sunrises, romantic sunsets, exquisite foods and the finest wines, then this is definitely the place for you. On site swimming pool, beach front dining, bike rental and massages are also extra perks available.

Thaproban Beach House  - Unawatuna
Thaproban Beach House  – Unawatuna (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

Prices Start from a reasonable just $130 per night 

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

5. Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa 

The Marriott is a brand you can trust, so no matter if your in New York City or Sri Lanka. Expect the same high quality of service & professionalism. With beachfront access, on site spa, fitness suite, restaurant and 2 large swimming pools.

weligama bay marriott resort & spa-Honeymoon

They you have everything you need right here, and the peace of mind of booking with a trusted brand.

Prices start at $190/night

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

‍6. The Elephant Corridor Hotel – Sigiriya

Elephant Corridor hotel is the stuff legends are made of, it’s one of those places that people really do search for. A true 5 star romantic hotel, which makes you feel like royalty, with all inclusive options available. Offering panoramic views of the marshlands, on site spa, outdoor pools and here is the best part.


Private pool in YOUR ROOM!

Despite it’s brilliance, the price is VERY REASONABLE! At just Prices start at $100 per night and rise to $400/night depending on your level of accommodation.

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

7. Anantara Peace Haven Resort – Tangalle

Located in the Wonderful Tangalle, is a stunning honeymoon resort which bubbles with opoulence, luxury and class from every orifice. With Private pools, beach front dining, complimentary foot massages and tasty cuisine included in the all inclusive package.

Anantara Peace Haven Resort - Tangalle

Prices start at $180 and rise to $750 level of suite and inclusive options.

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

8. Chena Huts By Uga Escapes – Tissamarama 

This is an all inclusive Honeymoon Resort unreal in every possible way! Check into your opulent beach cabin equip with private pool and surrounded by the wild jungle of Yala. Onsite there is a spa, outdoor pool, on beach dining and of course all inclusive perks! Which includes Champagne & spa uses.


Honeymooner Tip:

Close to Yala National Park, a Free Safari is included in the price so I would definitely suggest taking full advantage of it.

It is quite an expensive one, but then again it’s all inclusive and it is your honeymoon! So go for it, you really do deserve a once in a life time experience. Prices begin at £600 (all inclusive) per night

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

Budget Honeymoon Resorts In Sri Lanka 

If those luxury resorts above, mad your heart pound with payment worries, then these budget luxury resorts should cure your woes. This list includes budget hotels & resorts which are still Honeymoon standard! It is your special time after all.

1. Margosa Bay – Trincomalee

Margosa Bay is a true gem, offering 5 Star Quality at a real budget price tag! There is no need to compromise with this luxury Hotel. Offering beach front dining, Beach front rooms, a large swimming pool, restaurant and even a spa service.

Margosa-Bay-Sri-Lanka (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

You will feel blessed at this real hidden gem. For adventurous couples, head down to the beach for some fun Watersport activities. Prices start at just $80/night!

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

2. Laya Safari Resort – Yala

Looking for an stunning resort nestled in the wilderness & beauty of Yala, then this could be your ideal match. The 4 star resort includes sea views, shimmering swimming pool, spa, games room and of course means your nearby to Yala National Park and Safari Expeditions. Prices start at just $90/night!

Laya-Safari-Resort-Sri-Lanka (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

3. Trinco Blu By Cinnamon – Trincomalee

This is probably the most bang for your buck, hotel resort in Sri Lanka! The 4 star resort includes, beach front dining/swimming pool, stunning rooms, bar and 3 on site restaurants for you foodie couples. For Honeymooners I suggest opting for the Bungalow style accommodation.

Trinco-Blue-Cinnamon-Trincomalee-Sri-Lanka (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

Here is the best part, prices start at just $30/night.

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

4.‍ Amaranthe Bay Resort & Spa – Trincomalee

Another hidden gem in Trincomalee, is this Luxurious 5 Star Resort! Offering true elegance, at really affordable prices. Featuring a large outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, spa, sunset dining and all inclusive options.

Amaranthe-Resort-Trincomalle-Sri-Lanka-Honeymoon (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

Honeymooner Tip:

Book the Junior Suite, which includes an in room Hot tub!

Prices start at just $30/night

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

Best Off the grid Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka

For an off the grid experience, check out this list of fantastic destinations below.


For an intimate and off the grid escape, head to the quaint Sri Lankan village of Ella. Surrounded by mountains the the train journey up is stunning. A picturesque are surrounded by Jungles and tea plantations which Sri Lanka is famous for.

Honeymooner Tip:

Take a romantic train ride across the famous 9 arches bridge. A real instagrammable location. Also, head through Ella Gap and towards EllaRock for some stunning views. Stroll, hand in hand through the natural tea fields at little Adams peak.

Best Time to visit: All the year round, April being the best time

Yala National Park – Land of the Leopard!

Yala National Park, is a scenic wilderness with with one of the highest populations of Leopards in the world! The perfect place for the adventurous couple who is looking for a wild safari and a ravishing romance. A real of the beaten track location, perfect place to develop a deeper connection and celebrate true unity as a couple.

Best time to visit: February – July


Habarana is another fantastic Safari destination (Minneriya National Park), but also with a intimacy and magic making it great for a couples retreat. Here you can kayak over Habarana Lake or explore the local village in a bullock cart.


Honeymooner Tip:

Take a magical hot air balloon ride over the Minneriya National Park.

Best time to visit: May – October

Sinharaja Rain Forest

A real of the grid, and adventurous destination is Sinharaja Rain Forest. A world heritage site, with a plethora of diverse wildlife. If your a nature loving couple, this is definitely the place for you two.

Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri-Lanka is a magical place. (Best Honeymoon Resorts in Sri Lanka/Best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, couples retreats)

Honeymooners Tip:

You two love birds, should feast your eyes on a spectrum of other exotic birds gliding through the jungle canopies. From aquatic birds to Migratory Species.

Best time to visit: January – early April & August-September.

Central Highlands

The Central highlands of Sri Lanka is a UNESCO world heritage site, which offers lush greenery, mountainous terrain and scenes from a prehistoric time. On the Central Highland Plateau is Horton Plains & the appropriately named worlds end.


Two places where you can look down almost 900m to the valleys below. With multiple streams, and a array of wildflowers. This is a romantic yet, exhilarating experience. Perfect for hiking couple!

Best time to visit: March – May

Town & Tourist Favourite Honeymoon Resorts:

Cassandra Culture Resort & Spa – Sigiya.

This is one of our favourites offering, ultimate luxury, friendly staff and great value. The Honeymoon suite features a Jacuzzi bath and and the food was superb.

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

Kalundewa Retreat – Yoga Retreat/Wellness.

For a unique honeymoon experience, what could be more romantic than intimate Yoga, Wellness, Detox all in an idyllic location. The Kalundewa Retreat  is nestled in the centre of 100 acres of lush greenery is Dambulla Hotel.

A true off the grid nature paradise surrounded by enchanting mountains and pure tranquility. With four pristine lakes and more fresh wilderness then you could ever need this is a great place for couples to practice yoga & mindfulness together.

Armond Gorez | Wikimedia Commons

Ulpatha Natural Spring Pool:

The onsite natural spring pools turquoise waters shimmer invitingly. Making it the perfect pool to plunge right in. The retreat even offers a dining & BBQ experience or other tailored celebrations by the serene poolside. 

Honeymoon Packages: 

The retreat runs a series of silver, gold and platinum dream honeymoon packages, which are highly regarded.

Insider Tip:

The resort offers a guided tour of the agricultural community, rustic village, the local temple and even a school. This helps to give you context to everything which you are seeing and also assists with meeting the locals. 

To check availability & prices follow the link HERE

Best Time of Year to Visit Sri Lanka for a Honeymoon:

The West coast is amazing between November and April and the East coast is great from May to October.

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