Dating in Brisbane – What you Need to Know 

Written by Tammy S

Dating can be stressful, especially on the first date. But if you are lucky enough to be dating in Brisbane with its superb weather and many things to do, you already have the perfect setting. These tips will help you to prepare for a stress-free and fun-filled date. 

Deciding Where to Go on your Date 

A traditional first date usually involves dining out. This setting has several advantages. Firstly, you get to meet the new person in a public place, so if you are a bit nervous about being alone with a stranger this is a good call. Secondly, you get to make eye contact, which is great for flirting or sussing out the other person. It also allows plenty of time for conversation so that you can get to know your date and see if you are compatible. Malt Dining is a great place to take someone for a special occasion.  

Movies are a good second choice, especially if there is chemistry between you. Not having to make constant conversation can relieve your stress and perhaps you will find yourselves holding hands in the dark and looking forward to that first kiss. The Elizabeth boasts five-star cinemas. 

If you want to impress your date with your cultural or artistic side, consider a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery or the Gallery of Modern Art. While walking and maybe holding hands, you will have the artwork to discuss, so it will be easy to find something to say.  

Here are some more first date ideas in Brisbane if you live in the southeast of the city. 

How to be Confident on your First Date 

While this may sound like a cliché, it is good old-fashioned wisdom that has stood the test of time. Be yourself. Talking yourself up might impress a partner, but only as long as you don’t actually get to know them, and the truth comes out. So, if you are serious about finding a long-term relationship, remember that you are looking for a partner that will accept you for who you are. And surprisingly, you will have less stress when you are simply being true to yourself and not worrying constantly if the other person likes you. 

Prepare for your date by doing a workout or engaging in your choice of sport. This will get your muscles relaxed, easing away the strain. Then, after a refreshing shower and getting ready, leave at least thirty minutes open for listening to your favourite music. This puts you in touch with yourself and releases feel-good hormones that will last into the evening.  

Dress for the occasion and setting. Don’t wait until date night to decide what you are going to wear, and then frantically try on one outfit after another, or you will be super tense by the time you meet your date, however fantastic you look. Try your suit on before the day to make sure it still fits perfectly, and no buttons are missing. For women, the little black number never goes out of fashion (unless you are going roller skating or to the movies, in which case you are looking for smart-casual). If you are looking for something permanent and don’t want to give the wrong impression, avoid wearing anything too revealing. Likewise, less is more when it comes to make-up. 

Making Conversation 

An evening is too long to spend with someone who is mostly silent or does all the talking. Aim for two-way communication by asking questions and also volunteering information. Just avoid making it sound like an interrogation. 

If you and your date are both from Brisbane, for example, you can compare notes on places you have been, such as the best places to eat, good clubs, bookstores, and more. This will also give you plenty of information to work with when planning your second date. 

Above all, you want to find out how compatible you are and if the differences make for an interesting match or not having anything to share. If sports are important to you, touch on the subject and feel your partner out. But be careful of only discussing one or two topics. There is much more to a person than if they support your favourite team. However, if something is a deal-breaker, you want to know this at the outset before you invest too much time or put your heart on the line. 

With these tips in mind, you are sure to have a stress-free first date. 


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