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20 Best Waterfalls in Washington (Most Photogenic & Accessible)

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Town and Tourist, Updated October 29, 2022

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Washington is a beautiful state that has many beautiful parks and waterfalls throughout it. Seattle, the biggest city in Washington, attracts many tourists each year who visit not only the city but the surrounding areas for nature-centered adventures.

Falls Creek Falls is perfect for those wanting to see multiple waterfalls at one location. Adventure seekers wanting to partake in hands-on activities will love Wallace Falls. If you are looking for the perfect place to snap some photos, look no further than Cherry Creek Falls. Rocky Brook Falls is perfect for a nice picnic by the water.

Experienced hikers will love the 10-mile hike at Otter Falls. Explorer falls is perfect for those who want to bring their dog with them on their journey. The nature and beauty that the state of Washington offers is unmatched. Adventure seekers of all types will find the perfect waterfall for them to visit here!

1. Rocky Brook Falls

If you are looking for a nature-filled day trip, look no further than Rocky Brook Falls. Rocky Brook Falls is one of the easiest to access waterfalls off of the Hood Canal side of the Olympic Peninsula, as it is just a few minutes of a walk from the parking lot.

The waterfall breaks into Dosewallips River Valley and has a pool of water at the bottom that is commonly used over the summer for swimming and picnicking. The waterfall runs year round so even during the winter months, the falls are a sight to see.

This is a great location for families to visit since no lengthy hike is required and there is plenty to do. Enjoy a nice family picnic and soak in the sun at Rocky Brook Falls!

2. Spokane Falls

Located in the heart of Spokane, this waterfall is the perfect destination for a spontaneous day trip. Spokane Falls is surrounded by an active downtown with additional shopping attractions, parks, restaurants, and more.

There are many trails to walk, bike, or hike through the lower falls, as well as a SkyRide which will take you to the upper falls to get a glimpse from above. While the trails are popular among locals, they can also be admired in solitude, as it gets quieter throughout the day.

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3. Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park is home to one of the last active waterfalls from the Ice Age flood path as well as Washington’s state waterfall.

With three different viewing options/areas, the park does a thorough job showing off the waterfall, as well as covering the history of the canyon. Palouse Falls is popular amongst artists and photographers as the location is quite breathtaking.

The changing appearance of the falls is also prone to attracting recurring visitors who look forward to seeing the falls in all four seasons. Visitors never get tired of Palouse Falls!

4. Falls Creek Falls

An excellent location for families looking to spend the day out would be Falls Creek Falls. Falls Creek Falls has four waterfalls to offer visitors, all within reasonable hiking or biking distance.

Given the easy terrain and short walking distance to the first waterfall, this daytime adventure is both child-friendly and dog friendly too! This scenic waterfall destination is a great way to get your family outside and spend time together at no cost.

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5. Coal Creek Falls

Coal Creek Falls is a dream destination for nature lovers who are looking for a day trip. The peak time to visit the falls would be around mid-June up until when the rainy winter season starts.

The site offers a short and scenic hike that leads straight to the falls. The surrounding area is covered by a canopy of vegetation and grows a variety of flowers during the springtime.

Enjoy looking at the variety of plants and you may even spot some wildlife nearby, just be sure to keep your distance. The stunning waterfall is a favorite of many and a must-see this summer!

6. Twin Falls

Twin falls has a trio of waterfalls, giving visitors options and more to explore. It is sure to please all members of your group! Along with the waterfalls, the area also has rich vegetation and incredible views.

This site offers some amazing hiking opportunities, as well as a pool for swimming at the bottom of the waterfall. In the pool, it’s common to find little fish swimming around and dogs are often spotted catching sticks!

There are also several hiking points that allow visitors to see the falls from a different angle.

7. Wallace Falls

The hike to Wallace Falls is low in difficulty and encourages all hikers with any level of experience. The hike is 5.6 miles long and provides breathtaking sights of the falls as well as the surrounding areas.

The falls allow for biking, fishing, rocking climbing, kayaking, swimming, and other seasonal experiences and activities. This makes for the perfect action-packed day trip.

8. Franklin Falls

Need to get your family out of the house or a peaceful destination to clear your head? The short two-mile hike to Franklin Falls is exactly what you have been looking for.

Franklin Falls can be seen from several different viewing points dependent on a hiker’s experience/comfort. One notably is at the end of a narrow trail on the side of the mountain.

It is recommended to wear rain gear since you are so close and personal with the waterfall and will likely get wet. The scenic waterfall is admired year round, as it never stops flowing and creates incredible icicles.

9. Lewis River Falls

From the first step of your hike to your first step in the waterfall, Lewis River Falls is a surreal experience. Navigating through the lush vegetation that surrounds the falls makes you feel like you are in a different place.

The waterfall has a volcanic nature that makes the water clear and only adds to the beauty of the view which you can sit and enjoy while eating lunch. The hike is recommended for those with moderate experience and a love of scenic adventures.

10. Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls is an easily accessible waterfall and is perfect for a short day trip. A short 0.4-mile hike to the falls is beautiful in itself and showcases many unique flowers along the way.

The 74-foot-tall waterfall is truly a beauty and a favorite of many travelers. This scenic waterfall makes for great photos but is only active during certain times of the year.

It is recommended to plan your visit between June and October. During the off months in the fall, the surrounding area still gets used for hiking, trail running, and snowshoeing.

11. Bridal Veil Falls

Credit: Dmitry Antipov / Flickr

The name may have given this away, but Bridal Veil Falls was named after the resemblance its shape has to a bridal veil. The shape of this fall along with its height of 100 feet creates a beautiful sight as the water cascades down into the pond below.

A popular attraction amongst children is to stand right next to the waterfall to feel the mist and force coming from it, making Bridal Veil Falls the perfect day trip for the family. Additionally, there is a four-mile hike to reach the top of the falls which is also a breathtaking experience.

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12. Whatcom Falls Park

Going on a day trip to Whatcom Falls Park will leave all of your group members happy that they spent their day in nature! Whatcom Falls is a mild waterfall that allows for easy access to those with minimal experience, and families.

Barbeque grills, fishing, hiking trails through open meadows or deep forests, playgrounds, and more are offered to visitors and allow for all guests to pick exactly what they would like to do.

13. Explorer Falls

Credit: Washington Trails Association

Explorer Falls is a family and dog-friendly trail that is a relatively short hike with luscious surroundings all along the way. The trail is not usually very busy which allows for visitors to have a more intimate and peaceful time adventuring.

The waterfall is surrounded by mossy logs and vegetation in every shade of green and makes the rewarding view at the end, far more than worth it. Whether you plan a day at Explorer Falls or not, a spontaneous visit can be just as much fun.

14. Teneriffe Falls

Credit: Harrison Walter / Flickr

The easy to moderate hike to Teneriffe Falls will have you working up a sweat, but it will all be worth it when you reach the falls.

The 5.6-mile trail to the waterfall is well maintained for the most part and it goes through a luscious forest which makes for a scenic commute up the mountain.

While the change in incline over the hike may be a bit challenging for some, the breathtaking result at the end will remind you why you did it. This trail is best for those who have at least some prior hiking experience.

For the full experience, take a visit between May and October while the waterfall is flowing at peak performance.

15. Murhut Falls

This lesser-known waterfall has more to offer than most seem to expect. The trail to Murhut Falls is relatively short and leads to the reward of an enchanting 130-feet tall waterfall in less than a mile.

The trail is well maintained and goes up on a gradual incline until the final section where it gets a bit steep.

You’ll know when you’re on the final section and getting close when you hear the crisp sound of running water. When you reach the end, take a load off and enjoy that view you pushed yourself to see.

16. Granite Falls

Credit: Jim Gillum / Flickr

Tucked away in a small town is the perfect destination for a scenic day trip. Granite Falls is on the shorter side, as it is only 45 feet tall but manages a strong current for its whitewater rapids. 

This hidden gem is not well known so you don’t have to worry too much about whether or not the trails and falls will be busy. The lack of visitors makes the perfect spot for a day full of adventure while not being on display. Check it out for yourself!

17. Victor Falls

Credit: b#photo / Flickr

Located less than an hour south of Seattle is the breathtaking Victor Falls. The falls are easily accessible, as they are only a few minutes of a walk away from the designated parking area.

Victor falls plunges white water over 60 feet and is perfect for a relaxing day spent listening to and watching the waterfall. The thick brush and small trees around the waterfall add to the stunning view.

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18. Comet Falls

In a span of less than two miles, hiking through Comet Falls will bring you past four waterfalls. If you follow the whitewater creek moving upstream, you will be brought to one of the significant waterfalls that has a 301-foot drop.

The trail up to the top of the waterfall is filled with luscious greenery and stunning scenery. But it does come at a price, as this hike is more challenging and should be done by people that are experienced hikers.

19. Otter Falls

The 10-mile hike to Otter Falls may sound intimidating, but the adventure and view are absolutely going to be worth it. The trail to the falls cuts through various creeks and forests, which makes the hike very scenic and picture worthy.

The waterfall is an astonishing 1,200 feet tall which makes for a relaxing listening and viewing experience. Otter Falls is a fairly simple hike and is good for beginners or families looking to spend the day out.

20. Cherry Creek Falls

This popular summer hike is full of photo opportunities as the area is so photogenic and impressive. To get to Cherry Creek Falls, you will follow the creek for the majority of the hike and you can also take a dip in it on the way if you would like!

Cherry Creek Falls is home to a 25-foot tall waterfall that drops into a large pool. The pool may seem inviting but it is important to always use caution when spending time splashing around in those rocky areas.

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