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30 Best Boating Snacks You’ll Love (Sweet, Salty & Savory!)

Shaldon Roberts-Lemus

Shaldon Roberts-Lemus, Updated October 8, 2022

Any regulars to boating will tell you that something about being out on the water makes everyone hungry. If this is your first time, you’ll soon see what they mean. This is why preparing a large assortment of foods, along with all your other boating necessities, is so important.

Whether you’re out for a long day of fishing or just some relaxation on the water, prepping food is a must. Food can help everyone stay hydrated, provide protein for boating adventures, and add to the fun of your trip. From small finger foods to protein dense snacks, and beyond, there’s plenty to pick from for your next boating trip.

Of course, boating trips with friends and families means you’ll need to prepare more food and account for everyone’s likes and dislikes. Luckily, our list offers a variety of options for vegetarian, gluten free, and easy options. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Hummus

Credit: Alan Levine / Flickr

A staple of various world cuisines and easily pairable with loads of other snacks, hummus is a great snack option. A tub of it can be purchased at most American grocery stores, and can be easily made from scratch at home too.

Hummus is a great snack option because of how easily it pairs with chips, veggies, or other dipping food options. It’s also great because the compact form it comes in makes it easy to toss in a cooler or freezer with other snacks.

Hummus also comes in a variety of flavor options such as garlic herb, roasted garlic, red pepper, and many more. Those making their own will find that it is a straightforward recipe, and the options for flavors open up even more. 

Average Cost: $3.50
Snack Type: Savory

2. Cold Cut Sandwich

Credit: Wally Gobetz / Flickr

Whether on land or sea, a cold cut sandwich is a classic, filling snack that everyone is sure to love. It’s customizable, easy to pack in a freezer or cooler, and can easily pair with a side to create a full meal. 

Cold cut sandwiches are a great boat snack because each person can get exactly what they want. Your boat passengers can choose their meat, cheese, veggies, or choose to go completely vegan or vegetarian.

Cold cut sandwiches store easily in a cooler and are easy to prepare. Typically buying ingredients for them will yield plenty. Plus, the sandwich is so ubiquitous that you don’t even have to make them yourself if you don’t want to. They can be found in loads of places.

Average Cost: Varies by ingredients
Snack Type: Savory

3. Pre-cut Veggies

Credit: Oregon State University / Flickr

Veggies are a great, healthy snack option packed with vitamins for all your boating adventures. Easily found at a local grocery store in snack sizes, or easily prepared at home, this snack packs up nicely for long periods of time.

Besides being a healthy snack packed with nutrients, veggies easily pair with loads of other snack options. These would be great to bring along with your hummus or dip of choice. Additionally, there are a huge assortment of vegetables to pick from for snacking, so everyone can pick their favorite.

It makes it a highly customizable, easy to pack, and healthy meal for everyone. Plus, if you don’t want to cut up your own, you can find pre-packed snack size options at most local grocery stores.

Average Cost: Varies by type
Snack Type: Sweet and Savory

4. Trail Mix

Credit: Andy Melton / Flickr

A classic snack option for any outdoor activity, trail mix is a highly customizable and nutritious snack. Easily pack bags to everyone’s taste, or pick up pre-made mixes at any grocery store. This snack is quick, healthy, and easy to pack.

Trail mix is a great addition to any outdoor trip because of how portable and easy it is to prepare. Plus, most of the ingredients offer calories and energy needed for all your adventures. 

Trail mix can also be made from a huge assortment of items, allowing everyone to make their own mix how they like. Just be careful when packing to avoid anything with too much chocolate, as it will likely melt in the sun.

Average Cost: $5+
Snack Type: Sweet and Salty

5. Pre-cut Cheese & Meats

Credit: Alexandria Perone / Flickr

Easily packed in a small bag or on a dish, meat and cheese is a quick hands free snack to bring on the boat. Pick from a wide assortment of meats and cheeses to make the perfect selection for you and yours.

A selection of cheese and meats in a bag, or on a plate, are a great option for hands free snacking with a toothpick. This is especially useful if hand washing options are limited on the boat. 

Meat and cheese are stored easily in a cooler or fridge as well, so it can be brought on any size boat. Plus, it can easily pair with crackers or other snack options to make a more filling snack option. 

Make your own custom mix, or easily purchase a pre-made selection at the store. This snack also comes packed with protein to help keep the activities going strong.

Average Cost: $10+
Snack Type: Salty

6. Jerky

Credit: Michael Lawton / Flickr

Protein packed, long lasting, and easily transportable, jerky is a perfect outdoor and boating snack. Jerky doesn’t need to be refrigerated and comes in a variety of flavors, so everyone can choose their favorite.

Jerky is a staple of snacking, and rightfully so, as it is packed with flavor and protein necessary to keep you going. Jerky can be found in grocery stores or even a gas station on your way to your boating destination. Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors and spice levels.

For those that want to challenge themselves, you can even make your own jerky in preparation for your next boating trip. Enjoy the bragging rights when all your boating guests have a taste of delicious homemade jerky.

Average Cost: $6+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory 

7. Pre-cut Fruit

Credit: Andrew Brusnahan / Flickr

Pre-cut fruit offers a refreshing and crisp snack for even the hottest of boating trips. Easily pack it away in a bag or on a plate, and snack hands free with a toothpick. Fruit is packed with essential nutrients, and offers a little sweetness into your mix of snacks.

Fruit is a great option for a boat trip because of how easily it can be packed and stored. Put it in a little bag, in a tupperware, or present it on a plate with other snacks. Fruit also pairs easily with various dip options like mascarpone if you’re looking for a little added sweetness.

This snack can also help keep everyone hydrated while out on the water, a must for those hot summer days. Plus, the ease of picking up fruit with a toothpick is perfect when hand washing options are limited.

Additionally, fruit can easily pair with several of the other snack options on this list, like cheese and meat. With so many options, you can easily make a platter or to-go baggies that everyone is sure to love. Pre-made options are also easily found at most grocery stores.

Average Cost: $3+
Snack Type:

8. Mini Babybel Cheese

Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon / Flickr

This pre-packaged snack option is a great grab-and-go option for any boat trip. Choose from a variety of cheese types to fit your likes and store them easily in a cooler. This snack is the perfect bite size snack to help keep your hunger satisfied on the water.

Babybel cheese comes in a variety of flavor options, meaning everyone can find their preferred type. There is even a vegan option for those looking to cut out animal products from their diet. Packages come in a variety of sizes too, so you’re sure to have plenty for everyone.

Each little cheese wheel also comes encased in a layer of wax, perfect for protecting it from water. The case can also be used to hold the cheese wheel if you haven’t had a chance to clean your hands properly.

Average Cost: $8+
Snack Type: Savory

9. Canned Fish

Credit: Stijn Nieuwendijk / Flickr

While not a snack on its own for most people, canned fish is a great option for using to make other snacks. It can easily be converted into a schmear, stuffing, and more to spruce up a variety of snack options. It is nutrient dense and thematically fitting. 

Canned fish is a highly affordable addition to your selection of snacks. It can be used in wraps, mixed with other ingredients to spread on toast, or stuffed into bell peppers. This is a versatile snack that can add protein and minerals to your other snack options.

Average Cost: $2+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory

10. Grapes

Credit: Zoi Koraki / Flickr

Grapes are a super simple snack option that will keep your boat passengers refreshed. Grapes also come in a variety of flavors, each their own kind of delicious. They can also be easily frozen to make small popsicle-like bursts of sweetness.

This snack is a great option for your boat trip because they don’t even need to be refrigerated. You can take them on any boating trip for a refreshing, crisp snack while out on the water. 

The various flavor options also ensure that everyone can have their favorite, whether that’s tart, cotton candy, or something else. Grapes also easily pair with other snack options and fit perfectly on a fruit plate. 

Average Cost: $3+
Snack Type: Sweet

11. Oranges

Credit: Maria Mastrafchieva / Flickr

This is another simple and refreshing snack option to take on your boating trip. Oranges are a healthy snack that don’t require refrigeration and will keep everyone hydrated.

This is a great snack option as oranges can be easily stored just about anywhere on the boat. They will keep everyone hydrated and offer plenty of vitamins. This snack can be enjoyed all on its own, but can be paired with other fruit or even used to spruce up drinks.

Average Cost: $5+
Snack Type: Sweet

12. Bean Dip

Credit: Ginny / Flickr

Bean dip is a staple of any collection of snacks. As easy or complex as you want it to be, bean dip is highly customizable, delicious, and easy to pair. Store it easily in a container in a cooler and enjoy dipping your favorite chip or veggie.

This snack is a great option for its customizability and ease. Whether you like your bean dip with meat, cheese, or with many kinds of beans, you can prepare your favorite. Plus, if you don’t feel like making your own, you can easily find a large variety at most grocery stores.

Bean dip can be enjoyed on its own with chips or veggies, or can be used as a great addition to a spread. Its compact nature also means you can easily store plenty for everyone to enjoy while only taking up a small amount of space in a cooler.

Average Cost: $2+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory

13. Cheese Sticks

Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon / Flickr

Easy to transport and easy to enjoy without getting your hands dirty, cheese sticks are a great addition to your snack array. Cheese sticks won’t take up much room in a cooler, and their plastic wrapping will keep them fresh even after the ice melts.

Cheese sticks come in a variety of flavor options, so everyone can have their favorite cheese in easily snackable form. You can even find them in variety packs.

These little snack options come individually wrapped as well, so they will stay fresh in the cooler after the ice melts. The wrapper also helps keep your hands off when hand washing options are limited.

Average Cost: $4+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory

14. Hard-boiled Eggs

Credit: Whynotcoconut / Flickr

A powerhouse of nutrients, protein, and fat, eggs are a superfood that anyone can enjoy. Hard-boiled eggs are an easy to prepare snack that can keep hunger at bay and can pair easily with other ingredients to really elevate them.

Hard-boiled eggs will store easily in a tupperware in a cooler and keep for a long time. They are dense in nutrients, necessary fats, and proteins for all your boating adventures. Plus, you can easily turn them into deviled eggs for an even more delicious snack option.

Average Cost: $2+
Snack Type: Savory and Salty

15. Granola Bars

Credit: Emily Carlin / Flickr

This snack option is a quick and easy way to curb your appetite and keep you energized out on the water. Choose from a huge assortment of flavor and texture options, or make your own at home for maximum customization.

Granola bars are one of the quickest and most compact ways to get everyone fed and energized. These little bars come in a huge assortment of flavor, ingredient, and texture options to fit everyone’s likes. Pick up sweet ones, salty ones, or protein packed ones at most stores.

Average Cost: $2+
Snack Type: Sweet and Salty

16. Shrimp Cocktail

Credit: ninniane / Flickr

One of the more decadent snack options on this list, shrimp cocktail is a treat that everyone is sure to enjoy. One package stores easily in a cooler and will be enough to serve several people. 

This delicious, and thematically fitting snack is a great snack option for your next boating trip. You can easily find it in most stores in varying sizes. Just make sure to check for shellfish allergies beforehand to keep from contaminating other food in the cooler.

Average Cost: $9+
Snack Type: Savory

17. Lox

Credit: liz west / Flickr

While slightly harder to find than other snacks on this list, lox is a decadent addition to any snack spread. Pair it with bread, bagels, and loads more for a delicious and thematically appropriate snack everyone will love.

Lox is a versatile ingredient that will pair with a multitude of other food items to create something incredible. Use it with crackers, on a platter of other snacks, and loads more. It’s also packed with nutrients and protein to keep everyone having fun on your boat trip.

Average Cost: $9+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory

18. Hawaiian Roll Sliders

Credit: Eric E Castro / Flickr

This is an easy to prepare, delicious, and filling snack option. Enjoy classic sliders with meat and cheese, or make it your own with a different selection of ingredients.

Whichever ingredients you decide to put in your slider, the added sweetness from the Hawaiian rolls is a welcome addition. This snack is super easy to bring with you too, as a package of ham and cheese can be easily stored in a cooler, and the bread can sit anywhere.

Average Cost: Varies by ingredients
Snack Type: Savory

19. Watermelon

Credit: imageLane / Flickr

Highly refreshing and very filling, watermelon is a great snack to bring along on the boat. One watermelon can feed plenty and it can be stored anywhere on the boat, as long as it doesn’t roll around.

Watermelon is a great option because of how hydrating it is and because of how many people a single watermelon can feed. It can be used on a platter with other fruit, or sliced up to eat on its own. They even come in pre-cut snack sizes if you don’t want to cut it yourself.

Average Cost: $3+
Snack Type: Sweet

20. Crackers

Credit: Christian Ramiro González Verón / Flickr

Crackers are a must for any boating trip for a variety of reasons. Use them for dips, stack them with meats and cheese, or eat them on their own. Whether eaten on their own or in one of many pairings, crackers are something everyone can enjoy.

These crunchy, bite sized snacks are versatile and easy to pair with a variety of other snack options to round out your snack array. Plus, they can be used to lure fish in. Just make sure to do so in very limited amounts, as crackers can be bad for the fish.

Average Cost: $1+
Snack Type: Salty

21. Tuna Salad

Credit: David Singleton / Flickr

Tuna salad is a versatile and easy snack option for your boat trip. It can be eaten as a dip with various dipping foods, or mixed with other ingredients to make a more substantial snack. 

Tuna salad is also great because it keeps for a long time and doesn’t need to be refrigerated while in the can. It can be used to stuff vegetables, or put into sliders and sandwiches.

Plus, tuna salad is themed for a boat ride. If you don’t feel like bringing all the ingredients, you can also easily purchase pre-made packets from the store. You might even find some interesting flavored ones to spice things up.

Average Cost: $1.50+
Snack Type: Salty and Savory

22. Packaged Cookies

Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon / Flickr

Choose from a huge assortment of sweet pre-packaged cookies that everyone is sure to love. Whether you like peanut butter, sugar, chocolate chip, or any other number of cookie options, you’re sure to find the one for you.

Packaged cookies are an exceptionally great snack option for the boat because of how many varieties there are to pick from. You can get big packages that everyone likes, or smaller ones to fit each individual’s likes. Just keep in mind that chocolate heavy ones might melt in the heat.

Average Cost: $2.50+
Snack Type: Sweet

23. Corn on the Cob

Credit: Aimee Steen / Flickr

Corn on the cob is a great snack that you can set and forget while enjoying your boating trip. Eat it as is or adopt the traditional latin american practice of dressing it up for an extra flavorful snack.

While corn on the cob might not be what most people think of when going boating, it is still something that everyone can enjoy. To prepare it, toss some boiling water into a cooler with your corn, and let them cook slowly throughout the day to enjoy later.

This snack is particularly great because you set it at the beginning and know you have something to look forward to later. This is especially true when cooked food options are limited on the water. This snack can be eaten as is, with a little butter, or dressed up.

Average Cost: $0.50+
Snack Type: Sweet, Salty, and Savory

24. Cooler Hot Dogs

Credit: Buzz / Flickr

Hot dogs are a classic snack option that everyone will love and can prepare however they like. Hot dogs don’t take up much space, are delicious, and are one of few cooked food options on the water.

To prepare cooler hot dogs, you simply put some boiling water in a cooler and let the wieners cook throughout the day. When you’re ready, you can dress them up however you like and enjoy a warm, delicious snack.

Average Cost: $4+
Snack Type: Savory

25. Pretzels & Goldfish

Credit: Kat / Flickr

This super simple snack combo is great as a pair or can be split as standalone snacks. They do not need refrigeration and are no hassle. These salty bites are great for tiding boat passengers over until a larger meal can be enjoyed.

Pretzels and goldfish are also great because of the variety of flavor options they come in. They’re kid and adult friendly and are easy to enjoy on the go. While not substantial on their own, these are still a great addition to an array of snacks.

Average Cost: $2.50+
Snack Type: Salty

26. Packaged Chips

Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon / Flickr

One of the first snacks most people probably think of, packaged chips have earned their spot in a list of greatest snacks. Coming in a massive selection of flavor options, easy to transport, and delicious, chips are a snack everyone will love.

Whether you’re eating them on their own, or using them as carriers for dip, chips are a staple snack food. They’re particularly great because everyone can get the kind they like, and they last a long time. Just make sure everyone is washing their hands before eating.

Average Cost: $2.50+
Snack Type: Salty

27. Veggie Wraps

Credit: George Wesley & Bonita Dannells / Flickr

This snack option is great for its customizability and nutritional density. Easily pack up your ingredients to use later, or purchase pre-packed ones to enjoy.

Veggie wraps are an easy and delicious snack option that are packed with nutrients. Keep it all vegetable packed, or put in your favorite meat. Either is great and easy to prepare.

Average Cost: Varies by ingredient
Snack Type: Savory and Salty

28. Pre-made Salads

Credit: Alan Parkinson / Flickr

This refreshing snack option can be customized to your liking and is easy to prepare. Make your own custom mix at home, or buy any number of pre-made ones at the store.

Pre-made salads are a great option because you can prepare them in advance and know you won’t have to worry about it later. It is light, refreshing, and surprisingly filling.

Average Cost: $2+
Snack Type: Savory

29. Bell Peppers

Credit: Jan / Flickr

These crunchy snack options are a great way to round out a selection of snacks. They easily pair with other snacks and are highly versatile.

Whether you’re dipping them, eating them plain, or stuffing them, bell peppers really add to a selection of snacks. They have a great crunch, are packed with vitamins, and are easy to prepare however you like.

Average Cost: $1+
Snack Type: Savory

30. Pasta Salad

Credit: Patsy / Flickr

This is a quick and easy snack option that goes a long way and is easy to prepare. One batch easily feeds multiple people and still comfortably fits in a cooler.

Pasta salad is easy to prepare at home and customize to your liking, but if you don’t want to do that, you can also find it in most stores. It is filling, light, and refreshing.

Average Cost: $3+
Snack Type:

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