Complete guide on silk bedding and its use

Complete guide on silk bedding and its use
Written by Nancy Fernandez

Is it the first time you are buying silk bedding, or you already love them, but you are not able to decide which silk bedding is good for you? No matter what questions you have in your mind, this guide covered all the possible questions for you.

Why do I need silk bedding over other bedding fabrics? 

No doubt silk sheets are superior from ancient times, making people gain interest in this fabric. If you are thinking about why silk is considered luxurious and better than another type of fabric, then here is the answer-

  1. Silk is natural and smooth, therefore feels excellent on your skin.
  2. Silk is resistant to fungus, dust, mold, and another allergen.
  3. Silk is highly durable and long-lasting.
  4. Silk bedding can be used in all climates from summer to winter nights and gives you the most comfortable sleep.
  5. Silk offers skin and hair benefits.

Types of silk and their quality- 

Charmeuse silk– it is the common type of silk and used in beddings as wells clothes. This type of silk is known for its natural elasticity and lightweight. These features make it an ideal fabric for bed sheets and pillowcases. The front of Charmeuse has a satin sheen while the back is dull. This type of silk is cultivated silk means silkworms produce this silk.

Mulberry silk bedding– this type of silk bedding is considered high quality. Mulberry silk is nothing but Charmeuse silk- cultivated from a special silkworm fed with a very strict diet. Bombyx Mori produces mulberry silk, and it eats mulberry tree leaves. Due to struck diet and high-quality breeding of this silkworm, it can produce the finest silk.

Tussah silk– it is silk produced by wild silkworms, and it has not been bred. This silk does not follow a strict diet and is not cultivated like other silkworms; therefore, its silk is not that soft or durable as other silks.

Habotai silk– this is excellent silk used for bedding. Habotai is affordable but not as durable as Charmeuse. This silk is washed with sand to get a softer feel like Charmeuse. The washing process is not good because it destroys the fiber and makes it less durable.

Silk bedding- summer vs winter

You may not believe, however, silk goes well with all the seasons. You need not change the bedding or pillowcase from summer to winter. But if there are freezing nights and hot nights, you can choose different silk duvets for summer and winter. A silk blanket is best for winter seasons as it gives you extra warmth.

Silk is flexible and doesn’t bunch up. Therefore, your body receives even heat, and it regulated body temperature. If you have faced issues like waking up mid-night due to excessive sweating, then it’s because synthetic fiber traps down the air. Your sweat is trapped in the bedding and is not able to evaporate, due to which you feel wet and finds it hard to sleep.

But silk but is not problematic, it is breathable and allows air to pass through, which means your bedding won’t get wet, and you won’t feel discomfort in sleeping in silk bedding even in the hottest weather.

We hope that all your questions regarding the use of silk bedding are clear, and now you will be able to choose pure silk bedding for your bed. Not only your bed will look luxurious, but you will have the most beautiful sleep and will be able to have a good lifestyle when you include silk bedding in your life.

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