4 Places In Europe for a Cannabis Vacation

Do you love your birthday or choose to ignore it? Since it is a milestone event in your life, you need to make the day happier. Celebrating your birthday with things you love makes the day unique.

While you may not like getting older, having a connoisseur like cannabis can make it pleasurable. Today, people try to include cannabis in their special moments of life, such as a cannabis-themed baby shower.

Instead of going the conventional way by organizing a birthday party, why not plan a trip to cannabis-friendly places in Europe. You can get the weed angle covered, have lots of fun, and enjoy the innovative cannabis products with your friends or family privately. So, get ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime by choosing any of the destinations mentioned.

1. Amsterdam And Its Cannabis Coffeehouse


Many countries have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. But, it still has limited acceptance for recreational use. You may have tried products from the best weed dispensary in canada, but have you tried cannabis in coffee shops? Visit Amsterdam to experience this legendary coffeehouse culture. People refer to this European country as a mecca for a cannabis pilgrimage. The Dutch have pioneered a different approach since 1976 to cannabis. It has resulted in more than 200 cannabis coffeehouses functioning in the country. Hence, you can enjoy weed on the street-side or in the privacy of your hotel on your special day.

Things To Remember:

  • The coffee shops selling weed must have a license.
  • You can obtain no more than 5grams of weed from the coffee houses.
  • While using it in the coffeehouse, you must cause no danger or disturbance.
  • Never use cannabis in a public place and limit its use in the coffeehouse or private space.

2. Visit Barcelona In Spain To See The Cannabis Clubs


Many European cities have welcomed tourists with cannabis clubs to make their trips memorable. Barcelona in Spain is one such European city embracing the cannabis culture. Spain has decriminalized cannabis use. It has resulted in the opening of more than 200 cannabis clubs for making their time in the city worthwhile.

Cannabis clubs use the loophole in the law to provide cannabis to private members after charging a membership fee. Hence, it becomes legal as it comes under cultivation at home for personal use. You can join these clubs without any hassles. So, enjoy the cannabis and see the beautiful Barcelona city. You will feel a new appreciation for the ancient Roman treasures along with the contemporary architecture. Enjoy this trip as it offers a visual treat with beautiful places and happiness.

Things To Remember

  • While you are in Spain, it is essential to remember that purchasing, possessing, or cultivating cannabis in public is an offense.
  • A person found using or in possession of weed on the streets can face a heavy penalty.

3. An Interesting Cannabis-Related Expedition In Berlin, Germany


When you plan a trip to a foreign country, your to-do list will indeed contain visiting a museum. If you are making a cannabis-related trip, visit Berlin in Germany as it has the Hanf Museum, a dedicated cannabis museum.

This exhibition space devotes to offering information on hemp. It provides information on the agricultural use, the manufacturing process, and industrial use of the plant and the legal aspects.

Visit the East Side Gallery for non-cannabis-related exhibits for a treat to the eyes. Never forget to visit the remnant of the Berlin Wall and capture the beauty of the series of murals painted on it. Also, read this intersting article on how to manifest anything you want?

Things To Remember

  • You can have up to 15 grams of cannabis on you legally in Berlin.
  • Buying or selling marijuana is illegal in the country, while there remains a gray area regarding its consumption.
  • The country frowns upon the public use of cannabis and may result in a penalty.

4. Enjoy The Cannabis Goodies In Freetown Christiania, Denmark


It is illegal to grow marijuana in Denmark but a few selected cities have an exemption from it. Freetown Christiania is one among them that has legalized cannabis growth and cultivation. Enjoy your birthday by visiting Pusher Street. You can indulge in different cannabis goodies such as edibles, joints, pot, hash, and many more at the outdoor market and food court.

You have the option to look around the twenty different stalls and try each product to your heart’s fill. Do you know all these shops are open 24×7?

Hence, you can take a hit any time during your trip. There is no discrimination as you will only get a friendly vibe at these places.

This instant feel of welcome will make your day. Here you can see the hippie community and become a part of it for a short time. You get a safe environment to smoke without worrying about penalties or jail time.

Things To Remember

  • During the Green Light District visit, make sure you leave the camera behind as you cannot take any photographs.
  • Try not to post any photos of the area on the social media platform.


Why choose the traditional celebrations for your birthday when you have the option to try something different and exciting in the form of a cannabis trip?

Plan an exciting trip to countries in Europe embracing the beauty of weed. You can indulge in cannabis products without worrying about legal complications. If you have tried cannabis or wishing to try it, your birthday is the perfect time to go on this adventurous experience.