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Ultimate Guide to Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast italy
Written by Bhavesh Bhati

A place that seems like a painted mirage of paradise, the Amalfi Coast is an enchanting landscape that will captivate you in its charm. This fine stretch of the Italian coastline allures more than millions of nomads and tourists every year. Amalfi Coast Italy is located in the Campania region, which covers a dramatic 34 miles of the countryside.

The elevated coastal riffs not only push your adrenaline, but the vibrant displays are also sure to stun your eyes. That’s not it; in 1997, the Amalfi Coast was recorded as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The coast features warm summers and mild winters, with the Mediterranean Sea’s turquoise waters looking over it. There are 13 municipalities located on the Amalfi Coast which are equally scenic and will be your travel guide for your tour to this mesmerizing place on Earth.

Amalfi Coast Italy and its chain of celebrated towns seem like a Hollywood film scene. The entire coast is basically a collection of top travel destinations with beauty and serenity like never before. All of the 13 towns are connected via one highway that is probably the most spectacular drive ever.

Not only is Amalfi Coast set for relaxing but also hosts fantastic adventures for all the adrenaline seekers!

If you are not well versed with the spots off the Mediterranean coast, we got you. Our ultimate guide to Amalfi coast will leave no stone unturned. 



How to reach Amalfi Coast?

Reaching the Amalfi Coast is pretty straightforward. You can opt for either trains, buses or cars. Although the route from the station or airport to the coastal towns might not be costly, renting transport within the main highway is. This ultimate guide to Amalfi coast is here to make your travel more cost-effective and smooth. Here are some ways to reach Amalfi Coast.

Flying in 

If you’re planning an international trip and want to include Amalfi Coast into your itinerary, here’s how. The adjacent airport to the Amalfi Coast is the Naples International Airport. Once you set foot at NIA, you can opt for booked buses, cars, or any private transport. There is no direct public transport that connects Naples and Positano. Thus most tourist guides suggest taking a car on rent.

By train 

Most tourists arrive in Rome if they aim to visit the Amalfi Coast. You can opt for a local commute that is a train running on a commuter schedule. Depending on the number of stops, these trains approximately take up to 5 hours to reach Salerno. Typically the fares start from $19 but are subject to policy changes.

If you are seeking an economical way to traverse Rome to the coast, this is ideal. However, if you happen to have a time/schedule constraint, there are other swifter options. Apart from that, there is also an option of taking a direct high-speed train from Rome to Salerno.

This way it will take almost two and a half hours but will cost a bit more. However, it will provide an option to travel in first-class and much more. You can also take an indirect route from Rome to Naples and then Salerno. Naples hosts a bunch of tasty delicacies for all the foodies. 

By car

The best and brisk way to get around the Amalfi Coast is by car. You could directly drive from Naples to Amalfi or take a train to Sorrento and then drive to the coast. The driveway is undoubtedly the most eye-pleasing drives in Europe. But the roads are also precarious. The 50 miles long stretch of the narrow roads cling to cliffs with very little safety or guard from the rocks/sea below.

Thus if you are driving yourself, you’d want nerves of steel. The surrounding views are breathtaking, but if you’re driving, you’d like to look at the roads. For this reason, most tourist boards recommend renting a private car. This way, you can let go of the pressure of driving, parking, and other constraints. 



By bus 

If you think renting a private car is beyond your budget, you can also reach the coast without one. Numerous Sita buses connect you to all the Amalfi Coast towns via two significant routes. That is, either through Sorrento and Positano or via Salerno. The time schedules of the buses vary across the day; visit the government sites for more information. 

Where to stay on Amalfi Coast? 

Well, an ultimate guide to Amalfi coast has to recommend places to put up in, too, right? The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one very active region of Italy. Every summer, travelers and day-trippers make their way to one of the coastal towns. Some of the leading and famous cities of the coast are Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi.

Although accommodation is not a problem there, it depends on where you want to stay and what you’re traveling for. Capacities ranging from luxurious family inns to romantic getaways flood the coasts.

Whether you’re traveling as a nomad or with your soulmate or joint family, the Amalfi Coast wraps it all in one. Thus, with so much choice, it is difficult to really pinpoint places. This ultimate guide to Amalfi coast will assist you here too. Check out the following points and decide based on your requirements.



  • For a romantic escape or luxurious honeymoon, Ravello is a heavenly destination. Palazzo Avino is one the best luxury Inns at Ravello 
  • For example, you’re without wheels, do not panic; we got you covered. The centrally located municipality of Amalfi acts as a base. With the best communication intersections compared to the other towns, you can explore Amalfi on foot in a day. 
  • More old-fashioned and calmer sites for family vacations are Maiori and Minori. The streets here are comparatively flat, and the beach is excellent for some family time. Furthermore, a few km away, you will come across several resorts where kids would love it. 
  • Positano is for adventurers and beach lovers. Being the packed town of all, be prepared to drench some cash. This town owns two beaches for exclusive views and vibrant night lives. 

Apart from these, the Amalfi Coast spreads through an enormous area for you to choose from. 

Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Italy is for every mood you can ever have. The coast includes places for people who love to beat the heat and go on wild expeditions.

The hiking trails and exclusive exploration paths drill in the spirit of positivity and determination. On the flip side, when you are in a mood to relax, the dramatic stretches of beaches and ultra secluded regions are ideal. Our ultimate guide to Amalfi Coast has handpicked a few spots for you. Let us hop into looking at a few of the places you shouldn’t miss.

8 places you must visit on the Amalfi Coast 

Missing any part of the Amalfi Coast would seem like a loss, but practically it isn’t possible if you’re not a local. Don’t worry; our ultimate guide to Amalfi coast brings you a list of sites you cannot afford to miss.

1. Sorrento 

This coastal town prides itself on its gorgeous buildings and scenic pastel cascade. A coastal walk on this northern arm of the coast is heavily rejuvenating. Among the vibrant sites, the cathedral of Sorrento is definitely worth your while. The terrific architecture and the majestic outlook of the holy cathedral are truly mesmerizing. Sorrento also features some ecstatic medieval castles of the world.

 Furthermore, the native ports provide immersing scenes of the Mediterranean and look over a few public parks. If history interests you, the museums are sure to fascinate you. Sorrento holds two renowned museums, namely the Correale Museum and the Museo Della Tarsia Lignia.



If you’re traveling with your partner, you wouldn’t want to miss the sunset view from Villa Communale. This park is right above the Marina Grande harbor, and scenes from every direction are spellbinding. Another exclusive act of fun at Sorrento is bathing in the pool of Bagni Della Regina Giovanna. These are ruins of a Roman villa dating back to the 1st century BC. 

2. Amalfi 

This is the central and most commercialized town on this coast. One of the most lively cities on the Amalfi coast map, Amalfi imbibes thousands of tourists. The plethora of vibrant color schemes and extensive shops are absolutely wondrous to witness. Amalfi sites its own cathedral, which is a major attraction of the place. The Piazza Del Duomo is the cathedral square that hosts the majestic cathedral and other monuments. 

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Duomo Di Amalfi cathedral has magnificent interiors and an external beautifully structured garden. Its front facade is worth the view. If you aren’t in the mood for sightseeing, going down the alley for a walk along the beach and shopping can be fun. 

3. Ravello 

The view you cannot deny is the most enriching; Ravello is located among the high ranges. This town’s higher altitude and peace mostly attract hikers and people who could do with some relaxation

. A leading crowd-pleaser here is the Roman Villa called Rufolo. This place grants an astonishing view stretched over miles and a perfect set up for some peaceful sun-basking.

Ravello is particularly well-known for its delicacies. The architecture of the terraced outdoor restaurants is world-famous. If you’re planning something romantic, the restaurants here are perfect for a lunch or dinner date. ]

Ravello Italy

Ravello Italy

Apart from that, the Piazza Centrale is worth a tour for the illustrious cathedral set up. Another place that is sure to enchant you if you adore creativity is the Ravello Art Gallery. A range of medieval art, paintings, murals, and sculptures that are indeed worth every minute of your time. 

5. Grotta Dello Smeraldo Cave 

For people with an adventurous mindset, this is a must conquer. The Amalfi coast hosts one of the most enchanting and beautiful caves of Italy.

The Grotta Dello Smeraldo is not just an ordinary cave; it results from a natural phenomenon. It is an emerald cave situated almost at the midpoint of Amalfi and Praiano. The natural effect of the emerald light reflections is probably the most aesthetic view you will come across. 



Along with the aquamarine Mediterranian waters, these effects pose a sight that you cannot forget your entire life. This out of the box cave can be accessed through an elevator on the SS163 highway. Furthermore, you can hop onto a boat for a guided voyage of this incredible natural phenomenon. 

6. Sirenuse Islands 

This is a small island string off the southern Amalfi Coast. They are named after the mythological creatures called Sirens who apparently lived there in days of yore.

The chain consists of small islands, including Vetara, La Castelluccia, Galo Lungo, Isca, and La Rotonda. Although you cannot step foot on these islands, a boat trip allows you to glance through some mesmerizing scenery and marine life.

Besides tourists, hikers are attracted to this destination since it lies away from the crowded towns and beaches. It is also great for activities like swimming and snorkeling. The island of Galo Lungo is the largest and sites an Aragonese watchtower. 

Sirenuse Islands 

Sirenuse Islands

7. The village of Furore 

A town that is mostly disregarded but sites some of the best sights of the Amalfi coast. Centrally located, the roads to reach Furore are ornamented with breathtaking limestone cliffs and terraced mountain slopes.

The off the beach coast almost seems like a private luxury. Furore further attracts people due to its exclusively hand-painted wall murals. Thus, if you need some time off the beaten tracks, this town is an ideal location. 

village of Furore 

village of Furore

8. Positano 

When visiting the Amalfi coast, missing Positano is not even an option. This town hosts the most historical sites around. Pompeii and Herculaneum are two sites protected by UNESCO are essential remains of the Roman streets after the Vesuvius melted through. If you’re not a history buff, take some time off and find a ferry to Capri.

This magical island off the southern edge of the Amalfi coast provides extensive sights of gorgeous landscapes. Make sure you do not miss a tour of the Blue Cave Grotto when here. Furthermore, the exciting nightlife of Capri is equally worth waiting for. 



If you are of an adventurous heart, you can consider a hike of the Senteiro Degli Dei, traditionally known as the Path of Gods. This is quite a challenging hike, but the beautiful sights are worth beholding. 

9. Waterfalls of the Valle Delle Ferriere 

A trail off the bustle of the busy town along the Amalfi coast leads to this heavenly destination of Ferriere Valley. This is a secured area in the Salerno province. While exploring the region, you will come across some absolutely mind-blowing natural scenery and uncommon cycling and hiking trails.

Valle Delle Ferriere 

Valle Delle Ferriere

Through the forest, the narrow paths lead you to the magnificent waterfalls of Valle Delle. Furthermore, this valley’s offbeat tracks lead you to exclusive viewpoints looking upon the other towns from more mesmerizing angles. 

The takeaway 

Amalfi coast Italy is probably a destination on the bucket list of most people around the globe. This ultimate guide to Amalfi coast will take you around every possibility of this wondrous tourist spot.

Each town along this vast coastline is worth a visit. To ensure you do not overlook any vital destination, we have listed some “must-visits.” Our ultimate guide to Amalfi coast caters to every mood that a visitor can have. These grand sites off the Italian coast site magnificent views and sceneries that blow your wits apart.

No matter if you’re planning a trip with your family, love, or exploration gang, the Amalfi coast is ideal for all of these. Take a blissful break off your packed schedules or an adventurous hike experience off the slopes at Amalfi coast. It is now or never. 



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