Airport Transfers: What Is Their Process? 

Written by Tammy S

There are a variety of prearranged airport shuttle services available to take passengers to their final destinations, including hotels, cruise ports, or other points of interest. Travel agencies, tour operators, or free services like hotel shuttles offer the option of pre-paying and pre-booking. Neither public transportation or ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft are available at the airport. It is also possible to book airport transfers after your vacation to get you to your hotel.

Airport transfers between the airport and your residence


Your companion and you will be transported privately to your destination. As a general rule, drivers meet you in the arrivals hall, outside baggage claim (the ones holding signs with names on them). Private cars, limos, and vans for groups can be reserved for individuals traveling alone. It is common for tour operators or cruise lines to arrange transport from the airport to tour meeting points or cruise ports.

One of the main benefits of using such a service is convenience. The hassle of hailing a taxi or carrying heavy luggage will be eliminated.

The best way to maximize your time at the airport is to have everything taken care of for you before you leave (including payment) especially if you have just landed from an overseas flight. A driver will often check the status of the passenger’s flight, so he can adjust the pick-up time accordingly if there has been a delay. A major downside is the price.

It can be expensive to book a private transfer, but if you share it with someone else, it could be more economical than a traditional taxi.

Arrangements for private airport transfers can be arranged by your hotel or local taxi company at your destination.

A shared transfer system between airports


The use of shuttles and vans, which are often shared between passengers, is common at airports. A shared transfer’s schedule is similar to that of a private transfer, which can happen any time of day. Some airport transfers will take you directly to your accommodations, while others will drop you off at a central hub.

Travel companies and cruise lines often schedule shared transfers at the same airport when they arrive together. However, most services are still delivered door-to-door.

Private airport transfers are typically more expensive than shared airport transfers, making them an attractive option for travelers who want convenient transportation without spending an arm and a leg.
Depending on how many guests arrive before your transfer departs, you might have to wait. Even so, door-to-door delivery may still be provided.

Services for hotels that provide shuttles


Transfers to and from the airport can be made through a hotel shuttle. Airport hotels often provide shuttle services between their hotels and the airport for free. The schedule for transferring between airports is usually set regularly (every 15 minutes to every hour). It is not always possible for them to work around the clock. Find out if your hotel provides a free shuttle service, and find out what time it operates. You must make arrangements with the hotel ahead of time if you wish to take the shuttle, so be aware of that.



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