10 Epic Things to Do when Traveling to Casablanca

Visiting in Casablanca
Written by Nancy Fernandez

1. Mahakma du pasha

This unique building is located in the Medina. The building has been transferred to the local prefecture and is pleased to open its halls to tourists. Tourists are amazed by the splendour of the decoration of the rooms. The indoor park is very beautiful.

Casablanca Mahkama du Pacha

Casablanca Mahkama du Pacha. Source: Trip Advisor

2. Notre Dame de Lourdes

This impressive church is famous for its unique stained glass windows.

Notre Dame de Lourdes Casablanca

Notre Dame de Lourdes Casablanca. Source: Trip Advisor

3. Hassan II Mosque

The main attraction is the Hassan II Mosque. The peculiarity of this structure is that it stands on a platform located in the sea.Marine life can be seen under the durable glass floor.

It is the second largest mosque in the world. It accommodates 20,000 faithful and 80,000 others can be accommodated in the courtyard. People of other faiths are admitted here. Here is another option for the Viajes al desierto Marruecos where they called it in the past.

The construction of the prayer hall which contains 78 pink granite columns is interesting. The floor is paved with onyx, the walls are hand painted with gold. Such splendour is simply breath-taking.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque. Source: Trip Advisor

The mosque has a national museum and a library. The museum exhibits finds from Arab art: model making, frescoes and paintings. for visits.

4. Corniche Promenade

A particularly popular entertainment venue is the informal Cornish. There are many cozy restaurants and bars. Clubs open here at night.

5. Quartier Habbus

In the old part of the city, the Habbus shopping center is interesting, it is a new medina built at the beginning of the 20th century. Here you can see the work of the local tinsmiths, bakers, tailors.

World famous leather craftsmanship, all metal is made by artisans in outdoor workshops. In a large number of souvenir shops you can find ceramics, national clothes, oriental sweets. It will not be possible to save on them, as traders set prices slightly higher than in other artisanal regions of Morocco.

6. Clock Tower

This historic symbol of the city was built in 1911. In a way, it separates the modern city from the old one. There are many craft shops in the surrounding area. This is where you should buy souvenirs.

7. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The building bears a different name from the Church of the Sacred Heart. It was built in 1930.The cathedral is interesting because it is made of poured concrete. He mixes several architectural styles. Against the backdrop of the Gothic Revival, you can see elements of Muslim and Moroccan architecture. A very beautiful monumental structure crowned with two towers that look like a minaret.

The building does not receive due attention, the facade and interior are slowly collapsing. But even in this state the church is beautiful.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Source: Trip Advisor

8. Muhammad Fifth Square

You should definitely see it. It is the largest in the city and it is completely surrounded by greenery. On one side there is a public garden, on the other there is a park of the League of Arab States. In the evening, the square is beautifully illuminated. The singing fountain begins to play good music for tourists. Nearby is the building of the Supreme Court, the central post office, the clock tower.

9. Central Market

You cannot visit the city without visiting its central market. This is where you can feel the rhythm of city life.The bustling bazaar offers unique handicrafts from local artisans. Here you can take some very interesting photos. You can find any African souvenir in the market, the main one being Moroccan slippers.

Marrakech Morocco Markets Night

Morocco Markets Night

10. Casablanca Beaches

Comfortable beaches with luxury hotels are located along the coast.There is not a single natural beach in the city, they are all man-made, but it’s impossible to guess. :

Ayn Diab.It is the most visited place in Casablanca, because the beach is located not far from the city center. It is equipped with swimming pools. In the ocean, the water is not always warm, but in the lukewarm water of the pool, you can swim with your children;

Buznik beach. Surf vacationers go there; Marrakech to Fes desert tour 3 days.

Casablanca Beaches

Casablanca Beaches

Plage de la Corniche: Such a place is suitable only for very well-off tourists.The white sand, the excellent service and the crystal-clear sea water make the Corniche an elite place.

BONUS: Restaurants and cafes

There are many places in the city where you can have a very tasty meal. They offer not only Moroccan cuisine, but also French, Spanish and other cuisines of the world. The cost of lunch varies from 15 to 100 US dollars. More

expensive Japanese restaurants like Kiotori.

You can’t eat here for less than $ 100 per person.

In Casablanca, you absolutely must taste the local specialties. Their difference from exquisite French or Italian dishes is only in the price. Traditional cuisine is much cheaper.

At a local restaurant, be sure to order couscous. After trying this incredibly tasty dish, it is impossible to guess that the coarse semolina was taken as the basis.

Holidaymakers will surely be treated to a Harira lamb soup.

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