5 Most Impressive Sports Arenas in the USA? Nostalgia!

arrowhead Stadium Kansas
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Big trucks, big burgers, and big stadiums. The USA knows how to do it big in almost every way. One of the undeniable areas that the USA stand out is their incredible sports arenas

So, what are the 5 most impressive sports arenas in the USA? Let’s take a look.

5. Madison Square Garden, New York

This New York stadium is home to the Knicks, the Rangers and New York Liberty. What makes Madison Square Garden so popular, and why is it know at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’? Madison Square Garden has a huge capacity, with 19,812 for basketball, and 18,006 for Hockey. It’s synonymous with New York sports, and people from all over the world come to visit.

This stadium is built into the culture of New York. Although Madison Square Garden has been around since 1968, there were actually three Madison Square Garden’s open to entice people to enjoy concerts, sports and other entertainment. All of this culminating in the title for ‘The World’s Most Famous Stadium’.

Why should you visit? The MSG All Access Tour to see where sporting titans, rock stars and cultural icons have been. The 75-minute guided tour takes you through the backstage areas, and you can explore the stadium’s 150-year history.


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4. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City

The Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs and has a vast 76,416 capacity. The stadium is one of the most popular NFL locations.

On August 12th 1972, the Arrowhead Stadium hosted its first game with the Kansas City Chiefs playing against the St. Louis Cardinals. Unlike many other stadiums, it was built for a single purpose, and that purpose was to host incredible games.

Although the stadium has had numerous changes, like the addition of the JumboTron in 1991, and the replacement of 79,000 seats, the stadium’s feel remains the same. In 2010 the refurbished stadium was unveiled and included restaurants, a large team store, and concession areas.  The south side of the stadium now includes press boxes, premium seating and luxury suites – perfect for those sports lovers who want to enjoy the game in prestige.

Why should you visit? The Arrowhead Stadium is known for being loud and proud and having the best tailgating experience you can find in the NFL. They also run a 90 minute guided tour of the press box, Hall of Honor, locker room, and field.

arrowhead Stadium Kansas

arrowhead Stadium Kansas

3. Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

 The Michigan Stadium holds the title for the largest football stadium in the Western Hemisphere and has a capacity of 107,601. This stadium is lovingly known as ‘The Big House’ by alumni, sports fans, students and more.

Opening in 1972, it has remained one of the largest stadiums in college football and is home to the Michigan Wolverines. The first game that was played in the stadium was a game between Michigan Wolverines and Ohio Wesleyan, on October 1st 1972. While initially there was a capacity of 84,401 over the years it has been expanded to meet the growing needs of dedicated fans.

Adding electronic scoreboards in 1930, and a press box in 1956, and increasing seating from 72,000 to 107,601 over the years. The largest game ever held 115,109 fans on the 7th September 2013. Seats were later removed to make room for hand-rails and a 47 feet tall by 85 feet wide HD screen.

Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium

Why should you visit? There isn’t another stadium of this size, making it unique. You can tour The Big House, and get guided access to the restricted areas like the team locker room, media areas and the premium seating. Unlike the two previous locations, sports betting in person and with online vendors such as 888Sport, is also legal here. This means you can legally place a bet The Wolverines, all whilst enjoying the game. You can also check out the Yost Ice Arena and the Crisler Arena.

2. U.S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

The U.S Bank Stadium looks like a modern piece of architectural art. You’d be forgiven for thinking it is just home to contemporary art, and priceless sculptures from the outside (yes, there really is art in there though!). Yet, it is home to the Minnesota Vikings and has a capacity of 66,655.

It took approximately 3.8 million working hours to build the stadium, and cost $975 million.

The first match to grace the pitch was not the Vikings. It was on the 3rd of August, 2016 and featured A.C Milan and Chelsea. And the first music event was a sold-out show by Metallica just 17 days later.

U.S Bank Stadium became the first NFL stadium to host ESPN’s Summer X Games in July 2017.

U.S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

U.S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Why should you visit? You can get a private or public tour of the stadium, it takes 90 minutes, and you can indulge in everything that makes the stadium beautiful: The Stadium Art Collection, interview rooms, Vikings Locker Room and more.

1. Fenway Park, Boston

Home to the most infamous baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park is a classic stadium and has been around for over 105 years. It has a capacity of 37,731 but don’t let that fool you. It’s a vibrant and immersive stadium.

Fenway Park is the oldest stadium in the MLB and has played host to some of the most famous baseball games of all time. On April 9th, 1912, the first game played was the Red Sox played Harvard College, but this was an exhibition match. Eleven days later the Red Sox played, and beat the New York Yankees (who were known as the Highlanders at the time).

Why should you visit? For the love of baseball and it’s rich American history. Guided tours last 50 minutes are daily, and you can take in the view from the Green Monster, which is 37 feet and 2 inches above the deep leftfield.



If you are planning your next big adventure, and are a lover of sports, these five incredible sports areas should be on the top of your list. There is something exciting about walking the same path great sporting titans walk, eating a hotdog in the car park, and hearing the crowd roar at a touchdown.

So if you do one thing in the next few years, make it a priority to check these out!

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