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Water Sports

Do I Need Plates On My Boat Trailer? (State By State Laws!)

Owning a boat involves a lot of responsibility, between maintenance,…

By Stacy Randall

Trip Ideas

Sailing to Hawaii from California (San Francisco, LA & Seattle)

Sailing to Hawaii from California is every seasoned sailor on…

By Town and Tourist

Water Sports

10 Types of Sailboat Keels (Canting, Bilge, Bulb & More!)

Every component of a sailboat affects the cost, handling, and…

By Town and Tourist

Trip Planning

Carnival Cruise Cancellation Policy (3 Different Options!)

Carnival Cruise is a popular cruise line with trips around…

By Alexis Musgrave

Car Rentals

Budget Car Rental Cancellation Policy (4 Different Options!)

Budget Car Rental is an affordable and convenient service for…

By Alexis Musgrave