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Best Time to Visit Cambodia? Avoiding Rainy Season!!

Best Season to travel to Cambodia?

The best time to visit Cambodia is in the dry season which spans from the months of November to April. This is the most popular season for tourists and you will see clear blue sky’s and plenty of sunshine! With temperatures ranging from 26’C in the “cooler” months of November/December to up to 35’C  in March, April, May to June. 

However, if you prefer less crowds at the temples, lower prices and don’t mind a few downpours then May to October are also great times to visit in the wet or rainy season. With May and June the hottest months of the year due to the increase in humidity. 

In these months the humidity increases and the downpours assist the agricultural land to grow lush crops for the people of Cambodia. The countryside also looks wonderful this time of year, bursting with life and lush greenery. 

Best time to visit Cambodia

Wonderful Cambodia. Best time to visit Cambodia

Fun Fact: If you plan to visit Cambodia during the end of the summer in the Rainy Season you will be in for an immense treat as Cambodia because an aquatic paradise with The Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia brimming and nearby rivers in full flow. You will also get a chance to see  Cambodia’s famous “floating villages.:

Seasons in Cambodia

Cambodia and alot of south east asia is very difference from Europe and has two main seasons. The Dry season and the Wet/Rainy Season. However, the Dry season is also split into two parts the “cool Season” which is considered the most popular time to visit (November to February) and the Hot Season (March to May). Below we have explained the advantages and disadvantages of travelling at each time.

Dry Season (November to April)

As stated above above the Dry season is divided into two main parts the Cool Season and the Hot Season. With temperatures ranging from a minimum of  20°C  or 68°F   to a maximum of 35’C or 95°F  in the hottest months of March, May.  Humidity  usually stays around 75%  with minimal rainfall.

Average Weather in Cambodian Cities/District’s:

Across the major cities of Siem Reap, Ban Lung, Kep, Phnom Feh, Sihanoukville in the Dry Season (Nov-April) the average weather figures are. 

Temperatures: Average Temperature in Dry Season (Nov-April) – 32’C or (90’F)

Humidity: Average Humidity in the Dry Season (Nov-April) – 75% 

Rainfall: Average: rainfall in the Dry Season(Nov – April) is 53mm (Across all cities).

Note: Per District rainfall can vary massively please see the full city table for per month details

Best time to visit Cambodia, Siem Reap. Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap. Best time to visit Cambodia? Dry Season at Siem Reap Temple. Source: Shutterstock

Cool Season (November- February)

This is considered the best time to visit Cambodia due the warm temperatures (26’C – 30’C) and lower humidity. This results in it being still cool enough to explore the countryside, landmarks and temples effectively without sweltering temperatures which could make this very uncomfortable. In addition, it’s a great time to relax and sunbathe at the coastal areas and beaches.

Siem Reap – Best Time to Visit?

Siem Reap usually sees an average temperature of 30’C with around 20mm of rainfall. The month with the least rainfall is usually January across all districts. 

Hot Season (March, April, May)

If your travelling to Cambodia at this time of year expect sweltering temperatures. With areas such as Battambang and Phnom Peng reaching highs of 38’C or (100’F)! Humidity also is on the rise with an average of 85%. Places such as Siem Reap see an average of 35’C with 35mm of Rainfall.

Best time of year to visit Cambodia. Siem Reap Temple

Siem Reap temple on a hot Day! Source: Karnnapus/Shutterstock. Best time to visit Cambodia

 This is an excellent time to visit the coast, although Angkor can be swelteringly hot!

Wet/Rainy Season (June-October)

The Rainy season spans from June to October and is usually characterised by a heavy but brief downpour in the afternoon, morning are generally dry! With plenty of hours of sunshine! As stated in the introduction, this a time where the countryside is at is lushest and is bursting with life  hence the nickname for this season as “The Green Garden Season”.

It can be a truly fascinating time to revere in the water logged aquatic paradise which is the “Green” Cambodia. It can look very different to the dry & dusty look which is seen during the dry and hot season. 

However, there can be a variety of travel/transport challenges, where getting from A-B is not always as straight forward and simple as the hotter months. Dirt roads commonly flood and turn into a thick muddy quagmire, this is particularly prevalent during the months of highest rainfall August and September!

Best time to visit Cambodia. Best weather Season

Great Architecture & Dramatic skyline in Cambodia during the Rainy Season. Best time to visit Cambodia

The good news is it’s the off peak season for tourists and prices are slashed. So if your a backpacker on a really tight budget it might be worth making a trip at this time, for example a common route is Thailand- Vietnam- Cambodia (6 month trip).

If you start the trip in Thailands Dry Season of January or February , spend two months there before moving onto Vietnam (2months) and then Cambodia (2months). This will see your cost of living drop as each day goes by on your trip, which can be great if your trying to do 6 months on a tight budget.

Average temperatures across all Cambodia Cities/Districts:

Across the major cities of Siem Reap, Ban Lung, Kep, Phnom Feh, Sihanoukville in the Wet Season (June-October) the average weather figures are. 

Temperatures: Average Temperature in Wet Season (June-Oct) – 32’C or (90’F)

Humidity: Average Humidity in the Wet Season (June-Oct) – 75% 

Rainfall: Average: rainfall in the Wet Season(June – Oct) is 53mm (Across all cities).

Things to See in Rainy Season:

Tonle Sap Lake is south East Asia’s largest lake and is brimming during the green garden season with nearby rivers in full flow. The best time to visit is between July and December.

Best time to visit Cambodia

Tonle sap lake cambodia during rainy Season. Best time to visit Cambodia

Battamnbang Road Warning:

Battambang has the same wet and dry seasons as it’s neighbour Siem Reap. If planning on travelling by unpaved roads, avoid September and October as heavy rains can cause delays.

Monsoon Season Cambodia.

Rural Road Flooded in Cambodia, children in the mud. Best time to visit Cambodia Monsoon Season!

Cambodia Weather Per City…

When is best to visit Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city. The best months to go are between November to February with warm temperatures and the lowest rainfall. 

Having said that the city is hot all year-round with it’s dry season following the same pattern between (November-April) , beware of high levels of monsoons between June and October.

In the Dry Season (November to April)  expect to feels an average of 27’C with lows of 25’C (77°F) and  highs around 32-35’C (90-95’F) . 

In the Rainy  season (June to October), expect to feel average temperatures of 28’C with lows of 22’C (71’F) and highs of 35’C (93’F). Rainfall reaches highs during the months of September and October.

Best time to visit Cambodia Phonm Peh

Phonm Peh, Cambodias Wonderful Capital. Source: Best time to visit Cambodia

When is best to visit Siem Reap & Angkor Wat?

Siem Reap is a very popular destination so it’s useful to know when to go. The best time is during the Dry Season (Nov-April). During this time temperatures will range from a minimum of  20°C  or 68°F   to a maximum of 35’C or 95°F  in the hottest months of March, May. Humidity usually stays around 74%  with minimal rainfall.

Top Tip: Temples can get very busy this time of year as it is peak season, sometimes it helps to get their early in the morning to avoid the rush.

Health Note: Beware, the roads can get a little dusty this time of year so if you have breathing problems make sure you cover your mouth, having windows closed during transport and bring your inhaler.

During the Hot Season (April, May) expect to see highs of over 39’C (102’F)! 

The Rainy season (June to October) is a great time for seeing brimming aquatic history of the moats surrounding the temples of Angkor, theatrical skyline and lush rice-paddies.

Temperatures range from a minimum of 24’C or 75°F  and with highs of around 32°C or 92’F. With afternoon tropical downpours following the same patterns mentioned previously.

Siem Reap Bayon temple. Best time to visit Cambodia

Siem Reap Bayon Temple. Best time to visit Cambodia

When is best to visit Battambang?

Battambang has equivalent wet and dry seasons as the nearby Siem Reap. So the same averages apply as above.

 When is the best time to visit the South Coast (Kep and Sihanoukville) Districts?

The south coast can be a magnificent place for lounging on the beaches with Kep and Sihanoukville bringing crowds looking fro the bright sunshine and perfect tranquil waters. The best time to really get the benefit of the nice weather is during the Dry Season (Nov-April) with average temperatures of 25’C.

If  Scuba Diving is your activity, December to June is the best time for the crystal clear waters and average temperatures of 27’C or 80’F.

 North East Cambodia (Mondulkiri and Rantanakiri)

If your thinking of traveling to more remote regions, such as the north east regions of Mondulkiri and  Ratanakiri, the journey times will be the shortest because the roads are at that best…just a little dusty!

Cambodia Temperature & Rainfall – Month By Month Table.

Use the table below to check your travelling city, average rainfall and temperature across the entire year.

Best time to visit Cambodia. Weather Guide Per City

Cambodia – Weather (Temp & Rainfall) Month by Month. Copyright TownandTourist. Best time to visit Cambodia.


xxmm = Rainfall in mm

xx’C = Temperature (celcius)

Cambodia Festivals, Religious Ceremonies and Weather:

List of Festivals & Religious Ceremonies over the Year:

– Liberation Day – 7th January

– Cambodian New Year (Chaul Chnam) 5 day public holiday (14th – 17th April)

– Visak Bochea –  Birth, Death and Enlightenment of Buddha, Date: 29th April.

– Royal Ploughing Day – Celebration occurs in either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Date: 3rd May.

– Independence Day – Date: 9th November

– Water Festival  – Date: 21st – 23rd November

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