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Best Time to Visit Egypt (Famous Monuments & Archeological Sites)

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Town and Tourist, Updated October 24, 2022

Egypt is a beautiful country with plenty of culture and heritage to share with the world. Whether you are cruising the Nile, visiting the Great Pyramids, or joining the several festivals in this country, you really can’t go wrong with the endless activities.

Suitable for the whole family, Egypt is a must for any travel list. Deciding when the best time to go to Egypt can be tricky, especially with the challenging conditions in this country.

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April when the temperatures stay around 75 to 85 F. For the cheapest flights, February is the best month to travel. Although, if you wish to visit the Great Pyramids, or the Valley of the Kings, May through August is the best time. Though it’s hot, you’ll avoid the crowds.

Although it may be hotter in the summer months in Egypt, traveling to this fantastic country in July or August does have some advantages. While it can be pretty hot, the intense heat does wonders to clear out the mass of people who frequent the various sites.

This fact means it is possible to have popular tourist destinations for yourself and get some excellent pictures. Consider finding hotels with a refreshing pool or air conditioning if you are considering summer travel to Egypt.

What is the Worst Time to Visit Egypt?

If you want the best weather in Egypt, consider avoiding the country during its peak summer, from June through August. During this time, the average high temperature can be extreme, often over 90 degrees F, with constant sun.

The intense heat can make it challenging to explore and adventure throughout the day. Because of the intense heat, this is also the time to travel to beat the crowds, so there is a slight benefit to traveling during the hot season in Egypt.

Avoid the high season and travel over holidays for those trying to save money and have a cheaper vacation to Egypt. Flight and hotel prices often surge over Christmas and Easter.

October through January is the period when the weather is the best in Egypt, so the cost is usually much higher. Consider traveling in February for low airfare prices and superb weather.

Cheapest Month to go to Egypt

The cheapest month to fly to Egypt is February. During this time, flights dip to record low prices and, on average, are 5% lower than during the rest of the year.

February marks the end of the rainy season with wonderfully cool temperatures and a lovely coastal breeze. This time is often slightly less crowded because it doesn’t coincide with major holidays or school breaks.

However, hotels in Egypt may be slightly more expensive in February because of the wonderfully seasonable weather. Keep in mind that because the weather is ideal this month, it may be possible to find a hotel without air conditioning and remain comfortable.

Hotels without air conditioning may be slightly cheaper than alternative options. Hotel prices usually drop in September at the start of the rainy season. During this time, it might be possible to find great hotel deals.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Go To Egypt?

With minimal rain throughout the year, there really isn’t a wrong time to visit this country. For many, the best time to visit is between October and April. During this time, the weather is pleasant, the ocean is warm, and there are plenty of festivals and events to see.

June through August have some of the most intense temperatures, which can be too hot for many visitors.

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January: Best Time for an Egyptian Cruise

January begins the busy season for Egypt when temperatures are more manageable. The cooler weather ushers in temperatures in the high 60s to low mid-70s. This season can be extremely busy, and hotels are often filled to capacity.

Cruises can also get very busy during this time, especially day excursions along the Nile. January is the heart of the rainy season, so expect some short rain showers.

Usually, about 2 inches of precipitation is possible in January. January has several events for tourists to see, including the Orthodox Christian Christmas celebration.

  • West Bank Marathon (Late January or Early February)
  • Coptic Christmas

February: Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Visiting Egypt in February promises to bring pleasant temperatures. This is a popular month to visit because the daytime temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees, and the high rarely exceeds 80 degrees F.

February is still part of the rainy season, and there is about an inch of precipitation during the month. Remember that February can also be a little windy and bring in some cooler temperatures.

  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival
  • West Bank Marathon (Late January or Early February)

March: Ramadan

Depending on the Muslim calendar, visitors coming to Egypt may be able to experience the start of Ramadan. Visitors can see the colorful decorations during this exciting time and taste some traditional meals.

In March, the weather gets a little warmer, with average high temperatures around 74 degrees F and about 12 hours of sunlight each day. Precipitation decreases drastically as the rainy season wraps up at the end of March.

  • Cairo Jazz Festival
  • Sham al-Naseem
  • Ramadan (Time Varies)

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April: Ideal for Best Weather

If you want to visit Egypt while still enjoying some cooler temperatures, April is the last chance to visit. During April, the average high temperature is 83 degrees F, with 13 hours of intense sunshine every day.

This period concludes the rainy season, so don’t expect to see much rainfall during your visit in April. The annual Khamsin Wind, an intense Sandstrom that sweeps the area for a few days, usually occurs in April or May.

Depending on the Christian calendar, Easter may be a jam-packed weekend for travel if it falls in April.

  • Ramadan (Time Varies)

May: Start of Summer

May marks the start of the Summer season for Egypt when the sun is intense. Expect the average temperature in May to be around 90 degrees F.

There is hardly any rain this month, and there are usually about 14 hours of sunshine daily. Keep in mind that some daytime activities, like cruises, may be difficult to endure during sweltering days.

  • Ramadan (Time Varies)

June: Festivals

Some of the most intense heat occurs in June, with average summer temperatures reaching 93 degrees F. During this time, minimal rain and wind will help bring in cooler temperatures. June is still a fun month to travel to Egypt, with some exciting festivals and events to witness.

The Leylet en Nuktah is the celebration of the Nile flooding, bringing about bountiful harvests. During that time, visitors can enjoy festivals, traditional foods, and celebrations throughout the country.

  • Leylet en Nuktah
  • Eid al-Fitr

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July: Best to Avoid Crowds

July is the hottest month in Egypt, with the average temperature reaching 95 degrees F. Crowds are usually minimal during July because the heat is quite intense. Because so few people visit, July is the ideal time to get great photographs without hoards of people.

If you manage to find a hotel with air conditioning or a good swimming pool, July can be an excellent time to visit Egypt. You may even be able to find some good hotel deals and potentially cheaper airfare.

  • Day of the Prophet

August: Best Time to See the Nile

The high heat in Egypt continues throughout August. There is minimal rain, about 14 hours of sunshine daily, and the temperature usually exceeds 90 degrees F. In August, crowds are still minimal because of the heat.

Although the temperature is relatively high, a cruise along the Nile can be refreshing in August, pending you have a safe space to get out of the sunlight. Visitors traveling to Egypt may enjoy watching festivals celebrating Eid Al-Adha, the second largest Muslim holiday.

  • Eid Al-Adha
  • Arab Music Festival

September: Muslim New Year

The weather in September is very similar to the climate in June. During this month, temperatures are still high, but the cool breeze that starts the rainy season arrives.

September temperatures average in the low 90s, however, there are only 12 hours of sunlight every day. September is a great time to visit Egypt because you can escape the crowds that come for the busy rainy season.

\Plus, visitors may be able to experience the fun and festivities associated with the Muslim New Year.

  • Wafaa al Nil
  • Muslim New Year

October: Best for Sightseeing

October marks the start of the busy season for people traveling to Egypt. The cooler temperatures make it easier to see famous monuments and archaeological sites.

The average temperature in October is around 85 degrees F, but minimal rain remains. Often during this time, the price of hotels and cruises starts to increase.

During October, crowds will begin to rise, and it can become densely packed at the most famous attractions.

  • Mawlid an-Nabi

November: Winter Time in Egypt

The winter weather in November is quite lovely, making travel to Egypt during this time incredibly popular. The average November temperature in Egypt is around 77 degrees F.

During November, a slight amount of rain returns, with an average of 0.2 inches of precipitation. Film enthusiasts can visit the Alexandria Film Festival during this month which attracts countless visitors from around the world.

  • Alexandria International Film Festival

December: Sphinx Festival

If you want to travel to Egypt in December, you should plan your trip well in advance. The cooler temperatures combined with ideal breezy weather make December incredibly popular.

During this time, temperatures rarely soar above the mid-70s, and there are only minimal rain showers. The Sphinx Festival is a fun 5-day festival celebrating Egyptian history and heritage.

  • Sphinx Festival

Best Time To Visit Egypt with Family

Egypt is a fun experience for the entire family, with plenty of archeologic sites and festivals to visit. The best time to visit Egypt with the whole family is between October and April.

During this time, the temperature is cool and pleasant, and it is possible to experience all Egypt offers. With mild temperatures and minimal rain, traveling to see the sites in Egypt is a fun experience for everyone in the family.

If you want to visit Egypt, but are working with a budget, consider visiting this country during the shoulder months. Traveling in March or September may be a great way to experience pleasant temperatures and weather, but also avoid the huge crowds and high prices.

Hotels and airlines usually raise rates during the peak busy season, around holidays, but travel in March or September can largely avoid the bulk of these price increases.

Although the temperature during these months may be slightly higher, it is still nice to visit sites given you have plenty of shade and water.

Best Time to Visit Egypt to Avoid Crowds

If you want to avoid the crowds in Egypt, it is best to travel during the rainy season. The best time to visit Egypt to avoid crowds is in October, November, or any time between February and April. Not only will crowds be at their lowest, but the weather will also be the most comfortable.

Between October and April, temperatures are much cooler than in the hot summer. Usually, the average temperature in the fall is between 77 degrees F and 86 degrees C. Although this time is technically considered the rainy period, there is still plenty of guaranteed sunshine and manageable rain.

Is There a Rainy Season in Egypt?

Although Egypt consists mainly of desert areas that are dry and hot, there is a short rainy season in Egypt. During the winter season, usually between October and March, Egypt sees a fair amount of rain, especially in the coastal areas.

Although technically considered the rainy season, most showers are short, and the moisture evaporates quickly. Traveling to Egypt during the rainy season is often preferred because the temperatures stay mild.

When Is the Best Time to Cruise the Nile River?

Temperatures can reach uncomfortable peaks throughout the summer, so it is best to visit Egypt when it is cooler. The best time to cruise the Nile is between October and April, when the temperature is manageable.

During this time, plenty of cruises along the Nile reach famous destinations throughout Egypt. Cruises routinely pass the Valley of the Kings and Luxor.

It is best to avoid a cruise between June and August. During this time, temperatures are at their highest, and average high temperatures often surpass 100 degrees F.

Plus, when cruising, there is minimal shade. If you are on a boat during this time, you won’t be able to find much shelter from the scorching sun throughout the afternoon.

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When Is Diving in the Red Sea the Best?

A large attraction in Egypt is the Red Sea. Not only does the sea offer a great place for people to relax on the beach and cool off in the water, but diving in the Red Sea can show varied and rare wildlife. Some of the absolute best diving occurs in the Red Sea areas around Egypt.

The low season for diving is between December and February. During this time, the Red Sea water is much cooler and less crowded. Alternatively, diving in the peak heat between June to August also brings about fewer crowds in Egyptian waters.

The bonus to diving in the winter months is the chance to see rare Oceanic White Tip sharks and hammerhead sharks. Diving in the Red Sea can also reveal some fish only seen in this part of the world. Divers regularly encounter clown fish, puffer fish, parrotfish, various tangs, and plenty of angelfish.

When Is the Best Time to see the Pyramids?

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant attractions in Egypt is the pyramids. Built thousands of years ago, these tombs defy the tests of time. Because of their popularity, the pyramids are often packed with tourists and visitors throughout the year.

If you want to get a personal experience with the pyramids or enjoy photos uninterrupted by people, consider traveling to Egypt during the peak of summer.

Although temperatures are much higher in the Summer months in Egypt, crowds tend to be much smaller. Between June and August, temperatures reach their peak.

The high temperatures drive tourists away, so you’ll have the best chance to visit the pyramids with minimal crowds and interruptions. Always be sure to drink plenty of water and have a safe place to escape the heat during these hot months.

When Is the Weather the Coolest in Egypt?

Surrounded by deserts, Egypt experiences some incredibly high temperatures through the summer months. High heat and little to no breeze can make conditions miserable for people. If you don’t do well with hot climates, consider traveling to Egypt in January.

Typically, the average low temperature in January is around 50 degrees, with the average high rarely breaking 75 degrees F. It follows, though, that January can also be one of the busiest months due to the wonderfully cool weather.

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