8 Epic Beaches To Visit For Your Post-Quarantine Holiday

Written by Tammy S

I know you are excited to go travel now that most travel restrictions have been lifted! Here are the must visit beaches we recommend!

Do you ever find yourself annoyed that most of the beaches you go to have a lot of noisy people and other tourists in them? Worry not, here are 8 of the most hidden beaches across the globe. Be wary though, some of these beaches are remote and getting to them might be more of a challenge. If you are craving to go deep-sea fishing – we recommend deep-sea fishing panama city beach.

Once you get there, you should know where to fish. It is our duty to help you find out where to fish and what equipment to use. If you’re one of those tourists that consider the journey as part of the destination, then you’re in for a treat.

1. Lord Howe Island, Australia


The Lord Howe Island is a famed tourist destination that is only a 2-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Visitors spend time on the island by doing a lot of activities such as day hikes, snorkeling, and hand feeding some of the indigenous species of fish found in Australia. 

With regards to hotel accommodations, tourists can go to the Capella Lodge. The simple yet warm lodge rests atop Lover’s Bay, a perfect spot for couples on their honeymoon. Most tourists are also in for a treat as the most common way around the island is by going on a bicycle.

2. Panama City Beach, Florida


Panama City Beach is a hidden oasis in the midst of the vast metropolis of Panama. With neither houses nor shops to speak of, this beach is as perfect a place as any to enjoy a day spent sun bathing, sunbathing or just relaxing on a lazy summer afternoon.

You will be surprised at what you discover about this place as you travel from one side to the other via roads that curve and snake through jungle terrain; from the picturesque cliffs overlooking Clearwater Beach, to colorful coral gardens located about half a mile east of the main resort area.

Whether you plan to walk on the boardwalk, fish in an artificial reef, snorkel along the coral reef or simply relax and relax on one of the many beautiful beaches in north Florida, there are lots of reasons to go deep-sea fishing panama city beach.

The activity allows you to see wildlife close up including snakes, dolphins and manatees. On Florida’s deep-sea fishing Charter Tours, you will also learn how to raise your current fishing proficiency to promote more catch and release fishing opportunities not only for your own pleasure but for the enjoyment of others as well.

3. Ibo Island, Mozambique


With the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) protecting the Island as a world heritage site, tourists are in for the best experience of their lives. Luscious coves and Sandbank Beaches became the best spot for visitors to spend their time here.

Even if it’s location is remote, Ibo Island is the most accessible island located in Quirimbas. For a luxurious stay, tourists are advised to stay in one of the nine rooms available at the Ibo Island Lodge. Although the cost for a single person is $335, the experience is well worth the money you paid.

4. Salema, Portugal


Just three hours south of Lisbon near Cape Sagres, the beach of Salema is breathtaking. Salema is a known fishing village in Portugal where it’s beach is between two steep mountain cliffs. 

Although the Algarve coast has a lot of new high-rise buildings, Salema is virtually untouched, perfect for the tourists who want to “get away from it all.” For those who want to avoid the city, rooms are available for a small fee of $26. The cuisine is fantastic as people are in for a treat with produce directly from the sea. 

5. Koh Lanta, Thailand

When tourists talk about Thailand, Phuket always comes into mind. However, these are the most populated beaches for “foreign” beachgoers. Koh Lanta offers a much more serene experience which is just an hour by van or speedboat from Phuket. The farther south a tourist gets, the more exotic the experience will be.

Klong Do Beach is a popular one in Koh Lanta.

Visitors can do a broad range of activities from snorkelling to spending time with the locals in their authentic fishing villages. Time for Lime, a known destination for healthy meals, is an open-air restaurant where you can partake in cooking your food. The meals are good for two, costing $25.

6. Cirali Beach, Turkey

Home to the endangered loggerhead sea turtles, Cirali beach doubles as one of the most prime beaches for tourists. Although following strict conservation laws seem harsh for some tourists, the enforcers there promise that these rules won’t hamper an excellent experience.

Cirali Beach is also known for its unique cuisine. For guests, the taste and experience of having meals served directly from the sea is a unique way to try out the local menu. As for accommodation, The Canada hotel has wifi and has swimming pools. The hotel is also 8-10 minutes away from the beaches of the Azure Sea.

Cirali Beach, Turkey

Cirali Beach, Turkey

7. Canibad Beach, Philippines

To access the beaches of Canibad, one has to go to Samal Island, Upon reaching the island, enlist the services of “Habal-Habal” drivers to take you to Canibad. The trip to the “Garden City” takes around 30-40 minutes.

Canibad Beach comprises several resorts, each with different owners. The locals are very hospitable when it comes to tourists. Some even treat guests with exotic and delicious meals, all for free. Due to the white sand and clear waters, Canibad has the distinction of being the “The hidden Boracay of the South.”

Canibad Beach, Philippines

Canibad Beach, Philippines. Source: Trip Advisor

8. Pyla-sur-Mer, France

The Dune of Pyla is a great spot for both tourists and hikers. The main reason for going to Pyla-sur-Mer, however, is the renowned La Co(o)rniche. A renovated hunting lodge remodeled to cater guests. The lodge faces the ocean and has a lot of luxury amenities such as wifi, hot baths, and comfy beds. 

The ocean-view terrace restaurant also serves the most exquisite delicacies France has to offer, such as oysters and scallops. At night time, the restaurant doubles as a bar, where they serve mango mojitos to tourists who partake in nightlife activities. 


Sometimes you just have to relax and take a break from your day. And that’s why there are so many hidden beach resorts that are so close to where you live. It’s not easy to find these little gems on the internet, but if you look hard enough you will surely find some that are beautiful and worth a visit.

There are many reasons why people seek refuge in the warm cocoons of liberty. Some choose Panamanian beaches because they are designed to be as luxurious as possible while still staying true to nature.

Others know that one of the most amazing things about the Caribbean is its undulating shoreline, perfect for swimming or sunbathing. Some choose to sun lounge in Florida because this state has some of the best beaches in the world.

Finding a beach isn’t that hard. People could just go to any beach nearby and enjoy the sun and surf with the crowds. Hidden beaches, however, are difficult to find. If one does manage to visit, the experience will surely be worthwhile. It’s not always everyday that everyone gets to enjoy rare, exotic, and pristine beaches hidden all over the world.


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Mark Kelley

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