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Betty Nelson

Betty loves writing travel-related articles because she feels that it is important to document different cultures and experiences. She has been published in various online and print publications and is passionate about sharing her love of travel with others. Her work is characterized by her attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of destinations. Betty’s goal is to inspire others to explore the world and to see new places through her writing.

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Top Restaurants

20 BEST Restaurants in New Brunswick, NJ (Too Much Great Food!)

If you’ve been to New Brunswick, NJ, you’ll agree there’s…

By Betty Nelson

Airlines & Airports

Can You Fly If You Have a Warrant?

A warrant authorizes the police or other law enforcement body…

By Betty Nelson

Trip Planning

Can You Live In A Hotel? (Hotel Policies For Long-Term Guests!)

Staying in a hotel has many advantages, as these establishments…

By Betty Nelson