Top 20 Drone expos in the U.S.A: 2020

Drone Farming Agriculture
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Drone Expos have taken the United States of America by storm. The popularity of drones has increased massively in the past few years. From hobbyist aerial pilots, Photographers and Drone racing to delivering pizza, vacuuming up ocean waste and of course military uses! 

These drones or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) use a combination of computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, sensors to operate via pilots or completely autonomously via a computer program!  

Drone Farming Agriculture

Drone Farming Agriculture Applications: The FUTURE is NOW! 

According to Pwc forecasts, the emerging global market for business services using drones is valued at over $127B. In the future there are many plans to use Drones in all sorts of areas where it may be dangerous for a human such as Humanitarian disaster relief to out in Space such as the latest NASA robocraft helicopter which will be used in the Mars 2020 mission. 


Drones are used as part of the Chinese Military.

The list goes on for the possibilities of Drones & as the technology improves and investment increases this will only continue to rise!

So whether you want to be at the cutting edge of technology or just want to learn about the latest racing drones to experiment with at home heading to a Drone Expo, event or conference makes complete sense! 

At one of these drone events you will be one of the first to feast your eyes on the latest technology, have fun with prototype models & gain some great drone inspiration along the way! 

So below check out our top 20 Drone Expos in the U.S.A, there is bound to be one in a State near you! 

Top 20 Drone Expos in the U.S.A:


20. CES 2020 –   Las Vegas

The Consumer Electric Show (CES) is arguably the biggest technology fair in the industry. It’s a place where the latest concepts & technology are showcased and you will be one of the first people to catch a glimpse & maybe even try out a prototype.
At CES there is a designated section purely for the showcasing of Drone technology, definitely a first to enjoy! 


When is the Drone Expo?

JANUARY – This Drone expo is on the 7-10 January annually. 

Underwater Drone Technology CES 2019 Las Vegas

Visitors watching one of the first ever Underwater Drones in action at CES 2019 Las Vegas. Source: ces.tech

19. U. S. Sport Aviation Expo – Florida

The U. S. Sport Aviation Expo located in Sebring, Florida has showcased the latest consumer aviation tech over the past 15 years. There moto is “Try, Fly & Buy everything aviation”. 

They continue to develop new programs for manned, optionally Manned and unmanned drone systems. 

US Sport Aviation Expo 2020

US Sport Aviation Expo 2020. Source: yoursun.com

When is the Drone Expo?

JANUARY – This Drone expo is on the 23-26 January annually. 

18. Waterbury Winterfest – Vermont 

Head down to Waterbury, Vermont for some exciting indoor micro class races! This provides fun for the whole family during the ten day event which lasts from late January to early February. 

The race usually takes place inside the Gym of the Thatcher Brook Primary School. Prizes are awarded, afterwards everything meets up at a local restaurant for food & drinks which is a great way to meet other drone enthusiasts. 

Drone Expos/racing U.S.A - Vermont

Drone Expos U.S.A

How much is entry to the Drone Race? 

The drone race is FREE entry, however donations are encouraged which go to the Friends for Waterbury Area Recreation Development. $5 is suggested. 

When is the Drone Expo?

JANUARY – This Drone expo is on the 26th January to 5th February annually. 

17. International LiDAR Mapping Forum – Colorado

Lidar is a surveying method which measures distance to a target by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor. It works on a similar principle of Radar and drones use this technology for obstacle/collision detection. 

Aerial Drone LIDAR Survey Expo

Aerial Drone LIDAR Survey Expo Source: norlab.ulaval.ca

LiDAR is used by drones and other autonomous guidance systems to map & survey vast areas. If your interested in the science behind this, head down to Denver, Colorado in January to see the latest technology. 

When is the Drone Expo?

JANUARY – This Drone expo is on the 28th-30th January annually. 


16. MultiGP: Drone Racing Championship – Las Vegas

MultiGP is a global, professional, drone racing league with over 1000 chapters internationally including locations such as Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe.

multigp-drone-racing-Las Vegas-event

multigp-drone-racing-Las Vegas-event. Source: Multigp

It is the largest drone racing league in the world, with over 27,000 pilots! The Drone Racing Championship is a great experience to watch some of the best pilots take to the skys as they negotiate there drones through a variety of obstacles at high speed!

You can even join as a pilot…if you have the minerals. There is over $12,000 on offer in the prize purse. 

When is the Drone Race?

February – This Drone Race is on the 7th-10th February annually. 

15. AMA Expo East – New Jersey

Sponsored by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, this event was originally just for model aircraft but the popular of drones have caused them to really take centre stage. This is run by the same organisation which runs the Drone event at Pomona, California in November. 

AMA Expo East - New Jersey

AMA Expo East – New Jersey. Source: amaexpoeast.com

It is designed for hobbyist enthusiasts & small businesses who develop or use drones. 

When is the Drone Expo?

February – This Drone expo is on the February 22-24 annually. 


14. New York City Drone Film Festival – New York

Drone & Film Festival is not two words you often see together! But believe me Drone Cinematography is the a massively growing area! The New York City Drone Film festival is exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography. 


Filmmakers are given a platform to showcase their drone created video and movies. The event is internationally renowned & attracts drone filmmakers & fans from all over. 

When is the Drone Expo?

March – This Drone expo is on March 1-2 annually.  The 5th annual event took place on March 1-2 2019. Dates of the latest event tba. 

 13. Counter UAS USA – Washington D.C

Held in Washington D.C, expect this Drone conference to be a serious display of the governments stance on drones & potential airborne threats.  This is an interesting event to attend if you wish to learn more about the government policy on drones & the laws governing them. 

Drone Counter Systems Expo

Advanced Drone Counter Systems are been developed by the military. Source: www.dsjournal.com

For example, in 2018 a new law was passed called the “Preventing Emerging Threats Act”. This gave the department of homeland security the ability to capture drones, disable them & interrupt drone flight WITHOUT needing a warrant! 

It’s expected government policy to only get stricter in the future…

When is the Drone Expo?

March – This Drone expo is on March 12-13 annually. 


 12. New Orleans Model Aviation Club: MultiGP- Louisiana

Head down to Westwego, Louisiana for a Dusk till Dawn marathon Race! The team which completes the most laps wins!

This is a really fun Multi Gp event, only a maximum of 8 teams can compete which is decided by the first 8 to send in the registration fee of $275 per team. Each team consists of 8 pilots plus a captain & spotter. 

MultiGP-Marothon Race-Louisiana

MultiGP-Marothon Race-Louisiana

When is the Drone Expo?

April – The Drone Expo is on April 6th. 

11. NAB Show – Aerial Robotics & Drone Pavilion

Las Vegas is the home of the latest drone technology in a variety of niches. The National Association of Broadcasters show, demonstrates the professional use of drones to capture movie footage, live events, breaking news and other TV programs. 

If your interested in the Drones application for Film & TV this is the place for you. 

NAB Show - Aerial Robotics & Drone Pavilion

NAB Show – Aerial Robotics & Drone Pavilion

When is the Drone Expo?

April – The Drone Expo is on April 6-11

10. Drone Focus Conference – North Dakota

Located in Fargo, North Dakota, the Drone Focus Conference features speakers, interactive workshops and networking lunches for everyone interested in drone technology. There is also drone racing and Industry vendors offering the latest demos. 

Drone Focus Convention North Dakota

Drone Focus Convention North Dakota. Source: https://dronefocuscon.com/

When is the Drone Expo?

April – The Drone Expo is on April 29-30


9. Auvsi xponential – Chicago 

AUVSI Xponential in Chicago is one of the largest & most comprehensive events for unmanned and autonomous machines. This is a professional event which attracts over 8,500 technologists, regulators & drone users across various commercial & defence sectors. 

Auvsi xponential - Chicago -Drone-flying-car

Auvsi xponential – Chicago -Drone-flying-car/Air Taxi. Could this be the future of travel?

Here the drone community can share ideas, network, collaborate and analyse emerging trends in the industry. Popular drones revealed in 2019 were the Elios 2 drone, an advanced shock proof drone inside a cage used for inspections.  In addition to the Atlas Nest, a Designed for 24/7, fully autonomous, behind visional line of sights (BVLOS) operation in security and first response sensitive areas. 

Insider Tip:
Be sure to take part in International Drone Day on 4th May annually a worldwide event which saw over 60,000 people celebrate last year! 

When is the Drone Expo?

April/May – This Drone expo is on April 29th-May 4th annually. 


8. FAA UAS Symposium  – Baltimore 

The FFA Symposium is used to create a dialogue between drone stakeholders to discuss and develop the future of drone technology & the legislation which surrounds it! Previous conferences have seen the FAA announce new FAA rules & programs which impact the drone industry. 

When is the Drone Expo?

June – The 2019 Drone expo was on June 3rd-June 5th: Check back for the 2020 date. 

7. MultiGP International Open – Indiana

Another fantastic Multi Gp event to pencil in your calendar, is the Multi GP International Open in Muncie, Indiana. This annual championship race, is the platform for the largest battle of First Person Drones (FPV) in the world. 

The FPV drone, has a camera installed on the front which transmits a live video feed directly to the pilot who is wearing goggles. This gives an exciting view of the race & requires great skill from the pilots. 

MultiGP International Open - Indiana

MultiGP International Open – Indiana

When is the Drone Expo?

June – The Drone expo was on June 26-30: Check back for the 2020 date. 

6. Drone Expo International – Atlantic City 

Widely regarded as one largest & highly rated drone events in Eastern U.S.A. The Atlantic City Drone Expo  has mass appeal from veteran drone enthusiasts to curious hobbyists and professionals in the industry. 

Over 20,000 drone enthusiasts and over 400 exhibitors attend each year. There is also educational talks from keynote speakers, seminars & panel discussions.   

Drone Expo International - Atlantic City 

Drone Expo International – Atlantic City

When is the Drone Expo?

June – The Drone expo is on June 27-30. check website for more details.


5. UAS Summit & Expo – North Dakota 

The UAS Summit & Expo, in Grand Forks, North Dakota is a professional summit for those which need to be in the know about drone technology & the industry. 

When is the Drone Expo?

August – The Drone expo is on August 20-22. check website for more details. 


4. Interdrone – Las Vegas

Interdrone is the MOST POPULAR drone event held in North America! Thousands of drone enthusiasts, intellects & industries gather for this epic event. With 120 sessions, panels and keynote speeches and over 135+ commercial vendors. Interdrone offers a immersive drone experience over three action packed days. 

Interdrone event 2020

Interdrone event 2020

Industries include: 

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Construction & Mining
  • Inspection
  • Business
  • Development & hardware
  • Cinema & Photo
  • Public Safety 
  • Surveying & Mapping. 

The event is held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

When is the Drone Expo?

September – The Drone expo is on September 3rd-6th 2020. 



3. Commercial UAV EXPO – Las Vegas

Another very large & poplar Drone Expo in Las Vegas, UAV Expo is aimed at providing info on the latest technology developments in the drone field. 

Commercial UAV EXPO - Las Vegas

Commercial UAV EXPO – Las Vegas

Over 2,500 professionals attend, who wish to keep up to date on the latest commercial drone trends & technology.  The exhibit consists of 168 exhibitors from 22 countries in 230 booths. There is also a conference with over 60 industry experts discussing the latest technology trends. 

When is the Drone Expo?

October – The Drone expo is on October 28th-30th 2020. 


2. AMA Expo West – Ponoma 

Sponsored by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, this is the sister event to the New Jersey AMA expo East. A expo originally for model aircraft enthusiasts, they have a large section of the event dedicated to drones & their increasing popularity.   

When is the Drone Expo?

November – The Drone expo is on November 1-3 2020. 

1. National Drone Show – Washington D.C

The National Drone show is a hands on drone event which has a focus on drone technology & building drones from the ground up.

When is the Drone Expo?

November  – The Drone expo is on November 26th 2020. 

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