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San Juan is one of the favorite provinces people like to visit. Its mountains, its landscapes, and its people make it a unique place to vacation. Beautiful natural landscapes, modern architecture, forests, mountains, and many more things await you in the province of San Juan. If you are looking for an excursion, San Juan is the perfect destination for you. Just plan your trip and make air canada booking online and save at least 40% off on every fly. Book now, plan your checklist from the below places to visit in San Juan, and start enjoying!

Barrel Valley

Facing the Sierra de Los Andes, right in the middle of the San Juan desert, you will find this incredible valley with magical characteristics. The town of Barreal has majestic poplars and babbling waters in the irrigated surroundings. The entire Barreal Valley will make you completely forget the outside world. You will not want to leave this privileged place. All this space is 5930 meters high. It manifests towards the horizon under a panorama that invades the sight of all its visitors.

Black Water Pass

One of the characteristics that make San Juan unique is that you will be able to access Chile. You need to go through the pass that has been given the name Agua Negra. This allows taking the Chilean jurisdictions of Coquimbo and La Serena. In addition to this, it is one of the highest border roads in the entire Andes. So it is only open during the months of December until the first snow starts. This snowfall usually occurs in the months of April – May.

Winery in San Juan

Mendoza indeed takes the greatest credit in the international assertion of Argentine winemaking. But it is worth mentioning that the Province of San Juan is positioned as the second most extraordinary wine province in the country.

Cruce de Los Andes

It is located very close to the Andes Mountains on the border of Argentina with the Chilean country. It is a unique route where nature dominates this walk. This is because it merges with history, without a doubt, an adventure of height that you cannot stop visiting.

Wine Route in San Juan

It is a desert and ancient land of dinosaurs where you can see many of the fossils of these species. Therefore, it has a lot of history to tell. In addition, this province is considered an excellent producing area for wines. Some wines are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Torrontés, and many others.

Fertile Valley and Ischigualasto Park

During your stay in the province of San Juan you cannot miss this fantastic and special place. It is located in the northeast limit of the province just 330 kilometers from the city of San Juan. However, it is 75 kilometers from San Agustín del Valle Fértil. From here is where you must base to visit this park.

In Valle Fértil you can travel the entire valley and visit each of the parks that are there, if you have time you can do everything in a patient journey of three days, otherwise you can take a day in Valle Fértil and then visit Ischigualasto.

Activities to be a part of:

Embrace the local atmosphere at Plaza Del Mercado in Santurce

Stroll around this picturesque neighborhood market for an authentic breakfast of fried snacks and fresh juices. Moreover, the Plaza del Mercado de Santurce opens its doors shortly after sunrise in a newly renovated market hall where you’ll find local traders hawking fresh bananas, plantain, local root-based specialties, and more. At night, the bright cafe-lined plaza comes to life, as locals congregate in surrounding bars to embrace the outdoor San Juan lifestyle with mojitos, local beers, and salsa.

Embrace the local cuisine at Verde Mesa

Old San Juan’s nightlife use to offer a diverse palette to suit all sorts of tastes, and Verde Mesa use to have created a winning mixture of food, theatre, and art nouveau atmosphere that has made it one of the city’s most popular restaurants. However, start your meal with one of the herbal-infused botanical potions before waiting for the staff to explain their daily menu to you as if you were opening the first act of a room. Moreover, a creative mix of seafood, fish, and organic vegetarian delights, the superbly prepared dishes arrive adorned with flowers, but it’s worth spoiling the presentation to appreciate the food.

Drink like a native at one of the ancient bars of San Juan, El Batey

El Bateyuse to be situated opposite the grand El Convento hotel and happens to be one of the ancient bars in San Juan and is over forty years old. Bursting with dimly lit Bohemian freshness, El Batey and its countdown jukebox keep the feeling of “old” San Juan alive in Old San Juan. Grab a barstool and leisurely browse the rum list, as at El Batey it’s categorically the right thing to do.

In the Nutshell

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