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Best Time To Visit Nepal (Inspiring Traditions & Adventures!)

Jessica Langille

Jessica Langille, Updated January 13, 2023

Nepal has become a popular tourist destination because this country has 10 of the highest mountains in the world. Over 1 million visitors come to this country each year to trek the mountains and enjoy the festivals. So, when is the best time to visit Nepal?

September is the best time to visit Nepal. The weather is great for exploring, with daily highs of 79 F/ 26 C. There are fewer tourists in September, so attractions aren’t crowded. It’s also possible to find better discounts on flights this time of year, allowing visitors to save up to $800 compared to the high season.

There are a lot of reasons to plan a trip to Nepal. If you’re interested in seeing this beautiful Himalayan country, you may be wondering when the ideal time to travel is. Today, we’re going to breakdown some of the best times to book a trip to Nepal. 

When You Shouldn’t Visit Nepal

June through August can be the worst timeframe to book a trip to Nepal because this is monsoon season. There are more rainy days, which can lead to poor conditions for exploring outdoor attractions. 

Monsoon season brings high humidity and daily temperatures of around 86 F/ 30 C. Most of the rain showers occur at night and visitors wake up to a beautiful morning. The scenery may look nice the morning after the rain, but the conditions for hiking and trekking aren’t safe.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Nepal?

Planning a trip to Nepal can get pricey. If you’re traveling on a budget, the best times to look into visiting Nepal are between June and September. This is considered the off-season in Nepal and there are fewer visitors and lower rates.

During peak travel season, hotels in Nepal can be found for as low as $15 or at rates well above $500. From June through September, it’s easier to find lower rates. 

For example, one of the most affordable hotels in the country is Hotel Mountain View in Pokhara. During peak times, the rate is $15 per night. When the tourist season is low during the summer, rates are discounted to $12 per night.

One of the best-rated hotels in Nepal is Hotel Portland in Pokhara. During peak times, the rate is $73 per night. Tourists that visit in the summer months can get rates as low as $37 per night.

The absolute cheapest time to book a flight to Nepal is in September. During high travel seasons, the average cost of a flight to Nepal is $1,700. In September, rates drop to as low as $922.  

Best Time To Visit Nepal: Monthly Breakdown 

January: Best Month To Observe Wildlife

There are many natural wonders in Nepal, and wildlife is one of them. January is the best month to observe wildlife. In places like Chitwan National Park, you can see some of the native animals of Nepal, like one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. 

If you enjoy seeing birds, you will need to bring your binoculars. There are over 500 different species of birds in Nepal that can be spotted in January.

Temperatures in January can get chilly. Daily averages range from 35.5 to 62.5 F/ 2 to 17 C. If you travel to a town at a higher elevation, the temperature may drop below freezing. Make sure you pack layers so you remain comfortable while exploring Nepal.

  • Bird-watching 
  • Maghe Sankrati (harvest festival)
  • Scenic tour by plane

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February: Best Month To Avoid Crowds 

February is the best time of year to visit attractions in Nepal without having to deal with crowds. The weather is very nice in February, as winter comes to an end. Some parts of the country will have daily temperatures of 39 F/ 4 C, while other parts will be around 71.5 F/ 22 C.

Most visitors prefer traveling to an area in the lowlands in February, like Pokhara or Chitwan. The weather provides perfect conditions for trekking in Nepal and visiting landmarks. If you plan a hike, it’s recommended to choose a short trail during the winter months and avoid higher elevations. 

The Basant Panchami festival is held in February. This festival celebrates the arrival of spring and grants good fortune to all that attend. People celebrate by giving flowers and candies and wishing for others to have a happy life.

  • Explore the lowlands
  • Basant Panchami festival 
  • Valentine’s Day

March: Transition To Spring

March is a beautiful month to visit Nepal because the country is in a state where it’s transitioning from winter to spring. Towns in the lowland areas have beautiful weather, with daily highs often at 73.5 F/ 23 C or higher. 

However, if you travel up to a mountain area, you will still see glistens of snow. Many people enjoy sightseeing around these areas in March because it’s not too hot and there are barely any crowds. Most of the tourists in March are in the warmer areas. 

Most tourists enjoy spending time outdoors in March. Activities like mountain biking and mountain climbing are very popular this time of year. It’s also a good month for camping in lowland areas. 

  • Losar Festival
  • Sightseeing 
  • Fagun Purnima Festival

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April: Best Month For Spring Festivals

Festivals are one of the highlights of visiting Nepal. April is a great month for travelers that want to enjoy more of the traditional festivals. There are several events that take place throughout this month.

Ram Navami is a celebration of the birth of Lord Ram. It occurs on April 3. On the Nepali Lunar Calendar, New Year’s Day is also in April. The date changes between the 13th and 14th every few years. 

Biskett Jatra is an annual week-long celebration that occurs in mid-April. This event features a special ritual and a tug-of-war competition. Bode Jatra is a yearly tongue piercing festival. 

The weather in April is nice and mild. Temperatures range from 50 to 86 F/ 10 to 30 C throughout the country. When you’re not enjoying a traditional festival, outdoor activities like nature tours and kayaking are always fun.

  • Ram Navami Festival
  • Nepali New Year’s 
  • Biskett Jatra

May: Best Month To Be Outdoors

May is the last month of spring before the monsoon season. This is when Nepal has the best weather conditions, with days being between 46 and 84 F/ 8 and 29 C. The humidity hasn’t hit yet, so it’s the prime time for activities like hiking. 

There are also some interesting festivals in May. Buddha Jayanta is a big festival this time of year that celebrates Buddhism. Another big event is Rato Machchendranath, which features a statue of God that gets pulled through the streets on a chariot. 

People in Nepal enjoy adventure sports. May is a great time of year to participate in activities like paragliding, paramotor, or sky diving. 

  • Buddha Jayanta
  • Hiking 
  • Adventure sports 

June: Book Early In The Month 

The monsoon season in Nepal typically doesn’t start until the end of June. If you book your trip early on or mid-month in June, you will still be able to experience beautiful weather conditions. Most days will have temperatures between 64.5 to 91.5 F/ 18 to 33 C. 

Trekking is a popular activity early on in June. However, longer treks aren’t ideal because the weather is quite humid. Luckily, there are many shorter treks for visitors to enjoy, like Upper Mustang or Langtang Valley. 

On humid days, spending time by the lake is a great way to beat the heat. There are thousands of beautiful lakes throughout the country. Some of the most pristine lakes to visit are Gokyo Lake, Tilicho Lake, and Panch Pokhari. 

  • Trek along Langtang Valley
  • Spend the day at Gokyo Lake
  • Explore local restaurants

July: Best Time To Stay In The City

July is the peak of the monsoon season, so you can expect more rainy days and nights in Nepal. This creates poor conditions for outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. July is a great month to stay in the city and enjoy cultural attractions.

We recommend staying in cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu in July. There are more indoor places to visit, like museums, galleries, and shops. You will also have a better selection of restaurants to try local cuisine. 

Nepal sees the lowest number of visitors in July. If you travel during this month, you can take advantage of lower rates. You will also get to enjoy some of the more popular destinations without crowds.

  • Patan Museum 
  • Jangchub Choeling Tibetan Monastery
  • The National Museum

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August: Best Time For Food And Festivals

August is another rainy month in Nepal, so it’s best to enjoy indoor activities. This is a great time of year to visit local restaurants in the area where you’re staying and try authentic Nepali dishes

If you haven’t tried Nepali food, there are a few particular dishes that should be on your bucket list when you travel. Dal Bhat is a staple dish in Nepal. It features rice served with a side of lentil soup and a side of vegetable or meat curry. 

Momos are another popular food in Nepal. They are similar to dumplings, with meat or vegetable fillings wrapped in a flour envelope. Wo are traditional lentil pancakes. Visitors should also try the local brew, Everest Beer. This beer is very cheap and it’s made from rice.

August also has some annual festivals. Janai Purnima is a family celebration. Teej is a ritual that starts with a big breakfast feast, followed by a day of fasting. Once the fast is finished, people celebrate with sweets, music, and traditional dances. 

The most popular festival is Gai Jatra. This celebration is meant to cheer up people that have lost a loved one. It’s a colorful festival that makes people feel happy. It has also been mentioned as one of the most unique festivals in the world.

  • Try Everest Beer
  • Gai Jatra
  • Participate in Teej

September: Best Month For Adventure Enthusiasts 

September is a beautiful month in Nepal, with average daily temperatures of 73.5 F/ 23 C. This is a great month for adventure enthusiasts to plan a visit because there is more for them to do. Another great reason is that it’s not tourist season yet, so places aren’t crowded. 

There are more clear days in September than in previous months. This creates safer conditions for trekking longer journeys. If you’re interested in checking out one of the longer trails, September is the best month to do it. 

This is also a great time of year to have fun in the water. River rafting and kayaking are fun activities in Nepal. The Seti River is one of the most popular destinations for these activities. 

  • Trek along Annapurna Circuit 
  • River rafting 
  • Visit teahouses 

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October: Best Month For Camping

Nepal in October is prime time for nature enthusiasts. The daily temperatures range from 70 to 82 F/ 21 to 28 C. Two of the main reasons that people visit Nepal in October are trekking and camping. 

There are plenty of beautiful spots to camp in Nepal. Some of the most popular campsites include Nagarkot, Ilam, and Lapsiphedi. However, you’re likely to find a great location wherever you go. 

October is a big month for tourists, so the main areas of interest like Mount Everest and Annapurna will be more crowded. This is a good time of year to explore areas that aren’t as well-known.

  • Thiar (festival of lights)
  • Chhat Puja Festival 
  • Camping

November: Best Month For Sightseeing

November serves nice and mild weather, creating ideal conditions for sightseeing. Most days will have temperatures of 70 to 50 F/ 21 to 24 C. The weather makes guided and sightseeing tours more enjoyable this time of year.

Seeing sunrises and sunsets on a trek are stunning in November. Some of the best areas to explore are Manaslu Trek and Rara Lake Trek. It’s also a beautiful time of year to enjoy a scenic tour, like the plane tours. 

Once you decide on what location in Nepal you want to visit, we recommend looking up local sightseeing tours. These events give visitors the full experience of a Nepali town or city. You can view temples, monasteries, and other key landmarks. 

  • Take scenic photos
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Watch the sunset

December: Holidays In Nepal

You can enjoy a cultural Christmas experience in Nepal throughout the month of December. A lot of people didn’t expect this because the country is mostly made up of people that follow Buddhism and Hinduism. However, there are many Christian groups throughout the country.

Holiday foods in Nepal are widely celebrated. People all over the country enjoy traditional foods like sel roti, momos, yomari, and thukpa. There is also a variety of street food available around the holidays.

Temperatures vary throughout the country in December. Mountainous regions are colder, with nighttime temperatures dropping below the freezing point. However, areas in the lowlands remain around 68 F/ 20 C. 

  • Buy unique gifts at Asan Local Market
  • Visit bars in Pokhara
  • Enjoy a traditional Christmas feast

What Is The Hottest Month In Nepal?

June is the hottest month in Nepal. Daily highs are often around 84 F/ 29 C but can get as high as 91.5 F/ 33 C. It’s rare for the temperature to drop below 64.5 F/ 18 C during this month. 

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