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Best Time To Visit Tuscany (Beautiful Scenery & Great Weather!)

Alexis Musgrave

Alexis Musgrave, Updated October 29, 2022

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The romantic hillsides and lavish vineyards of Tuscany, Italy have drawn tourists in for centuries. With renaissance paintings and architecture, exquisite beaches, and delectable foods there is something to enjoy for everyone.

The best time to visit Tuscany is between late September and early November or in early spring between March and May. The prices are much cheaper than in the summertime, with flights costing roughly $700 with hotels priced around $100. You will find moderate weather but plenty of festivals to enjoy without the mass summer crowds. 

Because this area of Italy is so popular, there can be a lot of places and great times to visit. If you are looking to find the right combination of low crowds, great prices, and amazing activities, this article will fill you in on all you need to know.

When Not To Visit Tuscany

The high season for travel in Tuscany is May through August. You will find large crowds everywhere, from the beaches to the hillsides, this is the most popular time to visit the area. Travelers from all over the world are here at this time.

These are also the hottest and most expensive times to visit. The heat of the Mediterranean sun is intense as temperatures often reach 30℃ and flights can easily cost over $1,000. For those looking for a nice relaxing trip, this is not the best time to go.

Cheapest Month To Visit Tuscany

The most affordable time to visit Tuscany is in the winter off-season, but November is one of the cheapest times to visit. You avoid the increased prices of the holiday season with flights around $700 round trip

Hotels and restaurants are much cheaper this time of year because there are much fewer crowds. So your trip will be overall affordable and empty of crowds. You can still find some great activities in November making it a great time to visit.

Best Month To Visit Tuscany

For those who love fall, October is the best month to visit Tuscany. Prices are relatively affordable all around but you will still find mild weather and good activities to enjoy.

If you want to visit in the spring, April is another great time to visit. Just before the summer crowds come in, prices are still affordable and you will find spring flowers and festivals in every town.

When is the Best Time To Visit Tuscany: Monthly Breakdown

January: New Years Celebrations

As expected January is the coldest month of the year for Tuscany. Temperatures average between 11℃ to 3℃. Luckily the nearby Mediterranean temperatures rarely dip below freezing. You will only run into light snows, with an average of 2.5 inches of precipitation over the month.

New Years’ celebrations tend to bump up travel prices, so although this is not a popular month it is not the cheapest. Flights leaving from New York will cost about $740. Average housing costs are $120 a night for a 4-star hotel room in Florence.

After the holiday buzz, things begin to slow down in Tuscany. You can visit the Panzano in Chianti on the weekends. You will find handmade crafts, delicious foods, and a traditional Italian market to enjoy.

  • Visit the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Vinci
  • Take a ​​Florence Gourmet Food and Drink Tour

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February: Cheap Costs and Low Crowds

It is still a chilly time of year in Tuscany, with temperatures ranging between 13℃ and 3℃ during February. There is very light precipitation as well, and you have a small chance of running into the snow with an average of 2.7 inches falling during this month

Due to low tourism, expenses are very cheap in February. A flight from New York will cost about $730 roundtrip. Hotels are also very cheap, with costs around $80 a night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence

 Winter sports lovers will love to visit the Italian Alps this time of year. You can stay in Florence and ski in the nearby city of Abetone and enjoy the various resorts with light snowfall. There are also plenty of museums in the area you will be able to peruse without crowds.

  • Visit the Gucci Museum in Florence
  •  Explore the Butterfly Sanctuary on the Elba island

March: Unique Tuscan Easter

Spring begins to arrive in Tuscany in March as the weather begins to warm. Average temperatures range between 16℃ and 6℃, with an average of  2.6 inches of rain and snow. This is a great time to avoid warm weather crowds for an affordable price.

Costs are similar to the earlier months with a round-trip flight from New York costing $720. You will also find great deals on hotels, with some 4-star hotel rooms in Florence priced at $75 a night. 

One of the most unique Easter celebrations is the Explosion of the Cart in Florence. Large processions follow a wooden cart on Easter Sunday to Cathedral Square. At 11 am an explosion of fireworks and doves around the cart causes the town to erupt into applause.

  • Visit Bagno Vignoni hot springs
  • Enjoy the lively nightlife bar of Colle Bereto in Florence

April: Affordable Spring Vacation

The weather is beautifully moderate in April in Tuscany. Average temperatures range between 19℃ to 8℃. However, you will begin to see a bit more rain, with precipitation averages of around 3.5 inches throughout the month.

Prices begin to increase as summer approaches. An average flight from New York costs $800 roundtrip. Housing costs increase as well, to an average of $110 a night for a 4-star hotel room in Florence.

Spring weather is beautiful in Tuscany, and nature lovers will enjoy a hike along the Via Francigena. This long trail can be conquered by ambitious hikers over a few weeks. But if you are looking for a smaller task you can enjoy the countryside through a small section of the trail.

  • Climb the Torre Grossa in San Gimignano
  • Take an evening walk along the Arno River in Florence

May: Exploring Spring in Tuscany

May is the most temperate month to explore the Tuscan hillsides with temperatures averaging between 23℃ and 12℃. You will likely not run into much rain either as the month averages  2.9 inches in precipitation.

This is the month when everything begins to get more expensive in Tuscany. A flight from New York will cost about $1,000 a ticket. And a single night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence will go for $150.

History lovers will enjoy this part of Italy in May. A great opportunity is to explore the Medici Palace in Seravezza. With sweeping gardens and hosts the unique Museum Museum of Work and Folk Traditions of Historical Versilia, there is plenty of ways to enjoy the great weather.

  • Visit Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina wine bar in Florence
  • Explore the Piazzale Michelangelo

June: Most Expensive Month To Visit

Tuscan weather goes from moderate to hot in June. Temperatures average between 27℃ and 15℃, but you will have little chance of running into rain. The average rainfall for June is 2.1 inches.

As the most expensive month to visit Tuscany, flights are roughly $1,200 a roundtrip ticket. Your housing cost will be quite expensive as well running at $180 a night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence.

In June you can experince Calcio Storico Fiorentino in Florence. On the Feast day of Florences’ patron Saint San Giovanni, you can watch the unique roughhouse football game blended with Italian neighborhood pride.

  • Explore the cultural history of marble quarries at White Carrara Downtown
  • Enjoy the green scape of Lucca’s city walls

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July: High Heat and Big Crowds

July is the hottest month of the year in Tuscany. Temperatures average between highs of 30℃ and lows of 18℃. If you hate rainy weather, this is the best month to go as the area only sees about 1.5 inches of rain.

At the peak of the high season, expenses are still pretty high. A round-trip flight will cost $1,100. To stay in a decent 4-star hotel room in Florence, you will have to pay about $150 a night. 

This is a great month for music lovers in Tuscany. Enjoy the international rock and blues music fest Pistoila Blues in the Piazza del Duomo. International artists come to perform at this event and offer something for everyone.

  • Enjoy the Lucca Summer Music Festival
  • Visit Mercantia for the International Festival of Theater in Certaldo

August: Best Time For Cultural Festivals

The weather is still pretty hot in August in Tuscany, as temperatures average between 30℃ to 17℃. You will not likely run into much bad weather as the month only sees about 2.2 inches of rain.

At the end of the high season, flights still cost about $1,000 for a round-trip ticket. A single night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence will cost about $140. And you will still find a bunch of people on their last summer vacation at this time.

Wine tasting is one of the most popular activities in Tuscany, but a unique opportunity comes from the Calici di Stelle Festival. The Perseids meteor shower aligns with this event, meaning you can enjoy the best wine in the area under a myriad of falling stars.

  • Enjoy Festabiente, a festival about community sustainability in Maremma
  • Watch the barrel races of  Montepulciano’s Bravio delle Botti 

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September: Best Time For Nature Walks

The fall weather begins to relieve Tuscany of the immense heat in September. Temperatures range from 27℃ to 15℃ on average, and you will only see about 3.1 inches of rain over the course of the month.

Prices also begin to fall in September! A flight from New York will cost about $900 for a roundtrip ticket. But you will save a bit on your stay, as it is only $140 a night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence.

A great cultural experience comes in September in the town of Cortona. You can enjoy the International Photography Festival of Cortona housed in an old Medici fortress overlooking the town. It is a unique contemporary experience perfect for budding photographers.

  •  Visit Foreste Casentinesi National Park for fall color
  • Take a guide to go Truffle Hunting

October: Italian Food Tours

Tuscany in the fall is often overlooked but a beautiful time to visit. Temperatures range from 22℃ to 11℃,  However, you might run into a bit of rain if you stay in October, with an average of  4.1 inches of rain falling.

This is one of the best months to visit Tuscany. A roundtrip flight is about $700 and is usually the cheapest they go. And a stay in a 4-star hotel room in Florence will be about $130 a night. These prices with the mild weather and low crowds make it an ideal time to visit.

Enjoy the versatility of special Italian chestnuts, Marroni, by visiting fall festivals across the country. The Chestnut Fairs in Marradi is full of culinary specialties, and Abbadia San Salvadore has a great Festa della Castagna. 

  • Enjoy traditional food at Centogusti dell’Appennino Food Festival
  • Take a wine and cheese tasting around the scenic Chianti hills at the Taste of Chianti Tour

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November: Cheapest Month To Visit

The weather in Tuscany significantly cools down, with temperatures ranging between 16℃ and 7℃. Although this month does have the most precipitation, with an average of 4.4 inches of rain and snow throughout the month.

November is the cheapest month to visit Tuscany. Roundtrip flights from New York cost about $700, and a night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence will go for $90.

This is the perfect time to enjoy the yearly olive harvest by going to the nearest frantoio. As olives are freshly picked you can enjoy watching local artisans press them into delectable olive oil. Fresh tastings of olive oil and bread are an experience you can’t miss this time of year.

  • Climb the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (aka Duomo)
  • Enjoy the hilltop views from Lucignano with its romantic ‘Tree of Love

December: Italian Winter Wonderland

Italy offers a nice mild holiday season, with average temperatures ranging from 12℃ to 4℃.  You have a chance of running into some weather, as the average amount of precipitation throughout the month is 3.3 inches of snow.

Due to the Christmas season, flight prices jump a bit to about $750 round trip. However, you can find pretty affordable housing at $80 a night in a 4-star hotel room in Florence.

Christmas in Italy is an event in itself, with small markets and parties to enjoy. A special event is Montepulciano’s Christmas market. As the biggest Christmas Market in central Italy, you find cozy shops and delicious treats on every corner. 

  • Enjoy the season with freshly pressed olive oil
  • Visit the Piaggio (Vespa) Museum in Florence

When Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds

If your goal is to visit Tuscany without fighting through the streets with other tourists, February is your best bet. February has very low tourism due to the chilly weather and being in the middle of the off-season.

With a good jacket and maybe a pair of gloves, you can explore the Tuscan beaches, shops, and historic hotspots without competition. Some shops may have limited hours due to the off-season, but you will be able to experience Tuscan life more like a local than a tourist.

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