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How Pakistan Offers The Best Motorcycling Opportunities, You Cannot Miss!

Motorcycle road trip in Pakistan.
Written by Alex

To have the habit of travelling is considered one of the finest attributes that a human being can have. Travelling around the world and exploring new places really liberates a person and helps open their mind beyond any measures. We truly believe that travelling is the best form of education because of the new kind of things that you get to learn about people and their way of life; you get to understand other people’s culture, their food, music, religion and most importantly their thought processes. And the best part about such learning is that you get to have your own incredible experiences that you can add to the story of your life.

Unfortunately the pandemic has truly affected this part of our economy in the worst possible way; people who had planned trips, vacations and visits had to cancel everything on account of risking catching this deadly and unpredictable disease. Tourist countries that are used to hosting many tourists every year from around the world had the worst experience without a doubt. However there is one country that although was affected by the pandemic but its tourist industry? Well not so much! 

Motorcycling in Pakistan.

Pakistan is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world that is filled with untapped and unexplored territories that could possibly prove to be a travel enthusiast’s dream trip. If planning a trip in Pakistan you will get to see different kinds of cultures, explore a variety of foods, dwell in rich history, admire various architectures, get stunned by dramatic topography that ranges from scenic mountains, lush green planes, flirtatious beaches and then finally dry but warm deserts. 

There is so much tourist potential in Pakistan that unfortunately has not yet been explored to the slightest. Political instability has definitely chased out any opportunities that Pakistan has to host tourism and it doesn’t help that the residing governments do not take responsibility to polish or flourish this industry. 

However we do suggest carrying a secure bag at the back of your motorcycle that you can definitely trust because of the bumpy road and you don’t want it to fall off during the journey. Some motorcycle tank bags that have magnetic qualities in them have the ability to attach themselves with a stronghold on the motorcycle tanks which would be perfect for such an adventurous route. 

This does not reflect on the accessibility or hospitality of the people of Pakistan who appreciate its visitors and try their best to provide its tourists with the best possible experience. Explore, unravel and connect with Pakistan as you will get the opportunity to create one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Motorcycling in Pak.

Faisal Mosque road, Islamabad, Pakistan.

The locations mentioned and selected in this article are less than a handful of places that can be and should be visited in Pakistan. 

1. Karakoram Road

Motorcycle touring

Incredible view of Karakoram highway, Pakistan

One of the most beautiful and scenic routes you can take in Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway is also considered at the 8th wonder of the world because of the overwhelming adventure it offers those who decide to travel it. The Karakoram Highway is actually a prehistoric route that was given the name Silk Road because of the easy access it provided for travelling and trade; today this road has been constructed into a proper highway that connects Pakistan with China and has become one of the most travelled roads sincerely because of the scenic beauty. 

On your journey through the Karakoram Highway you will get the opportunity to witness the authentic beauty of Pakistan as breathtaking mountain ranges unravel in front of you; you will also get to see iconic mountain peaks such as the Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi along with various villages that represent different ethnicities and cultures within just this route. The highest point of the mountain ranges stand at 4,880 m so it goes without saying that at certain points of the year this course will be closed due to the heavy snowfall in the winters. Hence we highly suggest making your way through this path from May to October so you can really enjoy the beauty. 

Now imagine making your way through this path on your motorcycle so you can really take in every second of the journey, really bonding with your surroundings. Along with the mountainous route eventually the Karakoram Highway will lead you to the Khunjerab Pass which is the border where China and Pakistan meet. This border is highly visited because of the eventual scenery its visitors get to see. The entire ride will be worth the destination, believe us! 


2. Skardu Valley

Trip on a Motorcycle

Skardu valley, Pakistan.

The Skardu Valley in Pakistan is considered one of the most breathtaking vacation spots in Pakistan because of the surrounding greenery, blue water lake and the high number of entertainment this region provides. The Skardu Valley is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and can be reached through the Karakoram Highway as well as an alternate route taken from Gilgit as well. If you’re travelling from Islamabad this journey could take you up to 36 hours if you are relying on Public transport. However if you decide to ride your motorcycle then the journey could be cut down to 24 hours as well. The ride may be long and tedious but not a second of it will be considered boring or worthless.

The road to the Skardu Valley is also considered to be one of the most dangerous routes in the world so calling out to all the adventures out there this path is not for the faint hearted. The road to Skardu falls victim to the tricky mountain topography and the stubborn nature making it difficult to repair and maintain this path. Once in the city of Skardu you can get around with walking, cycling, motorcycling and of course by hiring a taxi. Some of the places you can visit in the Skardu city are:

  • Sand dunes
  • Satpara Lake
  • Shangrila Lake
  • K2 Museum 
  • Shigar Valley
  • Manthoka Waterfall
  • Buddha Rock Carvings

Just by the sheer amount of attractions that this region holds should be enough incentive to pack your motorcycle luggage bags and head out to Pakistan for an unbelievably beautiful and culturally rich adventure. 

3. Naran

Motorcycle touring naran.

Adorable view of Naran Valley.

A small town located in the Valley of Kaghan in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This town has gained a lot of popularity in the past years because of how frequently it is visited by tourists from Pakistan and the world alike. This road trip will give you the opportunity to witness incredible natural beauty filled with lakes, mountain ranges and hill stations on the way. The best thing about this route is how easily accessible it is by road which contributes heavily to why it’s considered such an appeal. 

Some of the attractions in Naran include visiting the:

  • Kunhar River
  • Shogran Hill Station
  • Babusar Hill Station
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Ansu Lake

Each and every location mentioned above has its own rich history and background which will make this trip not only recreational but also extremely educational as well. 

4. Hunza Valley


Secrets of hunza valley, Pakistan.

Again accessible through the Khunjerab pass the Hunza Valley should be considered as a must visit location in Pakistan. If you’re travelling from China to Pakistan Hunza will be considered the first town you can stop and rest in. Hunza is a place that remains a vision throughout the year; in autumn is a sight worth seeing and the snow capped mountains in the winters turns it into a fairy wonderland. 

The hospitality, peace and tranquility that one can feel at Hunza is incomparable with any other place. The culture that is rich with history, dance, music and food makes you explore different horizons of travelling but somehow also makes you feel at home. This unique experience at Hunza Valley cannot be missed because going around this town and the other locations around it on your motorcycle will absolutely take your breath away. 

Bite into ripe and delicious plums, apricots, mulberries and cherries to discover the taste of fruit like nowhere else in the world. Also absorb the tradition through festivals and celebrations that will change your experience of travelling forever. The lakes at Hunza are abundant, blue and flirtatious as they will attract you to make stops to try and capture its timeless beauty. And make time to visit the Altit Fort at the foot of the Hunza Valley and learn about its history and origins. 

Southern Area of Pakistan:

Areas for motorcycle road trip

Map of areas of southern Pakistan, source: google.

Now that we have covered the most famous and highly celebrated locations of the Northern areas of Pakistan, let’s pack all the various pockets of your motorcycle sissy bar bags with all your essentials and take a virtual trip to the Southern part of Pakistan. The roads as you travel down are more accessible however the culture, traditions, language, food, music, dances and clothes drastically change as you make your way down which would prove to be a traveler’s paradise in search of diversity. 

1. Hingol National Park

Motorcycling in Balochistan

Panoramic view of Hingol national park.

Located only 190 km away from Karachi, the Hingol National park is considered the largest national park of Pakistan. This park is being considered as the savior of the tourist industry of Pakistan, proving to be much more accessible while also holding exotic culture, sightseeing and history in it. 

Extremely diverse from the landscapes that in the Northern areas in Pakistan this national park is a sight full of rock formations, wildlife, mud volcanoes while being close to the Makran Beach. Not only will you get to enjoy a ride along the fresh cold water but also experience desert like topography. Here you will experience the power of nature and it’s doing of natural rock formations as you will be left in awe after seeing the Princess of Hope and the Lion of Balochistan, both that seem like man made rock structures but are actually a result of erosion. Dwell in the deep history and culture this place offers and allow yourself to be entertained solely by what nature has to offer.

2. Gorakh Hills

Motorcycle adventure in southern Pakistan.

Gorakh hill station view point.

Away from the Northern areas of Pakistan there is a hill station located in the highest plateau of the Sindh province; the red hills and mountains stand at the height of 5,690 ft attracting thick clouds over it which result in snowfall during the winters. The topography of this hill station is similar to that of the Grand Canyon in the USA and the Ayers Rocks in Australia. The formation of these Hills is much more diverse from that of any other northern area of Pakistan because of desert like terrain with seldom any agriculture growth. 

You will however find a variety of species of reptiles that have made this area their home and habitat. 

3. Gwadar Beach

roads for Motorcycle in Pakistan

view of Gwadar port, Pakistan.

Formally known for fishing the Gwadar port in Pakistan has become a new place of interest for the government of Pakistan that along with the help of China are striving to reap a lot more from this coast in the form of development programs and establishing trade routes. 

The beauty of Gwadar lies not only in its potential for growth and development but also in the untouched and unexplored beaches that are blue and abundant in nature. Their Gwadar port is situated in between the East bay and the West Bay; the Deep Sea hits the Gwadar port from the East bay and because the city of Gawadar is neck shaped the sea hits it from three different sides. 

If you are planning on visiting Gwadar below is a list of beaches that you must visit:

  • Kund Malir beach, Makran
  • Astola Island
  • Daran Beach
  • Hammerhead Beach
  • Gawadar Beach
  • Pasni Beach
  • Pishukan Beach

Pakistan is a country that experiences all four seasons in a year, it’s an agricultural land that is rich in forests, greenery and plantation. However the country is also home to desert areas, abundant water types, hospitable people, exotic animals and a myriad of cultures. Include Pakistan in your bucket list this year for a memorable trip. 

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