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Our captivating travel blogs reveal the best travel tips & local knowledge to help:

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We focus on the most exciting Travel destinations in the U.S.A, Asia & South America. We also offer a range of Travel Budget Calculators for Europe and the rest of the world!

Our most popular section of the website is “ROAD TRIPS” in which we offer a vast number of FREE Interactive road trip maps, road trips planners and Road Trip Travel Itineraries to help you travel the USA. 

Each year we help thousands of people plan & book there travelling trips & Vacations. Indirectly through our FREE travel resources and directly through our tailored travel tours. 

Our Growth:

Over the past year, we have had over 256,000 unique visitors and this is expected to grow to over 1,000,000 people within the next year.

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Town & Tourist has over 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest and followings on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. We also have great relationships with travel Influencers on various platforms.

Our Recognition:

We have been recognised by Various Publications including VogueNew York TimesForbes, as being one the most engaging, up & coming travel guides in the world!

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Travel Town & Tourist Blog

Travel Town & Tourist Blog

Who creates our Travel Blogs?

Town & Tourists, travel Guides are created by the Town & Tourist Community, a collection of likeminded, intelligent travel junkies, who are committed to providing the very best on the ground information!

The Town & Tourist community consists of Travel writers, Influencers, Photographers, Videographers located all over the world. From the U.S.A to Asia and South America. About us. Town&Tourist Community travel 2

The Town & Tourist Community is a collection talented of Travel bloggers from all over the world!

Want to Join our travel community?

If you would like to find out more about our Town & Tourist Community & how you can become apart of it! Contact us: On mail[at] or use the contact form below. 

P.s. We have previously sent our travel writers all expenses paid all over the world from Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka to the Maldives.  That could be YOU!

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Town&Tourist Travel website

Being a Travel Blogger Contributor is an incredible adventure.

Interested in becoming a writer with Town & Tourist?

Travel blogging can give you the freedom to travel the world!

For some people it’s a hobby, for others a Love, a passion, for some its a way of sharing there thoughts and for other’s it can be a Full time Career!

Yes thats correct you can actually live of travel blogging and travel the world forever!  No more offices, no more 9-5, no more Boss on your back.

You can be in control of your own life 100%, travelling the world with just your laptop!

Work hard, Tan Hard…Lifes a beach if your a Town and Tourist blogger

How much does it cost to travel the world blogging?

ZERO, thats right all it you need is a Laptop and a Passion for traveling thats it! We can teach you everything else.

Can I make money or get travel deals for blogging?

Yes and Yes. However, it’s not easy to earn good money from blogging you will need to be able to produce high quality content which really attracts readers. I call this “useful content” , think about what questions people want to know about a country or local travel knowledge you have, then start from there.

Want to start your own blog?

Useful blog posts, usually involve specific and local knowledge. The best articles Inspire wanderlust and Inform the reader for their next trip. They can also be a platform to share your crazy travel stories, show off your beautiful images and give great food spot recommendations.

We can help you to find your voice, and see what kinds of articles actually resonate with readers. 

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Town And TOurist Travel Planning

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If you would like more information about our in depth course which we run to give you the best tools to become a true digital nomad. We will take you from picking the correct niche, to keyword research, google SEO and becoming your own brand!

After you have complete the course, you will be fully trained, elite professional, you will get an internationally recognised certificate for writing and be able to work anywhere in the world.

Travel Town And Tourist

Blogging with Town and Tourist can give you the freedom to travel the world.

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When was Town & Tourist Established?

Town & Tourist was established in 2016 by Christine DeGraff, who had a passion for helping U.S Travellers get the most out of their country.

Since then it has grown from strength to strength & the website has branched out into Asia including: Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines and many more. In addition, to South America…where are travel coverage is also strong.

Town & Tourist Ethics & Values

Town & Tourist Ethics & Values

Town & Tourist Code of Ethics:

These are our ten commandments of Travel Ethics, of which all our content adheres to.

  1. We Provide INDEPENDENT Travel Guides & an Unbiased Opinion. 
  2. We Provide Entertaining & Engaging Information.
  3. We Aim to Captivate & Inspire!
  4. We Provide the Best Travel Tips for you!
  5. We Aim to help you SAVE MONEY on your Vacations.
  6. We Help you to Plan your Travels & Vacations!
  7. We LOVE epic Adventures & Multi Country Tours. 
  8. We are TREND SETTERS & always finding the next hot travel destination for you.
  9. We are FREE & always will be! (Despite outside pressure!)
  10. Every reader of Town & Tourist is part of our community….that YOU

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Our Values:

Town & Tourist is an advocate of Ethical & Sustainable Travel! In addition we support various Animal rights & ethical foundations, see Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand: Ultimate Guide.

We have even spoke out when we’ve seen excessive Tourism causing environmental problems around the world. In Places like Peru, with Machu Picchu. See: 5 Reasons why you should AVOID Machu Picchu? and Maya Bay in Thailand

Town&Tourist Ethics & Values

Town&Tourist Ethics & Values