Best place to sit on a plane for safety – Nervous about flying?

Which seats are the best for Airplane Safety? – Being trapped in a gigantic aluminium tube moving at 600mph can be fearful for some people… i can’t think for heavens sake why?? This is heightened when turbulence comes into play!

Lots of people suffer from Turbulence anxiety, my cousin being one of them. Turbulence anxiety is the fear of a potential place crash caused by the unplanned jerks and dips of the plane.

It makes my stomach churn thinking about this, as it effects us all at one level or another. Even though planes are considered one of the safest forms of transport sometimes things can still can wrong! So if the unexpected does happen, is there a best place to sit to give yourself the maximum chance of survival? Yes. 

The safest place on a plane to sit is one of the middle seats near the back of the plane.

However, this all does depend upon exactly the orientation in which the plane crashes! Generally this is the best place to sit if the plane crashes.

If safety is your worry while flying?

For peace of mind you should be aware that Plane travel is the safest form of transport. The facts and figures back up how a safe plane travel is also, according to a study, for every 1 billion passenger miles traveled by car, 7.2 people die, by plane, it’s only 0.07 people!Northwestern airlines Report.

However, as the recent engine failure on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 has shown, it’s still possible for something to go deadly to go wrong.

One engine on the plane disintegrated, spraying shrapnel that depressurised the plane and forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

The incident resulted in the death of a passenger, which was the first fatality on a US passenger airline in more than nine years.

Studies on Plane Safety

Federal Aviation Administration’s (CSRTG Aircraft Accident Database)

Looking at crash data from 17 plane crashes with seat charts that could be analysed, researchers found that seats in the back third of a plane had a fatality rate of 32% in those incidents.

Middle seats near the back had a 28% fatality rate.Passengers seated in the middle third of the plane, by contrast, had a 39% fatality rate, and aisle seats in the middle of planes had a 44% fatality rate.

Seats in the front third of the plane had a 38% rate. Although some researchers have calculated that aisle seats may be safer than middle or window seats, the Time analysis found that at least in the middle of the plane, they were the least safe.

And middle seats near the back appeared to be safest.Of course all crashes are different. If the back of a plane were to hit the ground first, it’d most likely be safer to be sitting in the front. But from the available crash data we have so far, people at the back seem to fare better.   – Time Magazine Study.

Best Airplane seat for safety

Best Airplane seat for safety

Mexican Desert & the Boeing 727

In 2012, researchers decided to take a Boeing 727 no real crew on board, fill it with crash test dummies and cameras, and fly it into the Mexican Desert. 

The researchers directed the plane into the ground as if it were attempting an emergency landing. The front of the plane wasn’t a good place to be at all! So first class wasn’t necessarily worth the extra money in this study! 

The cockpit was torn away and some of the seats in the front flew hundreds of feet! The impact and destruction at the front of the plane could have seriously injured or killed passengers seated in that area, likely those in the first class and more desirable seats.

Passengers at the back were still jostled around and in some cases likely to suffer head injuries, especially if they were not wearing seat-belts.

Best Airplane seat for safety

Best Airplane seat for safety

If Turbulence causes you Anxiety?

Check out our very informative article on Which is the best seat on a plane to avoid turbulence? – No more Motion Sickness!

Where is the best place to sit for a speedy Exit?

This is especially important on short city breaks and weekends away where you need to maximise the time you have away!  Verdict? You need to book a seat at the front of the plane to the left, this is closest to where the exit is located and where passengers leave the aircraft from.

Best airplane seat for safety

Best airplane seat for safety

Where is the Best place to sit for view while flying?

For some people, looking out of a window helps them with flight anxiety.  This is purely dependent upon which airport you are leaving from and in which city!  For example,

When leaving Sydney, sit on the right hand side of the aircraft to get the best views of Sydney Harbour,’ says Captain Derek May, British Airways.

best airplane seat for a view

best airplane seat for a view over Sydney Harbour



 The harbour is the largest natural harbour in the world and flyers will be able to get unbeatable aerial shots of world-famous Sydney Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House. However, If flying from LAX a  seat on the left side of the plane is best for catching a great view of the Hollywood sign.

Flying into Las Vegas, best plane seat?

A British Airways air hostess recommended you opt for the right side of the plane when flying into Las Vegas to see the dazzling city below, with its colossal hotels and glistening casinos. Don’t worry if you are sat on the left side, as you will still be able to see the strip when the plane is taxiing on the ground.

Las Vegas at Dusk from a Southwest Jet. Best place to sit for a view on a airplane

Flying into the Bora Bora Islands, best plane seat?

The planes operate by open seating, so it is key to arrive early to secure a left seat, but if you do, you will not be disappointed. You will see Huahine, Tahaa, Raiatea and Bora Bora on your approach to Bora Bora airport and witness the unspoilt reefs and lagoons.

Generally , if window gazing helps your with anxiety, you should avoid a window seat that’s located over one of the wings, where your view will be blocked entirely.

Best place to sit for a view on a aeroplane

Best place to sit for a view on a airplane

If you sign up for our email updates at TownandTourist, we can send you our Seat Guru tool can provide you with a map of your particular aircraft if you send us your flight number after booking! So you’ll be able to see which seats are located over the wings and steer clear of them.

If sleeping while flying makes you feel safer?

Sleep can be difficult while on a flight, especially with worries on your mind, that annoying passenger next to you who is hogging the arm rest and the lack of neck support.

However, there are still some preferred options window seats give you control of the window shade and a place to rest your head; they also mean you don’t need to be woken up every time the passenger next to you needs the toilet. A window seat at the front of the plane, is also quieter with less engine noise.

Father,son best comfy safe plane seats

Travel Pillow -Courtesy of the Independent. This makes the best plane seat while flying feel much better.

Do you need sleeping Essentials while flying?

Purchase an eye mask, earplugs, and memory foam pillow so that you can have a comfortable nap during the flight.

I never leave for a flight these days without these essentials it just makes the experience much more relaxing! We stock a price comparison search of these must haves, on partners Amazon Essentials page.

Which airplane seat has the least engine noise?

A window seat at the front of the plane, is quietest with less engine noise.

Best seat for comfort, Taller person? more legroom?

Seats in exit rows have more legroom than most, as do seats at the bulkhead. Such seats are popular but also come with extra responsibilities. For example passengers in exit rows must be willing to assist in the evacuation of the aircraft during an emergency.

Some airlines can charge for seats with extra legroom.  A seat at the bulkhead, ideally in the middle, which means fellow passengers won’t have to step over you en route to the toilet. Second best option is an aisle seat, which usually has plenty of options available.

Best plane seat for safety

Best airplane seat for safety is not this one!